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Jergens Natural Glow Firming Moisturizer, Fair to Medium Skin Tones 7.5 Ounces

Moisturize into a firming glow.  Jergens natural glow firming daily moisturizer gradually creates fabulous natural looking color with a subtle skin darkening complex and is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The collagen & elastin formula firms skin, so in as little as seven days of daily use you’ll experience tighter, firmer skin with less noticeable cellulite and improved elasticity.

Key features

  • JERGENS Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer gradually creates fabulous natural-looking color with a subtle skin-darkening complex. In as little as 7 days you’ll experience visibly firmer skin with less noticeable cellulite and improved elasticity
  • Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite in as little as 7 days
  • No sunless tanner odor
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite and achieve natural-looking color

Honest reviews


Unbearble scent.

I recently purchased Jergens natural glow daily moisturizer firming lotion to even my unfair skin tones. I couldn’t bearly put this lotion long enough to get some advantage out of it due to its nasty scent. It almost reminds me of puke that I had to wipe them off.

Beatrice Pilot Grove, MO

Fast and effective! Does NOT have a terrible smell.

I was shocked at how quickly I saw results from this lotion! There are three things that this claims to do, but I can really only speak for two of them:1- Moisturizer: I used this after shaving expecting it would be more irritating than other lotions, but if anything it left my legs far less irritated than usual. I’d say this is definitely effective at its most basic, moisturizing purpose.2- “Natural Glow”: I am a pale person, but I’m generally okay with that. I don’t have big dreams of being tan, I just wanted something to make me not glow-in-the-light when I wear shorts in sunny weather–so I was only using this on my legs. They were noticeably darker in just three days and I was very pleased with the color they turned (not too orange.) I was so pleased with the results that I stopped there–I don’t want my legs to get a lot darker than the rest of me. I expect I’ll probably use this once or twice a week to try to maintain this shade, which is nice because this bottle should last me a lot longer than I had expected.Because I’m only using it sporadically, I can’t really speak for the “firming” part.I do want to mention though that considering all this lotion does I was expecting a terrible smell, and thought it was unreasonable that so many other reviewers were surprised it had one. I don’t know if they changed the formula or something, but I was amazed to find that it actually smelled kind of pleasant. And I can’t imagine that anyone would be irritated by it as it’s not very strong. It lingers a bit long, but it is not a strong or bad smell at all.Overall, I definitely recommend this product for anyone just wanting to get a little bit darker.

Ila Saltese, MT

Streaky Orange Legs

I purchased this product based on a friend’s recommendation, as well as the beautiful results she received from it. Unfortunately, no matter how closely I followed the directions, my own legs were streaky and orange within days — on all THREE of the separate occasions I tried this product. In hindsight, I should’ve asked my friend to borrow her tube of Jergens Natural Glow before I bought my own.Unlike some other reviewers, however, I didn’t have any problems with the product’s smell.

Elsa Cheraw, SC

Great color

I love this moisturizer for 2 reasons. The color is gradually produced not over coloring like most. It really does firm the skin well. Its the only product I buy. Received in a timely manner as well! Will purchase again from supplier

Bessie Commerce Township, MI

Not streaky!

This product is great for fair-skinned people like me who want to look like they’re not quite deathly pale. I generally use this before a beach trip. However, like all sunless tanners, this one smells very distinctly like self-tanner. I recommend using it before bed, and then waking up to being tanner!

Georgia Lovell, ME

Still smells like Tanner

I purchased this Self Tanner because it claimed NOT-TO-HAVE an odor. Very Untrue!! It still smells like Self Tanner’s maybe not as stinky but the smell is still there and interfere’s with my perfume. Shame on you Jergens for telling a lie and claiming that there’s no odor now because this is simply not true!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Columbus City, IA

Very, very light color unless used every day

I have very fair skin and I found I had to use this every day for there to be any noticeable color. I do not like using it every day, since it can come off on my sheets if I sweat during my sleep (though the stains come out of my white sheets in the wash with oxyclean). I also like to use more moisturizing lotion every other day, since the self tanners can be a little drying on your skin. I don’t think it has any effect on diminishing cellulite, though it does even my skin tone, which makes it less noticeable. I switched to the regular medium version of the natural glow lotion and find I can just use every other day or every couple days to help even my skin tone. Since it is fall, I don’t show a lot of skin or want my skin to be too "tan", but it just makes me feel a little better overall to have a little color and helps even out my very pale skin tone.

Delia Roosevelt, TX

Even works for pale girls

I really like this stuff. I’m incredibly pale, though, so I have to use it sparingly (less for a tan, and more to make my skin look less sickly). I usually put it on the night before an event, and it gives me a decent glow without making me look like an orange. If it’s a really special event, sometimes I’ll go wild and put it on two whole days in a row (I know I know, I’m the girl everyone’s mother warned them about). The smell is nothing extreme–I am familiar with the old formula, and this one is spades better (note the bottle says no ‘odor,’ but there’s definitely a fragrance to it).All in all, recommended.

Cortney South Colby, WA

Great product

This is the safest way I know of to get tan, now. Tanning bed are out, and so is bathing in the sun.

Alison Fort Towson, OK


These product does give you a glow, but it streaks. I actually threw it away since it wasn’t worth returning.

Darlene Chewsville, MD

Works well, but it REALLY stinks.

