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Jerdon J1010 6-Inch Portable Lighted Mirror with 3x Magnification, White Finish

The Jerdon J1010 6-Inch Portable Tabletop Two-Sided Swivel Lighted Makeup Mirror is a bathroom and makeup mirror with cool to the touch fluorescent lighting and magnification that fit nicely on any tabletop. The fog free, two-sided square mirror is 6-inches by 6-inches in size and features a smooth 360-degree swivel design that provides 1x and 3x magnification options to make sure every detail of your hair and makeup are in place. The (2) sides of this device house a total of (4) 7-watt light bulbs to provide natural looking, glare free lighting. The J1010 stands up by itself on your countertop, vanity or dresser with a folding back stand. Designed for travel, this item measures 12.35-inches by 2.5-inches by 8-inches and weighs 2.25-pounds. The Jerdon J1010 6-Inch Portable Tabletop Two-Sided Swivel Lighted Makeup Mirror comes with a 1-year limited warranty that protects against any defects due to faulty material or workmanship. The Jerdon Style company has earned a reputation for excellence in the beauty industry with its broad range of quality cosmetic mirrors (including vanity, lighted and wall mount mirrors), hair dryers and other styling appliances. Since 1977, the Jerdon brand has been a leading provider to the finest homes, hotels, resorts, cruise ships and spas worldwide. The company continues to build its position in the market by both improving its existing line with the latest technology, developing new products and expanding its offerings to meet the growing needs of its customers.

Key features

  • Measures 12.35-inches by 2.5-inches by 8-inches and weighs 2.25-pounds
  • Smooth 360-degree swivel rotation
  • (4) 7-watt light bulbs to provide natural looking, glare free lighting
  • 1x and 3x reversible magnification options to make sure every detail is in place
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Honest reviews


Bulbs are to HOT

I wanted to like this.. because it has 3x that is very hard to find.. but the bulbs get hot and I can feel the heat on my face when looking on the mirror.. sorry.. not for me

Katrina La Sal, UT

Just fine, but not great.

This lighted make-up mirror is replacing one that finally died after decades of use. The bulbs are only one color: slightly pink; and they get hot very quickly. While I would have preferred a duplicate of my old one, this one will do. Especially since they no longer make my old version. The 3X magnification is good, but I find that propping my small 15X mirror in front of the 3X mirror is even better.I found the brace in the back to be useless. It is not long enough to hold the mirror in a semi-erect position. To use the back brace I would have to hover over the mirror instead of sitting in front of it. Solution: I stood the mirror upright and then tilted the mirror. Seems to work fine.

Mina Nicholville, NY

Again for my daughter

What a great little mirror, at a great little price. I didn’t want to go all out on this item as I was not sure she would even use it. It is way better than I would’ve expected at the price, and it fits on a bookshelf which is perfect for her. I do wish I could find a similar one without the magnifying feature. I don’t think any of us need to see our faces blown up that big. From my own experience it can lead to a lot of unnecessary picking and fussing that can drag out getting ready, so if anyone knows of this style of makeup mirror, with lighting but not magnifying, please let me know. She is very pleased with it though.

Carmella Little River, SC

good for traveling

I use this when I travel as it packs well and yet is still a good enough size for seeing. the only issue I have is that it gives off a lot of heat. I try not to use it in hot places as it makes me really hot. I also have rosacea and heating up my face is not a good thing. Other than that its a good product. Very lightweight, and a bit cheap feeling, but it was a very cheap lamp.

Iva Germantown, KY


I have been trying to find a high-quality lighted mirror, but at a reasonable price. Well, I finally found one, and this is it. I use it every day when I apply makeup and/or tweeze my eyebrows. It works great, and the seller was great.

Jenna North Hero, VT

Excellent product!

This mirror is amazing! The only complaint I have is that the lights are extremely bright. Other than that, this mirror has been a true lifesaver. I have used it to apply my make-up, and for the price, it is the best product out there. Expedient shipping and I received it the week after. I would recommend this product to anyone!

