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Jerdon JS811W 8-Inch by 11-Inch Rectangular LED Lighted Vanity Mirror with 10x Magnification Spot Mirror, White Finish

The Jerdon JS811W 8-Inch Portable LED Lighted Adjustable Tabletop Makeup Mirror is a portable bathroom and makeup accessory that uses LED light provide a clean, bright reflection whenever you need it. This mirror features LED long lasting bulbs that are lined around the mirror to distribute light evenly. The LED bulbs will last the life of your mirror and cool to the touch for your safety. LEDs have a lower power requirement for providing continuous bright light and require (4) AA batteries (not included) to operate. The on/off switch located on the back of the device will activate the power when you need it. Designed for portability with a 1.5-pound weight and measuring only 8-inches by 11-inches in size, this LED lighted makeup mirror fits easily on table tops and includes an adjustable up and down tilt stand with a 3-inch, 10x magnified sliding spot mirror that can be adjusted from side-to-side and up and down for up close makeup work at different angles. When not in use, the spot mirror can be stored behind the main mirror to provide a larger viewing area. A storage accessory tray is located at the base of the mirror to keep smaller items organized with room for tweezers, brushes and other items used daily. This mirror is great for traveling, comes in a white finish and requires some easy assembly. The Jerdon JS811W 8-Inch Portable LED Lighted Adjustable Tabletop Makeup Mirror comes with a 1-year limited warranty that protects against any defects due to faulty material or workmanship. The Jerdon Style company has earned a reputation for excellence in the beauty industry with its broad range of quality cosmetic mirrors (including vanity, lighted and wall mount mirrors), hair dryers and other styling appliances. Since 1977, the Jerdon brand has been a leading provider to the finest homes, hotels, resorts, cruise ships and spas worldwide.

Key features

  • Portable bathroom and makeup accessory that uses LED light provide a bright reflection
  • LED bulbs will last the life of your mirror and cool to the touch for your safety
  • Compact design for the avid traveler or businessperson
  • Measures 8-inches by 11-inches and provides 10x magnification options to make sure every detail is in place
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Honest reviews


Could be better, but works…

The concept of the mirror is great. Remember it is portable, not travel-friendly. Because it is battery operated, you can use it anywhere. If you have an RV, or you travel often by car, then you can take it along. The main mirror is generous in size, the lights are bright, if they are too bright then find some white tape to cover a few of the bulbs. (Sounds tacky, but in my opinion, if something works for the most part, and a gentle tweak makes it better, then I can live with it.)My 3 star/o.k. rating is due to the fact that the swivel that keeps the mirror positioned needs to be re-engineered. It does not hold its’ place well. I am thinking of jamming a rubber band back there…I’ll see if that works. The general concept is great, but it could be better.

Bernadette Sardinia, NY

LED to bright

this mirror is just okay. the LED lights are super bright and it is almost uncomfortable to do your make up with the lights on. it is good for when you need to see something very close up on your face, but just for everyday make up i would not recommend this mirror, also i could never get the mirror to stay in the upright position. it always seemed to fall back down whenever i would position it in the place that i wanted it.

Mina Indianapolis, IN

Mirror itself is okay, but lighting is terrible…

I have recently been on the hunt for a good quality, relatively inexpensive lighted mirror for my room so that I can apply makeup in the morning before work. I’ve never owned a lighted mirror before, and always just used a regular table-top vanity mirror with a goose-neck clip-on light. It worked fine for me, but I wanted something more practical due to limited bedroom space. After browsing Amazon for several mirrors, I liked the look of this Jerdon LED mirror the best, and bought it based on the high star rating.When I received it, the lights did not work at all. I tried two different sets of new batteries… and nothing. It was a small annoyance, but Amazon sent out another one immediately and the new one worked just fine.It’s a nice quality mirror itself, and I really like the mini magnified mirror, but the lighting is just odd to me. It is EXTREMELY bright and distracting but is okay as long as you don’t focus on them. But the reason it is odd to me is that despite how bright the LED lights are, it still doesn’t produce a whole lot of light in the mirror reflection. It seems like a contradiction, but nevertheless that is what I experienced. The lighting is just not good enough for me to feel comfortable applying makeup.I did not experience some other issues people were having, such as the mirror not staying in place when tilting it, or the screw not fitting. I assembled it just fine and it seemed pretty sturdy to me, and had no problems keeping the mirror in place where I wanted it to be. This could have been a great mirror, but I ended up returning it to Amazon and kept searching for my perfect mirror.On a final note, I just want to say that I ended up purchasing about 4 different mirrors here on Amazon, until I realized that if I wanted a really good-quality makeup mirror I was going to have to pay for it. I just couldn’t find one bright enough for my needs, and ended up purchasing the SimpleHuman sensor mirror. It is very expensive, and I had certainly NOT intended to pay such a price for a mirror, but it really is perfect and I consider it an investment.

Sondra Quinton, AL

An okay, but overproced little mirror

This mirror is just alright. I think it looks and feels rather cheap (feels cheaper than it looks), and because of that I feel that it’s overpriced. But it will certainly get the job done. I haven’t bought a lighted mirror before so I can’t comment on how the light brightness compares to others, but I will say that it is probably bright enough for makeup application purposes. I don’t find the lights blinding or particularly distracting. The lights are cool in hue; they aren’t yellowish. I like that the spot mirror can be moved out of the way of the main mirror. One thing though, and this probably isn’t a big deal, is that the mirror won’t stay posed at certain angles, for example at the angle almost vertical and tipped halfway back. The weight of the mirror will cause it to slide downward or tip backward all the way. I doubt that that will bother anyone though because those are odd angles. It will certainly work for my purpose which is to help me see everything while doing home brazilians. Overall though, I wish it were a little bigger, or at least a little more solidly constructed for the price. If your purpose is to have a nice vanity mirror, this will work and won’t take up much space, but I would still go with a nice weighted at the base round mirror just for aesthetic reasons. I will update this review if I have any issues with the function of the product.

Estelle Wicomico Church, VA

Love It!

I had several regular plug in lighted mirrors but the light bulbs would burn out and the switches would break. I read the reviews on this and decided to give it a try. Yes it is super bright almost blinding at first but eventually you get use to it. I’m hoping the Led light will last longer. Also nice not to have more cords on the counter. This is battery operated. So far I really like!!

Harriett Anthony, KS

Great Mirror

I got this so my dad could shave. He is bed ridden now so this really came in handy. He uses this every day to shave.

Charmaine Pompeys Pillar, MT