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Jerdon JGL7W Euro Lighted Mirror with 5x Magnification, 4-Light Settings, White Finish

Lighted makeup mirror has a built in electrical outlet View larger Comes with (4) different illumination settings View larger Jerdon JGL7W Tabletop Lighted Makeup Mirror The Jerdon JGL7W Euro Tabletop Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror is a bathroom and makeup mirror with cool to the touch fluorescent lighting and a built-in electrical outlet that fits nicely on any tabletop. Adjustable magnification and versatile illumination makes this mirror perfect for your beauty needs. Adjustable Magnification The JGL7W makeup mirror has an adjustable center that swivels from 1X magnification to 5X magnification. Make sure every detail of your hair and makeup are in place with the convenient zoom feature. Zooming in to 5X magnification is great for applying makeup in hard to see places, while 1X magnification will give the perfect view of any hair do. This mirror also has an adjustable back stand that adapts the entire device (mirror, stand and lighting) to match any angle you’re sitting at. Multiple Illumination Settings The fluorescent lighting is glare free and comes with (4) different illumination settings. Each setting is designed with color-corrected lighting that will match daytime, evening, home and office environments. Just slide the easy-to-use switch over to the right or left to find the perfect lighting that meets your beauty needs. Built-In Electrical Outlet Plug in curling irons and other appliances with the 120-volt electrical outlet that is built into the makeup mirror. The JGL7W stands up by itself on your countertop, vanity or dresser, allowing you to keep all of your beauty necessities in one convenient place. Swivel the adjustable center mirror for up to 5X magnification View larger About Jerdon The Jerdon Style company has earned a reputation for excellence in the beauty industry with its broad range of quality cosmetic mirrors, hair dryers and other styling appliances. Since 1977, the Jerdon brand has been a leading provider to the finest homes, hotels, resorts, cruise ships and spas worldwide. The company continues to build its position in the market by both improving its existing line with the latest technology, developing new products and expanding its offerings to meet the growing needs of its customers. Jerdon JGL7W Tabletop Mirror At a Glance: Contemporary look and attractive white finish Mirror swivels for adjustable magnification (4) adjustable lighting settings Built-in electrical outlet Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Key features

  • Includes 4 adjustable settings for daytime, evening, home and office environments
  • Sleek contemporary look and attractive white finish will match any home décor
  • Convenient 120-volt electrical outlet built-in for curling irons, blow dryers and other appliances
  • 1x and 5x magnification options to make sure every detail is in place
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Honest reviews


not such a big hit in our household

This one of those products that looks better on the picture than it really is.This was used mainly by my mom and she was’nt impressed with it, as she did’nt care for the lights on the product.I guess this mirror might be liked more than others, but most of the time my mom goes back to to tradtional bathroom mirror.She does use it once and a while though, when the bathroom is occupied.Like I said, this product was’nt a big hit in our household, its just okay.

Lorene Sharon Center, OH

The 80’s called….

I remember my Mom had a lighted make-up vanity in the 80’s. The mirror in the center switched from normal to magnified and the lights switched to different shades of color that were supposed to simulate the light conditions for whatever time of day you were applying make-up for. This mirror is exactly the same thing. It even had the same eighties look to it. It is lightweight and feels kind of cheap, and the light colors don’t change easily. It sticks when you are switching from one time of day to another. The knob actually flew off the first time I used it. It popped right back on, but I think it’s only a matter of time before it breaks permanently.

Gwen Whiteville, NC

Poor styling, plain appearance

The design of this product whose intent is to beautify is ugly. The product is inelegant, like a lump of white plastic. There are more stylish makeup mirrors out there, fortunately. You may differ in opinion as beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

Millicent Middletown Springs, VT

Cheaply made

This makeup mirror is just like the one your mom had in the 60s, but now it’s even cheaper and flimsier! Hooray!I find the mirror’s stand in the back to be so flimsy, I wouldn’t be surprised if this didn’t last even 6 months before breaking. The magnification side of the mirror itself just looks a little ‘off’ someone, too (hard to describe — sort of a ‘fun house’ effect?) There is also a big ugly PERMANENTLY PRINTED “Rotate flat mirror up to close side mirrors” just above the mirror (yes, printed on the white plastic itself — and no, it’s not a removable sticker!) This part is especially amusing, since there ARE no side mirrors!Steer clear of this one.

