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Jergens Natural Glow Express Body Moisturizer for Medium to Tan Skin, 4 Ounce

Only Jergens natural glow express moisturizer is formulated with our exclusive glow perfecting complex. This proprietary blend of skin tone specific color enhancers and anti-oxidants is designed to give you natural – looking color in less time.

Key features

  • Gives you a healthy summer glow
  • With this breakthrough moisturizer
  • Gives you natural – looking summer

Honest reviews


This is now a summer staple

I have white skin and tan easily except my legs. I have a little Indian in me and so I am a white girl with dark hair and eyes. I thought this product was not harsh or orangish. I liked the color it made my skin, but the whole less is more concept applies here. Do Not smother your legs or you will look like a Dorito.

Lula Epworth, GA

Best sunless tanner so far

I have tried the following:-Jergens daily Natural Glow–the kind you have to apply daily, color never truly deepens and the smell is pretty bad-Neutrogena spray tan–smells terrible, but the color is decent, can look kind of orangey though-Loreal Sublime glow–color is ok, not that deep though, smells kind of weird, leaves you looking shimmery which I do not like-Banana Boat Summer Color self-tanning mist–color is good but only lasts for a day or two-Body drench Quicktan–awesome and very deep natural tan color, but starts flaking off the next day, and if you start sweating it can run off your skin (no lasting power)This sunless tanner is extremely hard to find in stores now for some reason–maybe it is being discontinued? It is no longer in my local Target or Walmart which is why I am purchasing online. The scent is not too bad–it is much lighter than the daily scent, the color is unbelievably beautiful and realistic (many people have asked me if I just got back from vacation) and the ease of application is good–the lotion is very thick and creamy so a little goes a long way, and it feels very smooth and silky when applied. It takes about ten minutes to dry though, which is probably the only downside in my opinion.

Diane Niota, IL

works well, but a little orangy

I was hesitant to buy this as the cost is about twice as much per ounce as they regular formula of Jergens Natural Glow (JNG). But I’m glad I tried it after reading other reviews. The scent is much more pleasant, although still a bit strong for my taste, than the regular JNG. I’ve been using regular JNG during spring and summertime for years. I really like the color and not having to worry about uneven application causing unsightly areas, but found that I had to use it very frequently to keep color and I’m not fond of the odor. This gave me a great amount of color after one application and it didn’t take as much to cover the same areas, so this will actually save me money over the regular JNG! It was easy to apply, but you need to take a bit more care to get it even than the regular JNG, which I would expect with a more dramatic effect product. The only downside is the color is bit more orangy than the regular JNG, but not as bad as the old self-tanning lotions. Worth it.

Letha Mellenville, NY

works greaat stinks bad

I’m white and tan well, but am not tan now but chose to get the darker formula. I’ve used it three times so far, and I think it’s great. I’m not orange, I am a nice tan color, but it’s only enough tan to keep from blinding people with your pasty tan, it’s not this deep sexy tan. I only use it on my legs arms and chest, and there is no line where I stop using it around my legs or back, it blends very well. Of course it stinks like all self tanners, and when mixed with your body odor it smells HORRENDOUS. I can’t keep it on longer than 12 hours, I don’t sweat a lot and I’m not a particularly stinky person, but for some reason these things stink super bad when your body mixes with them. I just apply lotion to my feet, knees, ankles and elbows, and I rub it in really well into my legs before I hit my feet and knees and it blends perfectly.

Bertha Philadelphia, MS

Great Self Tanner

I have used Many Self Tanners over the years. This one I have to say is the best. No streaking which is a problem I have always had with other Self Tanners. Also, it does not go down the drain when I take a shower. With other self tanners when I shower I see the brown going down the drain. Not with Jergens Natural Glow Express Body. I will keep purchasing this item. Plus No orange. I have read a few reviews where they say they have some orange. That is not true in my case. I use it every other day & trust me if it turned me orange I would tell you. If you want a great self tanner this is it.

Odessa Brashear, TX

best self-tanner

I use this over the more expensive ones. the color is natural and develops quickly. smells better than any other one I have tried.

Aline Jersey Shore, PA

This really works

Love this product but be careful to smooth in evenly and WASH your hands after applying. It definitely works andgives you a nice glow.

Melanie Rock Creek, WV


great product have seen the changes of my skin tone, i would recommend this product, however you must be consistant in the usage to see results

Jodi Verona, VA