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Jerdon JP7506CF 8-Inch Wall Mount Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification, Chrome Finish

The Jerdon JP7506CF 8-Inch Two-Sided Swivel Wall Mount Mirror is used in luxury hotels and spas because of its convenience, sleek look and magnification. This two-sided circular mirror has an 8-inch diameter and features a smooth 360-degree swivel design that provides 1x and 5x magnification options to make sure every detail of your hair and makeup are in place. The extension arm and smooth rotation adjusts to all angles for a dynamic point of view. The JP7506CF extends 13.5-inches from the wall and can be easily moved around, while still being firm enough to hold for odd angles. This mirror has an attractive chrome finish that protects against moisture and condensation and is designed to be wall mounted. This item comes complete with mounting hardware. The Jerdon JP7506CF 8-Inch Two-Sided Swivel Wall Mount Mirror comes with a 1-year limited warranty that protects against any defects due to faulty material or workmanship. The Jerdon Style company has earned a reputation for excellence in the beauty industry with its broad range of quality cosmetic mirrors (including vanity, lighted and wall mount mirrors), hair dryers and other styling appliances. Since 1977, the Jerdon brand has been a leading provider to the finest homes, hotels, resorts, cruise ships and spas worldwide. The company continues to build its position in the market by both improving its existing line with the latest technology, developing new products and expanding its offerings to meet the growing needs of its customers.

Key features

  • Wall mount mirror with 13.5-inch extension and chrome finish
  • Smooth 360-degree swivel design
  • 1x and 5x magnification options to make sure every detail is in place
  • Used in luxury hotels and spas
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Honest reviews


Came with parts missing

The instructions also seemed to be written wrong (aside from referring to parts that weren’t included). We kept putting off installing it as doing so would require a trip to the hardware store, which isn’t a bad thing at all-just more trouble than this homely, chintzy thing was worth. In the end, we donated it to charity.

Rachael Elk Horn, KY

Fine Quality, Great Price, Excellent Mirror!!

My wife and I recently stayed in a hotel that had a wall mounted mirror in the bathroom. We quickly realized how nice it would be to have one at home in our bathroom. I found this mirror, read the reviews, and made the purchase. We could not be any happier! I use it to shave and my wife loves it for doing her makeup.+ Simple to Install+ Easily Folds Out+ Retains Any Position+ Very Clear Image+ Two Sides+ Easily Rotates+ Flush Against Wall Saving Space+ Price_Bottom Line_ Yes, I would recommend this wall mounted bathroom mirror. I have had it for several weeks and love it. Previously I used a hand mirror with a stand…not anymore! This is a simple upgrade to the bathroom that is really nice to have. I recommend holding it up to the wall where you plan to put it first. I had to move it down because I put it up too high. Great product. Easy 5 stars.

Aisha Gillette, NJ

This is fantastic.

After reading the reviews on this and similar products on Amazon, we purchased this one. It is wonderful. The swivel mirror allows me to check my hair in the back easily, and the magnifying side is wonderful for putting on make-up. I am in my late 70’s and without this 5x magnifier might easily apply cosmetics resembling a clown rather than an elderly lady trying to look a little better.

Sonia Cranesville, PA

Great makeup mirror

This was a fabulous purchase on my part. So glad I got it. The close up mirror is perfect for makeup application. I even find my husband using it to look at his face close-up! The chrome color is great. It was easy to attach to the wall. The only thing is with the constant turning of the mirror around and around, the little nobs on the two sides get loose, so just make sure to tighten them every once in a while.

Luella Thomaston, GA

It’s already on the wall

I was tired of leaning over the bathroom sink to put my make up on. I wanted something that I could get up close and personal with. This is it.I also love the color of the metal. Kind of has an antique look which I like.

Shana Cook Station, MO

Product works fine:

The wife is as happy as squirrel that just found a sack of fresh peanuts. She really likes it, it works great for her and all is well at our household.

Nelly Mackville, KY

Great magnification, I wish the arm was longer for better reach

PRO:Price competitive product. Sharp chrome finish that fits well in my bathroom. Excellent 5x magnification provides extreme close up for personal grooming. 8-inch mirror size allows for full face/neck viewing. Easily mounts on the bathroom wall with two screws.CON:Extension arm is entirely too short for my personal needs.Overall this is a good product – I only use the 5X magnification side because that provides me with the close-up view I need for personal grooming, be that nose/ear hair trimming, shaving, blemish maintenance, etc. I’ve yet to use the normal magnification side of the mirror since I have this mounted next to a large mirror / cabinet in the bathroom.The chrome colour fits in well with everything else in the bathroom – so really not much to report there. Install is easy with just a couple of screws and so if you find a stud in the wall you’re pretty much good to go.My complaint which removes a star from the product is that the extension arm is just not long enough to bring the mirror away from the wall and right up to my face without me having to lean into it. If you have a large vanity / sink then you’re going to have to lean in if you want to see right up close to your face. This can be managed a bit with mirror placement and of course it depends on where your walls are in the bathroom, but I’d like to see something with an arm extension that is a bit more adaptable.Swivel of the mirror is smooth and unencumbered. The mirror rotates gently but is tight enough so that it doesn’t move when you need it to be stationary. Good light reflection and is easy to clean with a wipe and some windex, or a glass cleaning pad.This is a daily use item for me and for the price was a good deal.

