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Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Body Lotion, Fair to Medium, 5 Ounce

Jergens natural glow foaming daily moisturizer, fair to medium. 5 ounce gradually creates natural-looking color. Dries in seconds with no sunless tanner odor.

Key features

  • Lightweight, foam formula glides on evenly with a soft, silky feel and dries in seconds for fabulous streak-free color
  • Erythrulose and dhal provide gradual color development over the course of a week without streaking or orange coloration
  • Skin will reach optimum intensity of color after about one week of daily use
  • Winner of the 2010 self magazine healthy beauty award
  • Winner of the 2010 allure magazine best of beauty award

Honest reviews


Great smell, slow to tan.

This product is great because the self tan smell is not present, but I’ve used almost the whole can spraying my legs in several coats of this spray over the course of only 2 days but did not see hardly any difference in my color. I tried a true blue spa bronze bombshell before that-and it worked amazingly, but it’s no longer sold in stores so I decided to try this one out. You may have to use the whole bottle before seeing any change in color.

Marla Roll, AZ

Less smelly than the lotion version

Ok – lets get it out of the way up front. ALL self tanning products have some kind of odor. Get zen with it or go get a real tan out in the sun. The odor issue is nothing new. In the past, when I used the lotion formula of this product(and many other self tanner lotions – yes, I have tried them all) the odor was constant for days. You were either using it and you were smelly all the time or you weren’t and you were pale. My boyfriend wouldn’t come near me all summer if I was using it, LOL. With the mousse formula, thankfully the smell fades after about an hour. It is quite strong when you first apply it, so I wouldn’t recommend putting it on right before you go somewhere, but after the product really fully dries the odor does eventually go away. I find the color to be fine – am Casper the friendly Irish Girl and orangey products on me would look very dramatic. This is not orangey at all. For those who think it is, I would suggest you are probably trying to use a shade too dark for your skin tone. Try the next lighter shade formula. It’s meant to build color gradually, so use the product as intended. For my extra white skin, I see a nice glow after the first application and start to look “tan” (meaning normal human skin color – all you whiteys will know what I mean) after about the second. Since it does build gradually, I don’t feel like I have to be extra careful applying it. Don’t go crazy but just be reasonably even with your application and it will be fine. For the money, I feel Jergens is probably the best in the category. I have also tried the $30 versions from Sephora but they have all the same issues, so why waste your money?

Sofia Akron, PA

Glow but…

The tan does begin to work, is non-streaky and gradual, and natural toned on my olive skin. However, there IS a smell, much like other tanning products. Also if you sweat a lot, even a day or two after using the product, brown beads of sweat begin to roll off your body and stain your clothes. Embarrassing in yoga class…

Mellisa Notrees, TX

Stinky like all self-tanners

I’ve yet to come across an inexpensive self-tanner that doesn’t stink, and this is no exception. There is no way I’m going to spread this on my body multiple days in a row to get a gradual tan, just because of the smell. Too bad, because I bet that daily application would prevent streaks and missed spots. The mousse is a nice consistency.

Cherie Braden, TN

Very pleased

I have very fair skin, i decided not to tan any longer because it is so damaging to my skin.I thought being tan wasn’t going to happen for me but this lotion is really nice!Here are some positive things about it1. it spreads on nicely2. it doesn’t look orange!3. it dries fast so it doesn’t get on my sheets4. looks naturalHere are is a negative thing about itThe bottle nozzle (for me at least) wasn’t perfect, when you use it be prepared for A LOT to come out. be very careful when pushing down on it, also i noticed that it doesn’t really stop coming out afterwards, i would push it and use it and the bottle would still be spraying some out and it got messy.Noticed a nice glow and slight tan the next day! and its day 2 and i look like i went tanning at the salon on high for a bit, love it and will continue to buy it. im just hoping it doesn’t run out fast.Its only my second day of using it, the second day i only put solution over parts i missed so i look completely even and i do. I feel like i have a nice glowy non orange tan and im so happy.

Olga Germansville, PA

Healthy glow

I like the foam versus the lotion,The foam absorbs quickly and the color I get is totally natural and gives me a little glow.I am very fair skinned so this product looks the most natural on me.

Isabel West Baldwin, ME