Dorthy Sharon, KS

The Color Adjustments Are Silly & Not Accurate

We’re familiar with this brand as I purchased a Jerdon lighted makeup mirror for my teenaged daughter for a holiday gift two years ago, because her room doesn’t have good natural light. She’s pleased with her mirror and I use it sometimes too.This Jerdon Euro Style JGL7W lighted makeup mirror was tested in a bathroom that has great natural light, which, in my experience, is key when it comes to applying makeup. So I sat this mirror up, adjusted the slant, removed the little cardboard pieces that keep the mirror in place during transport, and began “putting my face on.”This mirror allows you to use a regular mirror or a 5X magnification mirror. The magnified view is great for tasks like plucking those stray eyebrows, putting on lip liners, etc. I have no complaints with that feature at all.Below the mirror is a slider bar that allows you to adjust color settings supposedly to replicate situations you will find yourself in. There’s a day setting, which is closer to natural light than any other setting, and settings for office, evening and home. Basically the last three settings add color hues, from yellows to lavenders. I didn’t find any of these color settings to be realistic. I think you should apply your makeup to accurate daytime lighting. I have good natural light in my bathroom, a lighted mirror, and now this product, so that I can have a realistic look at my skin while I apply makeup as minimally as possible to enhance my beauty, and try to disguise parts that aren’t so beautiful. I didn’t find the color hues to be accurate or helpful at all.Also, this unit offers a plug-in for electrical gadgets you may be using, but frankly, the mirror feels too flimsy to me, to add extra weight of a curling iron to it. I wouldn’t recommend using it if you have close access to a wall outlet.If you are looking for a magnified lighted mirror, I can definitely recommend this brand. Would I recommend this actual model? Not really. I think the color slides are silly and useless.

Billie Westport, PA

Scary to Wow

This mirror is the first one that allowed me to put on makeup with my contacts inserted. This is huge for a near sighted person. You cannot insert your contacts after applying eye makeup. Sometimes I wear just one for this reason. Now i don’t have to compromise . I used the magnifying side of the mirror although my first reaction was terror at all the wrinkles and lines that jumped out at me. Soon I tried the lighting selections and went with the evening lighting option for the event I was going to attend. I was able to apply my makeup and the eye makeup went well. The best part was that later my husband commented that when he was sitting across from me he was struck by how great my face looked! He had no idea that I had a new routine with the Jerdon mirror. I am inspired to now actually pluck my own eyebrows. The mirror will be a part of my daily routine.

Dorothy Scioto Furnace, OH

Nice product

I have not used a makeup mirror in a very, very long time; however, wanted to try one to see how they have changed over the years. This is very similar to one I had a long time ago except that it has 5X magnification which is very helpful to me since I wear glasses and sometimes cannot see exactly how much coverage I am getting with my makeup. You can flip the mirror from normal magnification to 5X.The slider bar at the bottom allows you to change color from Daylight, Office, Evening and Home. Since I do not have a lot of natural light in my bathroom, the Daylight works great. At least I know I can leave the house not looking like I put clown makeup on.There is a plug in for other electrical appliances, but I am not sure this makeup mirror is sturdy enough to plug something like a curling iron in and move it around without making the mirror fall over so that is not useful to me.

Nell Percy, IL

A Worthy Successor to the Clairol True to Light!!

My beloved and trusty Clairol True to Light is starting to die (one of the light bars won’t come on half of the time) so I started searching for a replacement mirror. The True to Light was bright and well made, lasting over 30 years, so I hoped I could find another make up mirror that would work as well, afterall, surely the technology has improved in 30 years? Well, not really. First I tried Conair (since Clairol sadly does not make their mirror anymore). The Conair wasn’t as bright and lacked the much needed outlet on the front to plug your blow dryer or curling iron into. Then I fortunately came across this mirror. The brightness is much, much better than other mirrors and similar to that of the True to Light. Also, it has the much needed electrical outlet on the front for your accessories. The magnification is 5X, which is more than enough to see what you need to see in the mirror. I highly recommend this mirror as a worthy successor to the True to Light!!