Nina Mays Landing, NJ

Good portable makeup mirror

I like this mirror, it’s good for the price, the lights are very bright and mirror quality is good. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I have to put it on something really high up or else I have to bend down to see myself in it because it doesn’t have any elevation like other makeup mirrors have a ‘neck’ but this one is portable so that’s why it doesn’t have that. The lightbulbs have worked for a long time and I haven’t had to change any at all since I got it over 6 months ago which I was surprised about because it’s pretty cheap and I use it a lot.

Nadine Shingletown, CA

Decent Replacement. Worth the money however.

I bought this to replace my Jerdon I had had for several years that has the different light settings, a larger mirror with side panel mirrors as well, but didn’t want to spend as much. This will do. It gets the job done I will admit. I wish the lighting wasn’t so “natural” though. When I think of my makeup mirror, I’m not looking for romantic mood lighting for my den, I’m looking for something to light my face up good and bright. This light is very mood worthy and a bit yellow caste. I wanted something like bright daylight close to blue almost so the colors aren’t distorted making you look tanner than you are. It doesn’t screw with your makeup or anything but I do personally prefer a true blue/white light up mirror, such as my previous Jerdon had. The photo of it also gives the impression that it’s a brighter whiter light than it really is. It is very nifty looking with the chrome behind the naked bulbs, which is fancy and cooler looking than the other Jerdon though. But because the bulbs are exposes, while chic, it gets pretty warm sitting in front of this thing. It could be a little sturdier maybe. But you get what you pay for and it’s worth $15 I will say.

Yesenia Lake Norden, SD

The lighting isn’t aligned correctly

I have a strange lighting situation so I was very excited to try this built-in-lighting mirror (which I purchased). Unfortunately, the itty bitty light bulbs are aligned inward so I have almost no light directed at my face. The end result is a dim orange tinted light that is not optimal for makeup application, which is the reason I bought this mirror in the first place.

Chasity Panora, IA

MIrror is fine

This mirror is a great little makeup mirror. THe only complaint I have is the replacement bulbs are VERY difficult to find. So much so that it is almost easier to buy a new mirror instead of hunt down the bulbs. Plus if you need a couple bulbs – these can sell for $3.00 each plus shipping and the whole mirror can be found for about $12.99.

Patricia Frackville, PA

BIG, cheap looking

I was looking for something smaller. The mirror is pretty large. If it was more attractive on my table top, I would have kept it. Unfortunately, it’s pretty cheap looking as well. I ended up returning it.

Aline Narberth, PA

Great product

This is a great product works perfect for me.the price is very fair too.Came in the mail pretty fast.Thanks again

Cara Mount Vernon, OH

great for winter

I love the idea but it’s Hot under the lights, I want to use it more but I have to have a fan.good if you have AC or a fan.

Elisa Tennent, NJ


This is a nice mirror, but I ended up returning it. The lights were not bright enough and wouldn’t stay on consistently. Will try another brand.

Natalie Rising Sun, IN

love the product

I choose this rating because the product was just what I wanted and expected.I love the product, and would recommend it to my friends.

Aline New Vienna, OH

Good for the price

My pricier Jerdon mirror’s bulbs went out and instead of trying to find replacements I ordered this one. It’s ok. The bulbs get really hot quickly so if you’re close to the mirror you’re going to start to sweat. But I suppose it’s OK for the price.

Morgan Mead, NE


Wow the lights on this mirror INTANTLY heat up. If you’re a naturally cold person you will love this. The lights are pretty bright. After using the mirror it takes a second for my eyes to readjust to the regular lighting in the room. You can see every flaw in your face when using this mirror—could be a good or a bad thing. The lighting in my house isnt that great, and it was making it hard to tell if I was blending my makeup well enough or not…. This mirror sure helps with that problem. lolThe mirror is about the size of a spiral notebook, and then a couple inches thick….makes it very compact to travel with.Because the lights get so freaking hot I will deduct a star, but other than that I like it.

