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Jergens BB Body Cream for All Medium-Deep Skin Tones, 7.5 Ounce

View larger View larger A BB for Your Body It’s a total body breakthrough. New JERGENS BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream, an all-in-one body moisturizer, Provides 5 visible benefits in 5 days for flawless looking skin. It works like a moisturizer, absorbing into the skin and shows continued improvement with each use. This revolutionary body lotion goes on sheer, dries quickly and won’t rub off on clothes. Beautiful & Flawless All Over The beauty of Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream is that some benefits are immediate, while others appear over time. What Can BB Do for Your Skin Tone? BB Body Cream is optimized for Light and Medium to Deep skin tones. It goes on sheer, and each application provides a customized solution for your skin tone, giving you long-lasting, beautiful results. What Makes BB Body Different? JERGENS BB Body Cream rubs in sheer, is fast absorbing, and dries quickly. And thanks to its non-transfer formula, BB won’t rub off on your clothes. How to Use For best results, use daily as your body lotion. Massage the sheer formula all over the body, allowing time for it to dry prior to dressing

Key features

  • Instantly: Hydrates & Smoothes, Illuminates & Brightens
  • In 5 Days: Evens skin tone, visibly firms skin, helps reduce the appearance of imperfections
  • Goes on sheer, dries quickly, and works like a moisturizer to visibly improve skin with every use
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Also available in ALL Light skin tones

Honest reviews


Perhaps It’s Better in Warmer Weather

I’ve decided to do this review over time because this product makes some seven-day claims, so I think the best way for me to keep track is to log daily progress.Let me say I am a big fan ofJergens Glow Daily Moisturizer Med to Tan, 7.5 Ounce, Packaging May VaryandNivea Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs, for Medium to Dark Skin, 6.7 oz.I think Nivea gives you more shimmer, but I could be wrong. I’m excited to see what this product can do.I am African-American with light skin that tans easily. My skin has a yellow undertone and it is extremely dry in the winter. I feel like the testing is a bit unfair since it’s freezing cold in Chicago now. Any lotion would be challenged. This brings me to my first point.Day 1This is not a deep-moisturizing lotion. You’ll need backup if this is what you’re trying to use it for. I could see this as a spring/summer option. I also would like to see just a hint of shimmer. I didn’t see any, so I’m wondering about the “illuminating” claim.Day 2This product provides the slightest shimmer, almost imperceptible. Definitely not a winter lotion. My skin is dry hours later.Day 3I tried something new. Usually, I apply lotion after showering. Today, I applied this later in the day. It feels like any regular lotion on my skin.Day 4Meh. I’m ready to move on.Day 5When is day 7??! This stuff is okay for my arms which are less dry than my legs. I still can’t see proof of the other benefits.Day 6This stuff moisturizes the best when I don’t have to leave the house and face the cold, but it’s still not worth me trading of my regular stuff.Day 7Thank goodness it’s over! I would not buy this. I just didnt see any real benefits. Even for spring and summer, I’d rather use Glow Daily or the Nivea product.

Kirsten Emigrant Gap, CA

Gives my skin a natural, healthy looking glow

I’ve never used a body cream designed for specific skin tones, and that’s actually what interested me in this product. I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but I was a little surprised to see that this cream has a tint to it that is very reminiscent of makeup foundation. At first, I was put off by this. It just seemed weird and I was concerned about color transferring to my clothes.But after using the product for a few days, I noticed that my skin really was starting to show a difference. The lotion is quite hydrating, and it has something in it that does actually make my skin glow. It’s not shimmery at all, it’s just an overall "light" (that isn’t "lightening").I liked the lotion so much on my hands and legs that I decided to try it on my face. I don’t usually wear make up, and I definitely can’t do foundation because I’ve never been able to find a shade that matches my skin tone. When I’ve tried foundation in the past, there’s been a definite mask-like look to my face and plus that unpleasant make up smell. But this body cream has turned out to be the best "foundation" ever. It goes on easily, it doesn’t create a mask of color, and it stays on all day, giving me a glowing complexion. It doesn’t look or feel greasy, and it generally makes me feel like my complexion is a lot closer to what it looked like in my twenties.I love this cream, and I’m more than likely going to put in a subscribe and save order as soon as I start to get low. It’s that good!

Noemi Kiln, MS

Acts more like a creamy lotion than a true BB Body Cream.

