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Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer for Medium Skin Tones, 7.5-Ounce Tubes

Creates a healthy, summer glow all year long just by moisturizing. With natural botanicals & a subtle skin darkening complex. Moisturize into the glow. Designed specifically for medium skin tones, Jergens natural glow Daily Moisturizer delivers the optimum amount of naturally glowing color to even out and enrich the appearance of your skin. The maximum depth and intensity of color will be reached after about one week of daily use. Made in USA.

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Honest reviews



I got mine from walmart, this cream does tan you, but be aware of sever dryness in your skin, also my skin become very very sensitive after using this junk product, please, if you’ve a fair/light skin, skip it, its dangerous…absolute waste of money, I’ll be uploading later photos of my arm and how this moisturizer make it severely dry, red, itchy and painful. never happened to me before using this so called moisturizer!!!!!!!!

Betty Drewryville, VA

Just enough color and don’t have to use it daily

Because I have very fair skin, I was previously using the fair to medium firming version of this lotion, but found I had to use it every day for there to be any noticeable color, so I switched to medium and figured I could use it just a few times a week, using regular (cheaper) body lotion on other days. This color isn’t too much for me, even as it’s starting to become winter. I like to have a little color for when I wear short sleeves and I wear shorts in the gym every day. Having a little bit of color just makes everything more even and helps make my skin tone look even. The only downside is the slight odor and that it can come off a bit on your sheets (if you sweat in your sleep, like I do), though the stains always comes out with some oxyclean.

Vonda Unionville, OH

great for the price of it

i was afraid when i read people said it doesn’t smell good but i love the smell actually! like a sunscreen. my tan is getting better after 3-4 days and it’s nothing spectacular. looks very natural though. make sure u rub it in very well cause it does leave yellow marks on places where u didn’t rub well enough. and make sure u wash your hands GOOOOD cause even though i did every time , my palms still stayed yellow. take your time after showering and rub it in precisely and slowly.

Jeri Leachville, AR

Great way to enjoy tan looking skin, without the long term health effects of tanning!

I’ve been using Jergens Natural Glow tanning lotion off and on for the last few years. I love the versatility of it. If I know I have an event coming up or am going to be wearing my swimsuit for something I plan to start using my lotion a few days ahead of time so I have a nice, subtle tan by the time I want it. With one application I may have a very slight tan, but with 2+ days of application it’s much more noticeable. I also apply it twice a day if I’m trying hard to get a tan. I used to go to tanning beds when I was in my late teens, early 20’s, but now I worry about the long term health effects, so this is my substitution. I’ve also done some airbrush spray tanning, which I think is awesome, it gives a very nice, heavier tan, but is much uglier when it comes off and is much more expensive. It’s uneven and splotchy after 5-7 days, wearing off pretty fast in higher friction areas (inner thighs, in between breasts, ect). So that makes me prefer the Jergens for the majority of my tanning needs. Here’s a few bullets on what I like and don’t like about this lotion:The good:-Effective: It works well and the color looks natural, not orange or fake.-Usually no lines or uneven spots: This is the advantage to using a lotion that just tans a little bit with each application. If you miss a spot one time or do it uneven, it isn’t obvious at all and usually the next time around you’ll cover that spot and everything will look great.-Safe: I haven’t read any studies or any literature that questions the safety of products such as this. That is a huge bonus to me!-Inexpensive: at $7-8 a bottle this is much cheaper than spray tanning. One bottle lasts me roughly 15 applications over my whole body (totally an estimate, I’ve never counted).The bad:-Odor: It has a very obvious tanning smell to it. Every tanning product I’ve used (even the spray tan) has this type of odor to it. I’m guessing it’s vey hard to make a lotion that doesn’t or else someone would have by now. It’s just one of those things that you have to accept when you use it. It’s not as bad of an odor as some other brands I’ve tried, especially the store brands.-Careful with your whites: I have white sheets and now am stuck with a darker, tan area where I sleep and my arms and legs rub against the sheets.-Progressive aspect: You can’t really pick this up at the store and hope that within a few hours you’ll have sun kissed skin. Plan ahead or get spray tanned.Overall, I don’t hesitate to recommend this method of tanning to people who enjoy bronzed skin, but don’t want the long term health effects that come along with tanning booths. I’ve been enjoying this lotion for a few years and definitely plan on continuing using it.

Dianna West Creek, NJ

Unfortunately, I can still smell it

I purchased this product after reading an article about it in a magazine that said that Jergens had found a way to stop the bad smell associated with self tanner. I HATE the smell of self tanner. On day one, I could totally smell it and it drove me absolutely crazy. That said, I have a very sensitive nose. No one else in my office could smell a thing. After that, I mixed half Jergens and half a scented lotion. Problem solved.

