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Jergens Extra Moisturizing Liquid Hand Wash, Soap Refill, 16 Ounce

Jergens moisturizing cleanser with the classic cherry almond scent. Formulated with mild cleansers and soothing moisturizers, smoothes rough, dry skin as it cleans and moisturizes, leaving hands smelling fresh and looking beautiful.

Key features

  • Clean completely, this rich and creamy formula creates lots of soft lather to clean thoroughly, removing dirt and germs
  • Gentle on skin enriched with real jergens lotions, this ph balanced formula will leave your skin feeling clean and soft
  • Smells great, the classic cherry fragrance is almost as well as the jergens brand itself

Honest reviews


Perfect..origianl Jergens Scent..

Perfect..I love this soap..I haven’t been able to find it at my usual store anymore..have tried other luck their the scent and feel of this glad it was available on Amazon..

Alyce Little Hocking, OH

Too thick, slimy residue

This hand soap is so thick it has clogged several of my soap dispensers – even when watered down! The soap also leaves a slimy residue that is hard to wash off. Perhaps that’s a byproduct of the type of water we have here, but it doesn’t happen with other soaps.I bought this because it was one of the few refills that were NOT antibacterial. I’m not interested in contributing to the rise of more antibacterial-resistant germs! I was really disappointed that it was so thick, so hard to wash off, and so soap-dispenser unfriendly.

Tania North Branford, CT

nice for cleaning and moisturizing

it is really good for cleaning and moisturizing. ​It keeps my hands soft even if I wash them many times, but I did not like its smell. In general I recommend it.

Dessie Cannon Falls, MN

gentle, moisturizing liquid hand soap with a lovely scent

I love this liquid hand soap. I often would get the scent of almonds when using restrooms at restaurants, but was never able to find anything with that smell in stores, so I’m really glad Amazon carries this. Now I’ve signed up to get regular shipments!The scent is lovely, cherry and almond, but not overpowering. The bottle says it is "extra moisturizing" and it leaves my hands feeling great even in the winter.Note this is not anti-bacterial soap.

Priscilla South Dennis, MA

Good value

shipped right to your door on the subscriber save — smells good, fair price, 3 bottles–will last a while and I can refill the bottles I already have.

Bobbi Webberville, MI

Leaves hands feeling soft

Works well and leaves hands feeling soft, but I can’t say it has helped with the dryness of my hands. I wasn’t really expecting it to take the place of using lotion so for me it worked just as I expected.

Lilia Webster Springs, WV

smells great BUT has cancer causing parabens!!!

Love the smell hate the ingredaints, this has parabans so I wont be using it which is sad bc it does smell great and works well but its not worth the risk.

Josefina Castella, CA

I love it!!!

My favorite hand soap in refills! This soap is so nice, it smells wonderful, wont dry out your hands and the price here on Amazon is fantastic. I have no idea what it would cost in a real store because I live in the middle of nowhere so my basis of comparison is off as far as that goes but it seems very reasonably priced to me.

Lucia Calera, OK

3 Bottles of Full Size Product

So the price just can’t be beat! I use this product everywhere in the house and I just luv the scent!

Winnie Lothair, MT

Love this scent

Very nice, smells great, doesn’t make my skin feel dry, nice lather. One of my favorite hand soaps.Good price

Fanny Fort Campbell, KY