This body cream has only the slightest pigmentation – much, much less than a facial BB cream (say Covergirl BB cream), so it does not do anything to alter the skin tone. It is dense and creamy but applies as well as a regular lotion and creates a good base for other products. I don’t have darker skin tone and usually use nude or medium foundations, but it doesn’t matter with this cream as it doesn’t really have much foundation in it. So given that I have taken to mixing it with my foundation to use as a slightly creamier base for my face. For that it works pretty well, but so do most facial lotions. I do like the fact that it does not irritate my facial skin like some stronger lotions.I received this as a free sample, and unlike some free samples I discontinue using, this one will get used but I would probably not purchase again. It is not really formulated for the face, and is too pricey for a body cream that feels like a regular body cream or thicker lotion. I can always add a drop of foundation to my body butters or cocoa butter/shea lotions if I wanted something similar. As far as illumination is concerned I am not sure I can see a difference, it would have to be more obvious for me to spot it.

Stacy Richmond, KY

Just a moisturizer

This is promoted as a BB cream for the body.I found it bitching more than a pleasant moisturizer.After daily use for 10 days, I saw no difference in my skin.The darker skin tone version has a very light tint. However when applied in my skin, it disappeared.It did not correct any skin tone issues on my kegs or hands, there is NO concealing of small discolorations or veins. It has a pleasant smell and texture.I think the BB Body cream label is misleading- there is no coverage from this.The size is generous but I think this is over priced for a drug store product.

Bertha Wilmot, WI

Blends an Beautifies!

This body cream goes on smooth and silky and blends right in to match your complexion, evening your skin tone out and making your skin soft and healthy!

Laurie Red House, WV

Ok Body Cream

I had a friend of mine with dark skin try this product for 8 days. She felt that in this cold weather, that the cream didn’t help moisturize her skin and she needed to use another product to help.

Heidi Chesterfield, IL

Results that I can see

I wanted a little help on my upper legs before swimsuit season officially begins. I decided that the darker skin tones would be good for me since i tend to get pretty dark.Indeed after 5 days I definitely see results, the product doesn’t come off on my pants and I apply it every morning before I go to the gym. I’ll be trying my arms and stomach next but so far I’m pretty hooked and will be looking for a good deal so i can stock up.Like I said ladies its almost that time of the year again, no time like the present to get ready for it. Recommended.

Natalia Ranchos De Taos, NM

No Glow, No Go

As I am a fan of Jergen’s Natural Glow products I was happy to receive a generous tube of this BB Body cream. I thought this would be the next logical step, a BB cream that promises instant illumination and hydration and improvement in tone, appearance and firmness in five days. Unfortunately, the results did not live up to my expectations.The pigmented cream spread easily but only provided minimal moisture. The fragrance was strong and not to my liking. It did absorb quickly and my clothes were not stained. After five days of continual use, I noticed some slight darkening, but alas, it looked more like dirt than a healthy glow. I noticed no shimmer and overall there was no improvement in the appearance or feel of my skin.BB creams have been all the rage and one for the body is not a bad idea. But this one did nothing for me. No glow, no go. Pass.

Kelsey Arnoldsburg, WV

I like it but

Jergens BB body I must say Iike it but only as a lotiondefinitely not deep skin toner love the fragranceI would recommend if you just want nice lightlotion but I would not recommend if you’relooking for dramatic effect, didn’t even my skin tone

Janelle Boynton, PA

As a lotion, Yes

As a beauty cream? No, not really. You do get a good amount for $20.00 and it has a very pleasant but also a very strong fragrance. I chose the dark tint and I don’t notice any difference on my skin…at all! I’ve tried other BB creams made for the face and after a minute there seems to be more of an even skin tone and nice glow…none of which happened with the Jergens. It’s a lovely moisturizer, especially on cold winter days but that’s all you get for $20.00. Even as a tinted moisturizer it is pretty weak.