Brenda Wolf Island, MO

A great product at a good price

I waited to review this product because I wanted to try it for more than a month.I have olive skin that can be oily in some places (upper back) and dry in others (legs). I’ve bee using this product for a while now and although I’m naturally tan I think this adds a nice glow in the winter and as you transition to summer.I haven’t noticed any transfer to my sheets or light colored clothing but it hasn’t gotten hot enough for me to be sweaty at all so we shall see. It has a pleasant subtle smell – like fresh powder. I think they’ve changed the formula because a lot of poor reviews say it smells horrible but this simple doesn’t. Easy to apply and hasn’t been streaky at all – don’t forget the tops of your hands though! Also don’t apply to really rough skin like calluses or sometimes you knees as it may get too dark there. Exfoliate your body regularly to help keep it even as well.It does have a subtle bit of golf ‘glitter’ shimmer but I like it and no one has ever commented on it so I don’t think it’s obtrusive. At first it did stain my palms and I had to use lemon juice and salt to clean them, but for some reason it doesn’t do that anymore – not sure why but my palms are completely normal now. It won’t get you super dark, but it adds a nice touch of color and for me it blends beautifully – not orange fake tan here.I really enjoy the product, and although it isn’t super moisturizing (I use amlactin to get really smooth skin and alternate with this product – Amlactin is another fabulous porduct) I will continue to buy it.

Claire Mentone, AL

Quick, natural results

I’ve tried every tanner imaginable and always have a problem. Either it’s too orange & patchy, or it stinks, or it doesn’t work fast enough. I am very, very pale, so natural tanning is not a good idea for me. I dance competitively in Ballroom dances and tanning is required. After trying every tanner out there, I decided to give Jergen’s a try. I was skeptical because in my mind, it was more of a moisturizer than a tanner. I was very surprised to see that with only one application, I was already significantly tanner. Like I said, I am very fair skinned. I used the medium to tan and it did the job!!! I highly recommend it.

Betty Crofton, KY


I bought a tube of this and the corresponding “FACE” version a week ago from a drugstore. It does NOT smell anymore! I’ve been using it mostly on my legs to get ready for a trip to Mexico over the last couple of weeks and it looks REALLY nice. Plus they are super moisturized and soft. I am not an experienced self tanner, but this experience has been awesome. Will be keeping it up on my legs at least!NOTE, if you do get any streaks (I think its DUMB to put tanner on the bottom of my feet so there’s a bit of a harsh line from my big toe to my ankle), a little lemon juice or fresh lemon rubbed on evens it out just fine.

Tania Belford, NJ

The best sunless tanner

I prefer a real tan, but this is the next best thing! Smells great, dries quickly, color looks natural. I use this all winter!

Terry Norway, IA

Works but smell funky

I read the reviews before I bought it but I must agree it does have an odd scent. It doesnt have a dark tan though more of a golden tan look. I never used it everday for a week cause of the scent was unpleasant. So after this bottle runs out I will not be buying it again.

Monique Indianola, MS


I think it is a really good product. Makes the skin naturally tan. No orange problem on the hands. Recommend

Lesley Oakley, ID

Great self tanner!

I love this lotion!! I use the Jergens Moisturizer for your face and I love it so I wanted to try this one. It looks so natural like I have been in the sun all day. I will never quit using this lotion and I would recommend it to anyone.

John Capitan, NM

Noxious odor

I put this on in the morning, when I usually moisturize and at first the smell was minimal. Throughout the day, the odor kept becoming stronger and stronger. After about 6 hours, I was stuck in a stuffy classroom and the smell of the self tanner was attacking my sense with every breath I took. I will not be using this product ever again. I would be returning the item, but after shipping, I would only receive $1.50 back.

Cherie Seaford, VA

Jergens glow

I’ve used this for almost 4 years, and I’m very glad to get it here much lower with my set and subsribe on amazon.I use it a few times a week and the longer it stays on skin, it gets darker. It has never irritated my skin at all. Now they changed the formula , it doesn’t smell as strong, but i think it takes longer to color. still the smell would disappear in an hour before, it really softens my skin and adds a light tan!

Jenifer Bella Vista, CA

Always works!!

I have come to depend on this product as my summer stand by. I’m getting too old to get out in this sun too much. But I love to use this at the start of summer to get that healthy glow. I will order again. Thanks.

Lucy New Riegel, OH