Gabriela Taylors Island, MD

ugly and cheaply made

I am so displeased with this product that I am earnestly baffled that it has any positive reviews.First, it’s huge and more than half the size is the plastic frame part. The mirror itself is small, smaller than an average hand mirror. Worse, the plastic isn’t nice plastic. It looks ugly and it doesn’t feel sturdy.Mine also has a message *printed* into the plastic that says “Rotate mirror up to close side panels” – only this model doesn’t actually have side panels. That screams cheap to me. Like the company used leftover parts to make this.There is a little slider that is supposed to change the light for day, office, home, etc. But just moves a colored film in front of the light bulbs. Not helpful at all. The “office” one is particularly bad, because the film is blue-green. No office looks like that. Perhaps if they called it “aquarium”…The slider and films also feel flimsy and rickety; the sliding motion isn’t smooth.The mirror has a 5x side, you can rotate it so that side is facing front. But, like most magnifying mirrors, you have to be in the exact right spot to get a clear picture. Unfortunately, that spot is about 1 inch away from the mirror… which means the light bulbs are right next to you, shining in your eyes and not lighting your face evenly.The lights are really bright. Other than that, this product has no positive features. I’d rather use ANY other mirror in my house than this one.

Ida Fairview, OH

It does the job

My daughters have a cute little antique looking two sided make up mirror in their room and thought I should give this a try for myself. First of all this would be perfect for a vanity counter top since standing and hunching over isn’t the best idea. Sitting and looking into it without straining would be ideal. I like having some extra light during the early mornings when I don’t have natural light coming into the bathroom. You have several options; home, day, office, & evening with each setting having a different hue. Since you have to plug this is, it’s nice that you can also plug something else into it even though I haven’t had to yet. The 5x magnification was actually scary and I went back to the normal mirror setting. Yes, it’s plastic and isn’t that appealing to look at but it has a function and does just that. It would be nice if it looked good sitting on the bathroom counter, but it just doesn’t. If you don’t care that it’s a bulky plastic mirror then this is for you.

Melisa Garner, AR

Great For A Teen

I have a make-up mirror that has a 15 times mag mirror and for me, it’s perfect because I don’t have the best eyesight. This mirror is better for the younger set who doesn’t need the extra magnification to see. My daughter really loves this mirror and the different light settings are great for deciding how to wear make-up. When I was younger, I had a mirror like this with different settings for the light such as night time, and I remember the mirror as being really cool. I find when I use this make-up mirror, I miss the super mag of my other mirror, I am probably just used to it and like it better because of that.This is a really appealing mirror to a teen or for someone in their twenties who goes out at night and perhaps spends time under florescent lighting, they can apply make-up accordingly and it’s fun to try different make-up techniques with the different settings.This mirror does require some space on a counter or table and it has a plug in cord. My other make-up mirror uses batteries or electricity for the lighting and has a simple, small bulb. I am not sure where to purchase the lighting for this type of mirror should one of the lights go out. I do like the style of the bulbs that are verticle on each side of the mirror for thorough lighting. This mirror is perfect for my daughter to apply her make-up and then flip the mirror if she needs to pluck her eyebrows. It’s very convenient and easy to use.

Claudia Dowagiac, MI

Okay but not impressed

I have been wanting a lighted magnifying makeup mirror for a long time. However, I was not impressed with this product, especially knowing it sells for about 50 bucks. It feels kind of cheap and plastic-y. The center mirror flips around from regular to magnified and is fine. The lighting “scene” is changed by sliding the bar under the mirror, which simply rotates a colored filter in front of the two fluorescent sidelights. I did not find any of the lighting settings to be very natural. The “office” setting is very green and makes one look quite sickly, like the wicked witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz. The mirror is also kind of clunky and not very modern looking. Overall, just an okay product. I will keep looking for a more suitable lighted vanity mirror.