Rosemarie Maljamar, NM


This stuff does nothing for my skin beyond short-lived hydration… That’s no surprise considering the cheap ingredients (petroleum, dimethicone, mineral oil, etc.).The smell is artificial but luckily not too strong. The cream goes on smoothly and feels a little greasy initially. It has a tint to it that is lighter than my skin but after application my hands are a light brownish-reddish color that lasts for hours (from the DHA, or dihydroxyacetone). However, the bronzing effect is weak because on my legs and arms I see no difference in color as I would with a regular sunless-tanner, which would probably have a higher percentage of DHA. It’s kind of like watered down self-tanning lotion.There is no magical perfection of the skin.After the dry-down my skin is the same as if I’d used any other cheap lotion with bad ingredients- dry. After a week I see absolutely no difference in my skin whatsoever. As I said, the cheap ingredients are to blame. The end result is like using a cheap drugstore lotion mixed with perfume and extra petroleum jelly and mineral oil, but why would you want to?

Sarah Manila, AR

Creamy smooth

This body cream is a bit darker than my natural skin tone, but I had no trouble using this on my face. I didn’t see any improvement in the skin’s firmness, but I did appreciate the quick absorption of this cream, and the non-sticky sheen it leaves behind. IT doesn’t sting or burn the eyes if accidentally in contact with the eyes.

Shelby Sandy Spring, MD


I was a little confused before I first started using this product. I thought this was going to be a gradual self-tanner like the Nivea Sunkissed Beautiful Legs. I also think since it’s Jergens and they are probably the company with whom I most associate self-tanners with, I had in my head that this was going to be a self-tanning product. It is not. It is a BB cream for your body. If you’re not familiar with a BB cream, a BB cream is a tinted moisturizer. It covers imperfections slightly and in a natural looking way. I knew as soon as I used this that it was not a tanner because that horrible tanner smell was absent. This product smells amazing. It is slightly tinted. To me the product didn’t change my skin tone but did make it look better. It has a slight shimmer to it to give that healthy appearance to skin.I actually like the product quite well. It’s just one of those products that does a lot of different things but I’m not really sure that it’s the best at any of them.It’s claims of it’s 5 visible benefits:1. hydrates and smoothes2. brightens and illuminates3. evens skin tone4. visibly firms skin5. minimizes the appearance of imperfectionsClaim 1, it does hydrate and smooth. My skin felt soft and almost slick.Claim 2, it did brighten and illuminate my skin because it had shimmer.Claim 3, evens skin tone, yes but only slightly. It is slightly tinted and slightly shimmery so it will give a very subtle illusion of an even skin tone.Claim 4, visibly firms skin, I don’t know about that one. If something actually did firm skin, I would use it every day from now on.Claim 5, minimizes the appearance of imperfections. Really this is just the same as claim 3.I do like it. If you want a more tan look, I really like the Lorac selfTANtalizer. It’s a temporary bronzer that you can get for your body or face. Lorac also has nice gradual self-tanners. I also like Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs for an actual leg makeup. For another self tanning product, the Nivea Sunkissed Beautiful Legs is nice.Oh and another point, I have a light skin tone and this product was fine on me so do not be afraid to try it out if you are lighter skin toned.

Jacklyn Sandia, TX

Jergens BB Body Cream Delivers a Pleasant Surprise

Jergens BB Body Cream for Darker Skin Tones was a pleasant surprise, pleasant enough that there is a strong likelihood this product will be reordered when it’s fully depleted.BB Body Cream fulfills its promise of adding color to the skin – a nice light brown tone. It is not a means of getting a quick tan, but adds a pleasing brown light shade. The surprise this product provides is that the skin feels much softer after use, not an anticipated result, although Jergens does promise BB Body Cream “illuminates, firms, brightens, hydrates and smoothens skin.” Should have believed the hype; it turned out true.The cream does absorb quickly into the skin so you don’t need to worry about it getting on clothing. And it has a nice smell. Easy to use with quick results. Like I said, I am pleased and surprised.

Christina Huntsville, TN

slightly tinted lotion

I don’t know about all the claims of "perfecting" skin or making any crazy changes, but this lotion gets the job done when it comes to moisturizing. The slight tint might make a very subtle difference, maybe, but more often than not, it amounts to a hint of a stain on light clothing or bedding if you don’t let it dry, use too much, or use it often with the same light colored outfit, so caution to those of you using this! The smell is a light sort of floral smell–nothing spectacular or particularly appealing, but not bad either. Works just as fine on light skin tones as darker ones, since the tint is very much transparent. Nice product, but very much overpriced for a lotion.