I have used this on and off for a few years. Each time early summer comes around and I don’t want to scare small children with my ghostly white skin, I buy a tube of Jergen’s Natural Glow at the drugstore. I think to myself, the smell couldn’t have been THAT bad. After about a week, I remember why I stopped using it the previous year. It covers well, gives a nice natural color over the course of a few days and doesn’t streak. However, maybe it’s the way it just reacts with MY skin, but the stink is just god-awful. It doesn’t fade, either, as the day goes on. What I did was apply it at night, and then shower it off in the morning because I felt everyone around me could smell me. Only problem with that was it left the sheets stinky, too.I had to give up this year and try another product. No smell, but I don’t want to say what it is because I don’t want to look like I’m trashing Jergen’s and plugging another brand.

Gwendolyn Hainesport, NJ


I know it isnt recomended to put on your face, and dont. It makes you Orange, and a very ugly orange at best. For my arms, after a week it was looking VERY fake. My Request is that you use it for your legs only. I got fair to medium and i went from fair to ugly light orange, it was obvious i used a bronzer, but its not the worst thing i’ve used at least for my legs.

Concepcion Gainesville, NY

Works Well

Literally impossible to mess up, it builds up over time. Subtle and not obvious. It also doesn’t smell bad. The tan looks hardly noticeable & natural.

Bernadette Malin, OR

Great lotion!

I’ve been looking for a tanning lotion at a reasonable price – this is it! I was a tan-a-holic so this has worked magic without the side effects!

Summer Machesney Park, IL

Easy to apply and no funky smell

Doesn’t have the funky tanner smell as most similar products. And, since the tan color isn’t as strong, but builds up over a few days, I never have the problem of streaks or darker areas that I often have with the other tanners.Easy enough to use everyday and saves me from having to spend hours out in the sun.

Pam Deerfield, VA

Huge tube – nice gradual tan for fair folks

I got the Fair to Medium. I’m a fair girl and rarely get any sun. This smells like self tanner, but in a milder way, but you can still recognize the scent if you’ve ever used self tanner before. It’s a wonderful consistency of lotion, and this tube is really huge. It has definitely softened my arms up nicely 🙂 On to the self tanner part – I have used this repeatedly over the last four days – putting on a fair amount and rubbing in well a couple times a day. My arms are achieving a gentle brown look, so it is a very gradual process, which I do like. However, if you were looking for a quicker tanned effect, you’d have to go to the next darker shade. I do like that it rubs in easily and dries completely probably within 10 mins. (and it’s just a little sticky for the first five). I wash my hands afterwards, and haven’t had any darkening of my palms. No streaks, no splotches. I think the fact that it is a gradual tanner (tanner with lots of lotion to cut the "instant" effect) makes it more forgiving. Really soft skin afterwards, but you will have a little bit of that self tanner smell for a while, and even after several hours you will still be able to smell it on your skin. Might buy again, but I basically got it because we are going to Disneyland next week, and I wanted a little color. This tube will last forever.

Eloise Candia, NH

Absolutely worth trying.

For such a great price, just try this stuff and see how ya do with it. I just applied this Jergens Nat Glow lotion for the first time and it’s drying. I have no idea what the color will be like but I am already convinced that I love this product. If you’re crypt keeper pale like me, this is the only lotion to use and the stuff truly is brilliant. Made specifically for your skin tone…and much better can you get? Not Only that but it feels smooth and nice going on. At first I thought the smell was odd, but it somehow changed into a mild scent and I actually like it. Its just when youre rubbing it in and your face is right down in it that its a wee bit strong. So, this is a Great product and I recommend it.

Suzette Rives, MO


Love this product. Just remember not to turn your hands or feet orange. It says see results within a week but I saw results the next day.

Ruthie Mitchell, NE

It’s wonderful

Better than other brands that I tried, (better than L”Oreal++) in smell, color, consistency.I do recomend this for those that need more color.Wash hands after and I don’t put it on face elbows and rarely the knees. I use it three to 4 times a week.Gives my skin a glow of natural color. Very nice especially if you don’t get in the sun that much, I have a healthy light glow.

Katherine Sun Valley, CA

Best Self Tanner

I’ve used other self tanners that left my skin really orange. This is the only one that has an ALMOST natural glow. You have to use it for a few days before it’s too noticeable, which I like (in case I make a mistake rubbing too much in one area). The only problem that I have with this product is the smell. It’s so strong it gives me a headache. Otherwise, I would use it more often.

Marcia Caldwell, OH

Natural, better smelling than before

Works well, doesn’t smell as much as their old lotion. Still has that sunless tanner smell but not as much as the older versions. Great for building up a summer tan without the harmful sun!.

Sheila Thatcher, ID

Looks great

Middle of winter and we were taking a trip to Cabo. I bought this in hopes of getting that tanned look before we went. I loved the results, it looked very natural and lasted a lot longer than others. I am not that great at applying it evenly, but this blends so well, it doesn’t leave any streaks. I also like that when you do stop using it, it slowly fades with a natural look unlike others that leave that patchy look. Also this does not get over dark around your knees and elbows like other self tanners do. This also offers a great moisurizer too.

Louella Brighton, IL

partially my fault

I thought I was getting the medium to dark one, may have been my mistake, not sure. It was the old stuff since I know the new kind doesn’t have that self tanner smell which this does. Other than that it was fine.

Jodie Blue Lake, CA

too dark

I sweat I have bought this years ago and it looked fine, but this bottle went full on streaky fake tan in one application. I do have very light skin, but isn’t that sort of the point for people who buy fair skin gradual tanner? It also smells like fake tan which might be unavoidable, but I wasn’t impressed.

Lynne San Felipe, TX