Geneva Hatfield, IN

Nice smaller size of lighted makeup mirror

This is the 21st century counterpart of the Clairol “True-To-Light” make-up mirrors which came out in the late 60s – early 70s and were a “must-have” for all teens, at least at my school. The gimmick was that the mirror had four light settings: day, office, evening and home which supposedly allowed you to put on your make-up in the light you were going to be seen in. Jerdon is re-creating these mirrors for today’s woman.The mirror is relatively sturdy, and has a two-sided mirror which makes it nice for getting eyelashes out of your eye or plucking your eyebrows or seeing how gross that pimple really looks. But the only light I ever use is the brightest one, which is day. I never switch to the others, and I have never known anyone who did.This model is slightly smaller than the ones with swing-out doors, which might be nice to save on counter space, but is not so cool when it comes to keeping the mirror clean, especially if you use dusting powder or hairspray.The extra plug-in on the front is handy, and the mirror has held up to usage thus far by three college-age girls and one harried mom, so it seems to be doing okay in the sturdiness department.As another reviewer mentioned, it’s a pain that the consumer can’t change the light bulbs when they go out. So that’s a drawback.

Letitia Rootstown, OH

bulky mirror but does what it’s supposed to do

Getting ready in the morning can be a stressful time. I can appreciate anything that helps the process of making myself presentable before heading out the door go that much smoother and faster, especially when getting makeup on in the AM. This mirror has a couple of useful features: the option to go to a 5 times magnification or stay with regular, lighting assimilation in various settings (home, office, day, etc.), back lighting to allow you to use this mirror with any (or no) light, and an outlet built into the mirror on lower left (in case you want to use heat tools for styling hair while in front of mirror), and a stand setup with various angles.Now for the places it could improve: “office” light setting is very bluish to me. It seems very exaggerated and given that weekday mornings I am doing my makeup for this setting, I rather use the “day” setting which looks more natural. Additionally, the size of the mirror is a bit large. The side panels seem designed a bit in excess, even taking into account the side lights. It can be a bit of challenge to store the mirror due to its dimensions, so if the area you plan to use this mirror is constrained, be sure to measure before purchasing.

Milagros Woodbourne, NY

Where is 10x?

The box listed 1x 5x 10x, but 10x does not come with this mirror. The lighting is good. There are different lighting modes depending on the time of the day, and the location: home, work, morning, afternoon, night, etc.

Chandra Welling, OK

Old and tired…

Very surprised at this Jerdon lighted makeup mirror. My sister is 8 years older then me and when we were younger my parents bought her a mirror EXACTLY like this for her 16th birthday. Well… a few things are different but the basic setup is the same. The adjustable settings for lighting in daytime, evening, home and office environments is hilarious because the selections couldn’t be more off! The mirror takes up so much space on the countertop and the added outlet on the side would never be used in our household as the mirror isn’t very sturdy and could fall off the countertop if the wind blew. One bright spot: the 5x magnification.

Luella North Billerica, MA

Teens/College Age Love It

This Jerdon Euro Tabletop Two-Sided Lighted Mirror is a favorite with my daughters. They like the more sleek design without the side mirrors.Pros – The two-sided mirror allows for magnification when needed for personal grooming. The girls feel the 4-light settings have been accurate when used for getting ready for nights out versus days at work and days outside at school/the park, etc.Cons – No real cons noted by any of us.The mirror now resides on the desk next to the laptop and receives daily use. That pretty much sums up how much it is utilized and appreciated. It’s not sitting under a sink or out of sight.

Christian Harrison, GA


I’ve had better. I thought to save space on my makeup table to try this makeup mirror that doesn’t have the side mirrors. I was wrong in making this choice. The side mirrors add more light to the facial area and therefore make applying your skincare and makeup more flawless. This one doesn’t give off enough light, and the light selections are poor-they are not true to life and are lacking in brightness. The 5x magnification is a joke-it will magnify slightly from the standard mirror on the flip side. I’m glad I got this as an Amazon item to review and didn’t waste money on it. I recommend people to get the mirrors that have the side folding mirrors attached for better lighting.