Guadalupe Pitsburg, OH

It’s Ok

This body cream feels and looks luxurious but falls short on deep moisturizing especially during harsh winter weather. I live in the Northeast where we have just experienced a wave of COLD temps. I applied this lotion to my skin twice a day after each shower and yet my skin showed signs of ashiness a few hours afterwards. There is a nice fragrance but I don’t buy lotion for fragrance. I have mocha skin tone which is the intended audience but I’ve used other products that worked much better.

Sonia San Joaquin, CA

It’s OK…

So this was not a miracle cream and I did not see all the results/claims Jergens made and it seems a bit pricey. That being said, other than the scent being slightly more than I would have preferred I did like it it felt really good on my skin and it my skin felt well hydrated and I have fairly dry skin especially in the winter. It goes on easy, it really did seem to brighten up my skin a “bit”. I think it is worth a try everyone’s skin is different so you may have more luck.

Eliza Milton Freewater, OR

Jergens BB Body Cream

The directions say to allow the lotion to dry before dressing to prevent staining. I haven’t had an issue with this. The lotion absorbs very quickly. I was expecting to have to say that this didn’t work at all. The results were somewhat mixed. It doesn’t seem to have any immediate toning effect like BB Cream for the face. But it did improve the condition of my skin. But (yes, another “but”) I’m not sure if that’s due to this cream or if any moisturizer would have done as well. The area where I saw the most improvement is the same area where I’d just begun using lotion for dry skin. And it was already getting better. I simply switched to this lotion when it arrived.3 STARS: I didn’t see a change dramatic enough from the use of this to warrant the price of this product.

Bettie Vienna, WV

Jergens BB Body Cream for Darker Skin Tones

I’m a caucasian, but always get a deep tan on my arms during the warmer months especially when out on the tennis courts. I have these white spots that no longer tan and look like big, white freckles in my normally tanned skin. I was hoping this product would somewhat lessen the contrast but I can’t see any difference. It smells good and smooths on nicely with quick absorption, but so far I haven’t noticed the white spots being less noticeable.

Marietta Big Springs, NE

Nice lotion

My legs constantly look dry, even with all the different lotions that I’ve tried, throughout the years. Typically my legs would look nice, then about an hour later, look dry and scaly looking again. Not so with this body cream! My legs have never looked better. I’m olive toned and have a slight tan, so the color is perfect. Just a bit of color, for a natural look. I’ve tried the leg make up in several brands, that have better coverage, but they had a fake make up look, that I didn’t like. This cream, is so easy to apply and lives up to all the claims listed by Jergens. I love the mild scent, easy application, and best of all how it makes my legs look.

Karyn Lyons, MI

Lucky me…

My last container of overpriced snake oil had just been depleted and voila, this tube magically appeared which alludes to a couple of points. First and foremost, I don’t have any commitment to any enhancement products, I’ll use just about anything my hand hits on underneath the sink, so it could be pocket busting designer balms someone else thought made a great gift for me, stuff that I bought off the discount rack at a local pharmacy, or the two products that actually work with chafing…cocoa butter and petroleum jelly…Hey, it worked for Lena Horne, that is all the endorsement I really need.Anyway, this stuff claims after five days of use, my skin should shimmer like beams of light emanating from the god Orisha but as far as I can tell it has a silky texture, the tint of coffee mocha, a reasonably light scent and near to no lasting impact on my skin’s propensity to dry out over the course of the day, just like most other creams and lotions I have used.AA/BB/CC? What’s next DD (dark and delusional)? It will go in the cavern under the sink, and from time to time I’m sure its’ number will be called. But, at these prices for the benefit provided, when the tube is empty, it will not be replaced.

Lesley Bancroft, WI

Recommended for us old folks

At age 80, this seems to have a noticeable moisturizing and tightening effect. As far as skin tone, I don’t see any difference, but that’s not particularly an issue for me anyway. Indo sure recommened it for those my age though.

Emily Davenport, WA

Basic Lotion

This does seem to be just a very basic lotion. It seems to absorb well into the skin and didn’t feel greasy at all, but it also doesn’t seem to have had any great moisturizing effect.I’m not so sure about the ‘immediate benefit’ mentioned in the product description. The lotion is tinted, but seems lighter than I expected. My skin tone has been described as caramel. The lotion isn’t noticeable on my skin at all. And with far more than 5 days use now, it just seems like I’ve been using any other lotion.So, as a basic lotion it works. However, there is nothing about the product that would spur me to use this over any other or to seek it out.