Cornelia Walton, WV

Super bright! Hurts eyes a bit.

If you want a super bright lighted mirror, this is the one for you! Perhaps a bit too bright, I do wish Jerdon had put (even if optional) something over the bulbs to help diffuse them a bit. Even when trying to avoid looking directly into the bulbs you still have a hard time looking in the mirror itself and when you look away you get those red blurs on the sides of anything you look at for a while (even when you close your eyes they are there!) I think they were trying to design a smaller version of those studio makeup mirrors that have the bulbs all around it. The problem is that those you can use because everything is large and spaced out between where you can look into the mirror and the bulb itself. This you have to get too close to the mirror and the bulbs and it just doesn’t work. I swear, I’m a bit nauseous after using this mirror and my eyes are all wonky now.I didn’t give it a lower rating because other than the bulbs it’s a good quality mirror and a good size for me so I’m thinking of trying to find something to put over the bulbs (something that is fire resistant of course) to help diffuse them a bit. Otherwise this would have been a great mirror for those that needed something small due to a cramped space. But the bulbs just hurt your eyes too much.

Velma Swanquarter, NC

Jerdon Portable Tabletop Makeup Mirrow

Perfect! You don’t need one any bigger than this. VERY bright. I can only use two of the lights burning at a time. Had to unscrew two of them. I had been searching for one of these for a while, but they were usually much bigger, or a tri-fold and much pricier. This one fit all my desires of size and price. I’d reorder this same one If I needed. I’m going to give one to my daughter next month for her birthday. Love Amazon! What did we do before?

Kay Casar, NC

A good product and a good value

My granddaughter was delighted with this mirror. It was well worth the price. She is just starting to use makeup and can easily use this product. It is a good size, the lights are bright and she enjoys using it.

Doreen Williamsburg, MO

A Best Decision Purchase

Looked for several months for a reasonably priced, small makeup mirror for application of eye makeup. I like this mirror because I can pack it for travel, it does not take up a big space on the vanity, it has a magnification mirror, the lights are strong enough that I see how to trim brows and apply eyeliner and it is inexpensive!!

Jeanne Socorro, NM

AWESOME light and mirror!

I just love it. I keep it in my desk drawer. When i go to the office really early it helps me polish my look before others arrive!

Zelda Centerville, MA

Does what it’s supposed to do

It’s a two sided mirror (one with magnification and one without) with lights. There isn’t much to it. Though, I did notice the manual called the blank areas "pressed pieces" with an image of nice flowery pressed design around the mirror and the lights but this one only has smooth rectangles where I think the pressing should have been. It’s a shame because the images of the mirror in the literature that comes with it looks much prettier.

Emilia Waneta, KY

No. Just no.

I don’t know who thought that it was a good idea to make a makeup mirror with yellow lights on it. Just no. This is terrible. I would not recommend. Sure, you can change the lights to proper makeup lights, but why waste more money? Just get something with white lights.

Mariana Homer, NY


I got it, then put it up and don’t use it. It’s hard to see yourself because the lights are a weird color and are right in your eyes. I tried taking a couple of the lights out but that didn’t work either.

Alexis Santa Rita, MT

Very bright

I finally look the same in natural light as I do inside b/c I’m not slathering on loads and loads of sunscreen and foundation under bad lighting then going outside and looking like either a terra cotta pot or a zombie.

Stella Abbotsford, WI

Great mirror

i love the two sides of this mirror. The stand holds the mirror very well, even when i use it on my lap! Although the bulbs do get hot quick.

Mindy Boling, TX

makeup mirror

i love this makeup mirror i got it for christmas and its amazing i love the lights on it and how it has a stand to hold it up and it can flip to the normal side or the magnification side.

Adelaide Cotter, AR

I love it.

it is perfect for any vanity table to apply makeup or twiz those eye brows or whatever needs to be closely scrutinized on you face. thank you for a product worth the money

Aurelia Tarzana, CA