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Jergens Glow Face Daily Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 20, Fair to Med, 2 Ounce

Jergens natural glow healthy complexion face spy daily facial moisturizer, fair to medium, 2 ounce.

Key features

  • Specially designed to give your face just the right amount of color prote counts skin from everyday sun exposure with broad-spe countrum suva or bulb prote countion with spy 20 oil-free; Dermatologist tested; Non-comedogenic
  • This skin cancer foundation-recommended formula is specially designed for facial skin to gradually create gorgeous, natural-looking color with a subtle skin darkening complex
  • This formula provides broad spe countrum suva and bulb prote countion with spy 20 and also defends against everyday sun exposure while giving your face a healthy, radiant glow
  • The only glow moisturizer designed specifically for facial skin

Honest reviews



I just bought this product YESTERDAY, but I had to write a review on it today because it is so incredible! I have naturally fair skin with an orangish undertone and slight acne. It states on the back if results aren’t as noticeable as desired, to reapply it more frequently. So of course little-impatient-me reapplied it around 5-6 times that day. The affects were noticeable by doing so, and they are incredible!
• I took a long shower and washed my face twice and the color didn’t wash off (
• hint hint
• swimming? :D).
• In the same light which previously made me look like a zombie, I look healthy and in the same light which made me look healthy, I look radiant.My acne is less noticeable and I can continue using this product since it is NON-COMEDOGENIC (doesn’t cause acne). It is also oil-free, dermatologist-tested, and lightweight.
• I can ditch coverup (which always made me look even MORE unhealthy!) and wear glittery white eyeliner and not look tacky 😀
• This product smells better than my designer perfumes! I live in California, and this definitely has a sweet, beachy smell (but not like seaweed haha), but more like a boardwalk smell on a nice, relaxing, summer day!
• They have a matching body-lotion which smells even better and has light specks of glitter in it :DI had tried fake-tanner before and looked so unnatural, but this product gave my skin such a natural sun-kissed look I had never seen on myself before. I can go to the beach now, still wearing my sunblock, AND have a nice, sun-kissed, glow!This is one of the best beauty products I have found in a long while!I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a slight boost in color, but not a strong tan 😀

Eve Osceola, IN

A great improvement!

The new version of this moisturizer and self tanner for the face is just wonderful! This is the first one I’ve tried that doesn’t have that bad self tanner smell. This self tanner is easy to use and works well. I really like the color. It looks very natural and the fair to medium works well on porcelain, very fair people. It never gets very dark on me, but I think that would look very fake on a very pale person. I think it’s just perfect for my complexion. I prefer this to other very expensive self tanners I have tried.

Lea Seneca, SD

Pale no more

tried for first time today and this evening as I washed my face I could see a light tan color on my face, on the first use!! I have high hopes for this moisturizer, only takes a little bit and spread it to hairline and neck. There is no chemical smell like self tanners I have used previously sold on the major shopping channels, and the cost is MUCH lower. I will try the body cream and give further progress reports. Price. Is even cheaper than walmart.Thanks Amazon

Eileen Crocketts Bluff, AR

Its ok

for the price its pretty good…. the only thing i didnt like is that it makes my skin pretty dry.. but other than that i would def buy it!

Velma Adamsville, PA

Jergens Natural Glow Healthy Complexion Daily Facial Moisturizer, Fair to Medium

I was kind of sceptical at first with this product because their were not very many reviews on it. I needed something to even out my face color with my neck. I do not wear powder or foundation on my face because it makes me break out so much. This is what I chose to try. This product is one of the best things I have ever used on my face. It really does even out my skin tones and it does look healthy. The first week I started using it, I put it on every night. It only took one week to get to the color I wanted. Now I only put it on every other day. I would recommend this product to anyone that had the same problem as I have had for so long.

Darlene Kapolei, HI

Nice moisturizer, does give a little glow

Disclaimer – I use an AHA cream cleanser in the morning, and a BHA gel cleanser in the evening. I think because they are formulated to help with discoloration, they may hinder the tanning process.I used this once/day every day for about 4 weeks and didn’t see much of a change to my very fair skin. (see disclaimer above). However, I liked the smell, it moisturized without making my combo skin oily, and didn’t cause any more breakouts to my already acne-prone skin.I apply a very small amount of this product (don’t forget to wash hands after, as with any self tanner… it’s easy to forget because this doesn’t feel like one.) to my face, blending down my jaw/neck. I like that you don’t have to use a sponge or mitt or anything; just your hands. I let it sit for about a minute or so while combing my hair, etc., and then apply Too Faced BB Cream in vanilla glow. After using cream blush, I follow up with Bare Minerals Loose Foundation in Matte, fairly medium. The ending result is a radiant glow that I have not found alone by using just the BB cream & foundation.Again, I think I may see more results if I didn’t use the AHA/BHA, but I do like this product anyhow.

Tonya Berwick, IA

be careful… it works very well

im a cheater. i like to look tan before i step out in the sun. i use the all over body foam with much success and i wanted to try this for my face. after 5 applications over a 2 day period my face is darker. im afraid to keep applying =). looks natural. recommended for sure!

Olivia Conklin, NY

Not what I hoped for, but not bad

I had hoped that this product would add a bit of color to my face. I didn’t notice that after 3 weeks use. It does, however have other benefits for me. It makes my skin smooth, yet not greasy. And my sometimes sensitive skin hasn’t broke out from this. So I use it for moisturizing benefits, even if I didn’t see the slight bit of color I was hoping for.

Allison Madrid, NE


I have fair to medium skin.This product did very little.Furthermore, it gave me mild breakouts. Not a fan.The results were mildIf you want a slight glow, then this product may be for you.However, do not expect anything drastic.

Mitzi West Hempstead, NY

Gives me some color

I use this sparingly and lately have had a number of compliments on the improved color of my skin. I have fair skin and if I use it too frequently I look a little bit unnatural – every 3 or 4 days seems just about right.

Marta Greenville, UT

Great lotion!

Great for a natural facial glow without the damaging effects of the tanning booth, i will definitely be ordering more!

Judi Beckville, TX

We like the results!

I bought this for my wife since she was looking for something like this. She has fair to medium toned complexion and this works fine. It moisturizes her skin and allows her to spend the day outdoors. The SPF is 20 so she doesn’t get a burn and there is some slight tanning effect.

Courtney Dinosaur, CO

easy to use and nice smell

Jergens has reformulated this product, and has non of the normal tanner smell! The lotion has a good consistency, goes on really well and never any problems with streaks or lines. I use it daily and I find it works great as a daily moisturizer.

Rachel Dunbarton, NH

Good stuff

I love this stuff. I’m very tan with oily/acne prone skin and as a moisturizer this is a great product for me. It hydrates without making me oily and doesn’t make me break out like some tanning products do. I didn’t experience any orangeness that others have and because this is a gradual tan product, its really easy to use without over doing it.

Lupe Ludington, MI

Nice product

It is a nice moisturizer and it works really well to give you a light tan that looks natural. I’m not a big fan of the smell though.

Nicole Tollhouse, CA

Works so far

Light, and doesn’t over-tan. Not orangey. I get acne from stress, hormones etc but this hasn’t made me break out yet. Doesn’t smell too bad for a tanner.

Hazel Corning, CA

Never Saw Results

Overall it was a little greasy feeling and made me concerned my skin would break out, so I probably wasn’t using it often enough. I never saw any results as far as darkening. The scent is still kind of strange, and on your face scent definitely matters. Not thrilled with it at all.

Kathryn Maryville, IL