Carol Long Barn, CA

Nice lotion but doesn’t add much colour

I’m new to BB and CC creams so when I saw this body cream offered, I wanted to see what all the *buzz* was all about, in regards to these creams.Both my 25 year old bi-racial daughter and I tried it. It seemed to have better effects for moisturizing and softening her skin than mine and she’s quite happy with it. I asked a question about the “Darker Skin Tones” advice and was assured by two nice members that it barely offers any colour, which proved to be true. It comes out of the tube dark but goes onto my Scandinavian skin with barely a difference in tone.The scent is pleasant enough and I can feel the softness to my skin throughout the day, as can my daughter. But, I noticed no “toning” to speak of and certainly no tanning or “sun-kissed” look to either of our skin.Interesting that when first offered, this product was priced at almost $25.00 per tube, and now it’s dropped significantly. I use Oil Of Olay products every day and for the less expensive price, I think I’ll stick with them and leave this Jerkin’s BB cream for folks with more money or who receive better results.

Roxanne Lodi, NJ

Nice body cream but too expensive for daily use, no skin tone difference

I used up this tube of BB Body Cream in 5 days of use. Although I am very pale, I chose the "darker skin tone" variety because I have numerous old bug bites and scratches that have left permanent dark marks on my legs. I was curious to see if this cream would make a difference. While my skin feels great, I see no difference in skin tone variations at all.The result of 5 days of use was skin that feels silky, not greasy, with a very mild pleasant fragrance. There is no shimmer or glow to my eye. While this cream is slightly tinted in the tube, it goes on transparent. I can’t tell if the varieties for skin tone are a marketing ploy or actually intended to function differently. I can’t speak for anyone else but this would seem to have no benefit based on skin color alone.I liked the product but would not buy it based upon price. It is a superior feeling body lotion that does not impart any significant improvement upon skin tone variations as it would appear to claim.

Nita Sullivan, OH


I apply this cream once every morning after shower; it is absorbed by skin quickly and does not rub off on clothes. It hydrates and smoothen the skin; feels wonderful. It’s a rich cream that works as deep skin toner and the fragrance is great. I have rated this product four stars for overall satisfaction.

Savannah Sharon, GA

This stuff is great!

I have had hit and misses on skin care products but this one will definately be in the top ten best list for me. First is the smell-it smells wonderful-and it lasts all day long. Alot of skin care products lose there scent quickly but not this. Second is the feel-it does not leave a greasy feel in your hands afterward which is wonderful. I have used for several days and have noticed a changed in the dryness of my hands and arms(Just starting to use on my elbows).A big recommedation! Will buy in the future!

Melva Ona, WV

Not as claimed

I rated Jergens BB Body cream for darker skin tones 3.5 stars so I rounded up. First off, I have light/med complexion and thought a hint of color will improve the overall look of my skin. The tint is so light that its nearly impossible to notice it on your skin.Victorias Secret beauty rush shimmer swirl cream actually makes my skin look better. The smell of Jergens is not as yummy as VS love addict but it is light and not bothersome. Also it is not as creamy as it should be and doesn’t spread effortlessly.Overall, Jergens BB body cream has a lot of claims and this bottle did not make my skin look or feel firmer/brighter/smoother or improve my imperfections. But I gave it 3.5 stars for trying and I will continue to use it on my legs and hope for the best!

Josephine Lostant, IL

Short shorts-wearing day

Today was our first day of weather this year warm enough to wear shorts (75 degrees). We have to look fast because tomorrow morning is back down to thirty degrees. This cream is very nice for arms and legs that have been covered all winter. Especially if you’re going without stockings. It is a light moisturizer and evens out skin tone. Very delicate , pleasant scent.I don’t know why it is advertised for "darker skin tones". As far as I can tell there is no noticeable change in skin color. For those of us who have to stay out of the sun there is no sunscreen so you will still have to wear a separate sunscreen.

Tia North Bend, OH

good but not great

This creamy lotion is better for darker skintones but not ones that are really dark (think Indian skin hues vs dark African American hues).The lotion itself is smooth but more gel-like than creamy like as a body lotion generally is. At the end, it does itself okay. It’s not superb as a moisturizer. For the price range (currently $19.49), one would expect something a bit better.

Renae Sainte Marie, IL