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Jergens All Purpose Face Cream – 15 oz

Radiate your Skin with this Multi-Purpose Formula Jergens All Purpose Face Cream provides a solution to your dry skin. This multi-purpose cream deep cleans and removes makeup and impurities from your face. This face cream smoothes your skin and help fight against dryness. It provides an ideally radiant, dewy base for your makeup and leaves your skin soft, smooth and moisturized. Removes dirt and other impurities Acts as a base for your makeup Softens, smoothens and refines skin This multi-purpose, classic face cream moisturizes and also helps radiate your skin. Just For You: Dry skin A Closer Look: Jergens All Purpose Face Cream is prepared using mineral oil and beeswax to deeply cleanse and rehydrate your skin. Get Started: Apply the cream over your face and throat. Later, wipe it off or leave overnight.

Key features

  • All-Purpose Face Cream
  • Deep Cleansing, Softening, Moisturizing
  • 15 oz. jar

Honest reviews


Hate this!

I would give this no stars if I could. This made my skin so greasy. It also burned. It left my face so red and it felt like it was on fire even after I washed it off. It made the skin on my face peel like I had been sun burnt, I had to take this stuff back!

Kimberley Hugo, OK


Good value. While this has many uses, my favorite is removing makeup while moisturizing. However, this cream is NOT for those with oily skin due to the hydrating components. It is definitely meant for normal to dry skin. This is unscented and the consistency is perfect. I used Ponds for years until I came across Jergens while shopping, and I will never go back. Half the price and a better product.

Bridgett Algoma, WI

The Best Face Cream

I have been using Jergens Face Cream for years. I wear face make-up every day, including mascara. And Jergens does a great job of removing make-up, even mascara. This is an important product if you want to get your skin clean before you go to sleep. Just put it on your face and wipe off with a tissue, and then wash with your regular face wash products.I also find the price of Jergens Face Cream costs much less than most other make-up remover creams. So it is economical to use too.

Silvia Otis, OR


Hello so I got my package just in time was extreamly excited because my mom told me about this product but then it sold out its didn’t seal in stores no more after I married I found the same product was thrilled about but again this store does not seal it no more came across this site was like omg had to tell hubby buy it and he did and the reson I told hubby buy cause he seen how my face is durable to use no lies even ponds cream makeup remover as well do it job to you know

Anne Calypso, NC

Smells Nice But Did Not Deliver

When I was experimenting with cold creams a while back, I came across this upon recommendation from a friend’s mother. While I liked the old fashioned, perfume smell, I found the consistency too greasy and it didn’t remove my makeup too well or moisturize my skin. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it to people with sensitive skin, since my face did redden when I used it (and I highly doubt it was the red dye in it too).

April Camp Nelson, CA

Really great

This stuff works really great. It might be a little oily for some people’s taste. Don’t forget that it’s like $3 at walmart.

Earnestine Bronaugh, MO

Smells like an old lady, but I love it!

The product works great! My only complaint is that is smells like an old lady! Do they sell a fragrance version?

Frances Ponca, NE

Great overnight moisturizer

I have been searching for an overnight moisturizer other than vaseline or eucerin’s aquaphor. I feel these products don’t last as long overnight compared to this Jergen’s cream. It is an excellent overnight cream, although be warned, it does not absorb quickly so you might find your hair getting stuck to your face. A little annoying but I think this is necessary to provide a lasting barrier to keep your skin moist throughout the night. I use this on top of an acne treatment and it has been working very well.What alarmed me when I received my tub though is that it was not sealed! I was hesitant to use it at first but just crossed my fingers and I’m glad I took the risk. It smells very nice too!

Elizabeth Manti, UT