Tori Axtell, UT

Compact, average mirror

I got the Jerdon JGL7W to replace a damaged Conair Illumina two-sided lighted make-up mirror. The Jerdon is a compact version of the tri-fold models like the Conair. Like the Conair, the Jerdon has 4 color settings – evening, day, office, home. The mirror is two-sided and one side has magnification. Interestingly, the mirror has an outlet you can use to connect small beauty appliances.I always found the tri-fold design to be bulky and cumbersome, and I like this compact model better. The light settings are decent, but I usually find the brightest setting and use that. The lights could be focused / angled more toward the center, or adjustable. The mirror itself is sort of flimsy looking and although not as bulky as a tri-fold, still a large footprint for valuable bathroom counter real-estate. I think this mirror would be perfect for a teen. Mine spends most of its life in the closet.

Lilian Conway, PA

Solid Functionality

My wife and daughter both tried this mirror out and were generally happy with the results. There is both a normal and 5X magnification mirror on either side of a pivoting glass. The lights have a slide bar that allows the choice of different color lighting optimized for specific settings (day, evening, office, home) and the light has an on/off switch so it may remain in an outlet for convenience. It may be superfluous if there is sufficient lighting and mirrors at home but it can solve a major problem if there are a mother and multiple daughters trying to get ready for work/school at the same time. It would also help those who need to touch up their makeup at work as it is compact and can be stored or carried easily. The product also has an outlet for a hair dryer, curling iron, etc. While it may not be necessary for everyone, it certainly will be worth it to the right consumer.

Nell Sachse, TX

Feels cheaply made Poor design

This mirror is bulky and feels cheaply made. It has four different light settings and 2 mirrored sides. The lights are on a slide that requires using both hands. One to hold the unit and the other to push the bar. If you try one handed you’ll simply push the unit off the counter. The lights are on each side and don’t move. The mirror is two sided and flips from normal to 5x’s magnification. This design would be for use on a dressing table, where you could sit in front of it. I stand in front of the bathroom mirror to apply makeup and tweeze brows. There is no way I can stand and angle the mirror to reflect the lights needed to use. This simply doesn’t work for me, and reminds me of the old time lighted mirror my Aunt had when I was a kid.

Maryann Saint Ignace, MI

My Makeup Never Looked Better

With the Jerdon Euro Style Makeup Mirror, I have makeup that looks great and that I am able to really focus on when I an putting it on. This lighted mirror has made my life really easy when I am trying to look great in the morning.

Shelia Tivoli, NY

What a Disappointment

I was hoping this would be a keeper, but it really isn’t. It’s cheaply made and rather bulky.The pros:- There is a convenience outlet on the mirror’s frame. This allows other appliances to be plugged in if the mirror is taking up the only outlet available.- The stand is adjustable, allowing for different angles that will accommodate the user’s position.- The mirror is two-sided – one side is 1x and one is 5x.- There is a slider to change the lights’ hue: Daylight (the bare fluorescent bulb), Office (+green), Evening (pinkish lavender, Home (full pink – flesh)The cons:- It’s just cheap-looking and not terribly sturdy.- It’s too big to fit on most bathroom countertops or dressing tables (if anyone has those anymore).- The color choices are minimally effective.- The box indicates that there are three options for magnification: 1x, 5x, or 10x. There are only two mirror options, so I’m not sure if they are referring to one’s distance from the magnifying mirror, which, frankly, doesn’t work because of the issue with limited focal point of the concave mirror.- There are instructions on the frame: “Rotate flat mirror up to close side mirrors.” Since I couldn’t find any side mirrors, I couldn’t figure out what needed to be closed. Then I realized “close” is an adjective not a verb. It’s simply stating that one needs to turn over the flat (1x) mirror and rotate the magnifying mirror (5x) into position. Well, duh.- “Florescent” is spelled wrong on the box; it should be fluorescent. Oh yeah. I take off points for spelling.- There are two 6 watt fluorescent bulbs that, according to the instructions, “should never need replacing.” This is followed by instructions stating that should they need replacing, the unit must be returned to the factory or installed by “competent electrical appliance personnel.”In short, this might work for a young girl who’s playing with make-up, but really doesn’t seem to fit an adult’s lifestyle, at least not as a product that is prominently displayed. Perhaps it could be used temporarily, placed back in its box, and put in the closet.