Elizabeth North Reading, MA

Could be a "5"

But, it does not adjust up and down. It moves sideways and forward. That makes it a little ineffective. Other than that, it is solid and does what it is supposed to do.

Winifred Alvarado, MN

Perfect 5X magnification no distortion when viewing ones face. Full facial view.

This 5X magnification wall mount mirror gives perfect viewing size for makeup application without distorting ones face. It tilts to normal view on the reverse side. The mirror is easy to install and extends far enough from the wall to make it easy to view while standing to view oneself from in the mirror. The mirror size captures the entire face.

Alice Tallahassee, FL

Great little mirror

I bought this after I moved into an apt with a mirror that was pretty far from the sink and did not fold out. I would have to lean really close to the mirror to make sure I didn’t miss a spot shaving.The mirror was easy to install and shouldn’t leave to much damage. (usual screw holes). Used a low power drill.The arm for the mirror is sturdy and easily folds in and out and stays in place.Both mirrors work well. The magnifiedmirror is perfect.Only negative I have come across is that, like almost any mirror, it doesn’t clean that well. Windex eventually does the job, but does seem a little tougher than usual.

Virgie Orange Beach, AL

Helps with Braiding

I installed this mirror to make it easier for me to braid my hair. I love it. It doesn’t seem like the most sturdy construction but has already lasted a year with regular use and no problems.

Stacy Jessieville, AR

Two sided mount mirror x5

Good mirror at a good price. I can put my eye makeup on so much more easily when I can see what I’m doing!

Caryn Barco, NC

nice-looking mirror, good magnification

this mirror looks really classy in our bathroom – much nicer than an "accordion-style" would probably look. provides a good amount of magnification for tweezing too!

Elva Maple View, NY


This is a very good hair and makeup near. I use it every day. It works just for when I wanted to be. I love the magnification.

Zelda Madison, NY

Wall mount mirror.

Love this mirror. So easy to install. Two sided w/one side magnified for close up. Very stylish looking hanging on the wall.

Lidia Augusta, MT

Easy storage

Our light fixtures are centered between our double sinks which means one side of my face is always in shadow. This mirror has the small footprint I need in the limited space I have to attach it. It folds away very nicely and the magnification is perfect.

Lorena Tall Timbers, MD

Jerdon 5X Two-Sided Mirror

I bought this particular mirror because the one I had was beginning to become loose where the mirror swivels. The 5X is just great for me. I love the color and the price was just right. Can’t put my make-up on without it. Would definitely recommend it.

Alfreda Ebeye, MH

Will magnify your face to scary proportions

I bought several of these and installed them in the rooms at our bed and breakfast. As I don’t wear make up it never occurred to me that women would like to see their pores expanded to such an alarming size. In any case, the mirror has two sides, one with a normal reflection and one 5X. It is easy to flip from side to side. I wall-mounted them in a matter of minutes and they telescope out and tilt so people of varying heights can easily adjust them. Nice, clean design and good for the purpose they serve.

Rebekah Mc Donald, TN

Works great!

This is a great mirror. Sturdy and reflective. Really helps when applying makeup or plucking eyebrows!We weren’t expecting much, since it is so much lower priced than it’s competitor brands, but it has been a wonderful addition to our master bath. We use it daily.

Michele Arendtsville, PA

Excellent mirror, use your own screws to avoid a huge pain

I’d read a review about the anchors being strange, and indeed they are. But I was drilling directly into a stud, so I thought no problem.Then after I had the screws about 75% of the way in, one screw head actually twisted off! Never had that happen to me before. The metal was that soft. I thought it was a fluke and that one nail into the stud would be sufficient but the same thing happened with the other screw. I tried drilling them out with no success, screwing a regular screw into the top of the large hole with a washer to help anchor it, but then the mirror mount wouldn’t fit on top with that in place. So I then hammered the top busted screw upwards and the lower one downwards, and hammered in a couple of small nails at the top of the big holes and I’m hoping for the best.The actual mirror is a large sizer than I’ve seen in hotel rooms – 8″ I believe – and is nice and clear. I am already enjoying it.Just use your own screws to enjoy a 5-minute install instead of a 45-minute one!

Jackie Woodbine, NJ


We have one of these in both bathrooms, and love them. They are as advertised. I highly recommend this product.

Tia Nebo, NC


This seems like a very well made mirror, it is a nice size, and the magnification strength is great. It is easy to install, and the nickel finish is very classy. The one thing, though, particularly after reading another reviewer’s comment, is that I make a habit of tightening the screws on either side of the mirror from time to time … just seems to make sense, considering that the mirror gets rotated back and forth quite a bit.

Yvette Kinston, NC