Shari Payne, OH

Great product

Finally replacing my broken make-up mirror and this is a great replacement. Side lighting is well placed and brighter than the normal bathroom lights most of us have to, use which makes applying make-up in simulated daylight settings is possible. Highly recommend.

Alexis Weber City, VA

It’s okay but a little awkward

If you have plenty of space on a dressing table you might like this mirror. It has to sit on a counter and it takes a lot of space. The back has a wire that sits in a long plastic piece with ridges in it. The ridges allow you to adjust the angle of the mirror. In addition to this angle, the mirror itself swivels with one side normal and the other side giving you 5x magnification. On either side of the mirror are lights and there is a slider on the bottom that adjusts a filter over the lights to adjust the color of the light. This is a nice feature so you can apply your makeup according to whether you are going out at night, during the day, party, etc. The mirror does not use batteries so you need an outlet close by. It has a very nice feature on the front where you can plug in another appliance so you don’t lose the an outlet to this mirror. Personally, I prefer a mirror that attaches to the wall and can be adjusted higher and lower, etc. I set this one on the bathroom counter top and there was no way I could use it. But if I had a dressing table that I sat down to use, this would be okay. Again, the stand portion of it takes a lot of space.

Traci Jackpot, NV

Wow – what a mirror!

This is a really nice compact cosmetic mirror that would fit on almost any vanity table or shelf. The mirrors are bright and clear, and the magnifier is 5X which gives you a huge, HD quality look at yourself, whether you want it or not. It’s great for doing makeup or spa treatments that require a good look at your pores. The light is adjustable to four different settings, but I’ve never found those that useful in doing makeup. The brightest one is my choice most of the time. One nice extra is the electrical outlet on the front of the frame. You can plug your hair dryer or flat iron into it there very easily, without having to dig for the outlet on the wall. I’d recommend this if you can handle seeing yourself in such great detail.

Bessie Tulelake, CA

Better Than Many

I wanted to try this mirror in place of one that I had been using . My old mirror was another brand oval shaped and, although it had a 7X mirror, it also had very poor(for my myopic eyes) lighting.In looking for a cost effective replacement I decided that I did not need the additional two mirror wings that another Jerdon mirror style offered. I did not feel that the extra views would benefit me much and so I chose the one without the ‘wings’.This model has light settings that simulate day light, office lighting (what a green hued fright!), home lighting and evening light (think a restaurant or date night). Quite honestly, although the other lighting modes may be fun to have a look at, the only mode I use is day light.My old mirror used a low watt, chandelier type bulb right in the middle – which explains why the lighting was so poor. The Jerdon mirror uses what I consider to the more standard two upright bulbs; one on each side. I find that the Jerdon mirror’s light is a big improvement; clearer and brighter. I was concerned that the 5X magnification would not be sufficient, but it’s really a good amount of magnification, and I am pleased with it.All in all, I am very pleased with this Jerdon mirror. I think I was right about not needing the extra mirror wings, and I am really happy about the brighter lighting. I can’t imagine what some make-up mirrors are so expensive, but one day I’ll have to have a look at one just for comparison!This mirror can take up a lot of counter space – which I don’t really have to spare. I found that I can fold it up, lay it on it’s side and keep it on the counter easily enough – that way it’s there ready to set up when I use it.This Jerdon mirror is more than adequate, has good lighting and good magnification and is, I believe, a good buy at the price.The reason for 4 rather than 5 stars? I am not all that fond of the plastic that is used. It feels kind of light to me. That being said – it certainly would not,should not, be a deal breaker for anyone.

Crystal Midway, TN

Needs Improvement

I acquired this product through the Amazon Vine Program, although the usual green writing saying so may not appear above.Every hotel I’ve ever used a swivel mirror at, the maid puts it back so that it tilts toward the floor every day. So for once, it’s nice to be able to have some control. Even as a guy, I find these types of mirrors quite useful for putting in contacts and making a quick check to see if I missed a spot shaving or if a nose hair is below where it should be.I find that the lights and mirror on this product – the obvious most important parts – are of pretty good quality from a functional standpoint. The mirror is clear and the lights supposedly should last forever.Unfortunately, everything else I find less appealing: There is a permanent sticker on the top that says “Rotate flat mirror up to close side mirrors”. Beyond the fact that this mirror is obviously the base for another product in the Jerdon line, I’m not such an idiot that I need a permanent reminder. A removable sticker would have sufficed. The plastic housing has a general cheaper feel to it, there are no options for wall mounting, the light covers look like they could pop off at any minute, and the light adjustment slide is choppy and rough to slide.Finally, it annoys me that they put a two-prong outlet on the front of the device with another marking that says 1400w max. How many of you girls know the wattages of all your other bathroom appliances? To me, this is at best a nuisance and at worst a fire hazard. Would have been better just to make the device’s cord 14 gauge and make the outlet a full grounded 15a outlet, and then no marking would be necessary.I’m obviously not impressed with this product. But truthfully, I’d try another Jerdon product, just not in this style. I say that because the mirror itself seems to be just right. I’d be interested to see if their hotel style, metal framed flip mirrors have a better feel to them.

Kay Armbrust, PA

Great Mirror

The best feature on this mirror is the different lighting. How many times have I put on make-up and then go out in florescent lighting and look like a clown? Well not much, but it does happen.This mirror has a handy dandy switch that you can go from:Home – Office – Outside – Night – so you can tailor your make-up for your different looks.For Office and Outside you should make sure that the make-up is light because harsh lighting accentuates all the not-so-happy parts. Night is more forgiving of course. We all look hot in the dark right? So you can go a little heavier on the make-up. The low-lighting of home is also a bit more forgiving and this mirror showcases this. Oops — your pores are showing. Don’t be surprised in a bathroom mirror at the office…fix it at home before you go out.It also has a nice plug on the front – so even though you plug this one in, you aren’t losing a much need bathroom plug. Probably best used for something that doesn’t move so much, I wouldn’t yank things around with the mirror. You don’t want that 7 years bad luck.The magnification thing. My eyes aren’t bad, got a 20/20 thing going and personally I don’t want to get that close to my pores…so that isn’t that useful for me. Guess who uses it though? My blind as a bat husband. He says it is very handy for popping his contacts in, especially since he can barely see his hands.

Tonya Mc Indoe Falls, VT

Mirror, Mirror, Not on the Wall

I was super looking forward to trying this mirror. I don’t have a lighted mirror and I’m often wondering if I’m wearing too much make-up or not enough. There’s a huge difference between the look when I put on my make-up in my well lit but no natural light bathroom and when I get in the car. In the bathroom, I think I’ve put so much on and then when I get out to my car, it doesn’t look nearly enough. I thought, “finally, I’ll get it right.”First, the pros:- design size itself is decent looking; not too big and not to small, although a bit too big for my dresser or bathroom counter-the mirrors are clear and large enough to frame my entire (big and square)-I like that I can plug it in-the extra outlet in the front is nice and useful- easy on/off in the frontThe Cons:-the design is cheap looking and chintzy- the color is “meh”-the light settings are not really reminiscent of the places they are supposed to mimic, in fact, they are quite off-the magnification looks very distorted and weirded but I’ve noticed that in other magnifying mirrors too- the lights on the sides don’t fold in, kind of lights the room better than my face-the folding stand in the back is very temperamental and prone to collapsing. I would have like it better if I could have figured out a way to hang it.

Germaine Seneca, SC