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JASON Vitamin E 45,000 IU Maximum Strength Oil, 2 Ounce

JASON skin oils are highly potent treatments. Featuring Vitamins and anti-oxidants, these old-fashioned remedies deliver cutting edge results. JASON was born in California in 1959 when a group of independent thinkers sought to establish a new kind of personal care for themselves and their families. Taking the name JASON , which means “Healer” in Greek, they rejected harsh, risky chemicals. Instead, they blended simple, healing ingredients to create soaps and lotions crafted according to the JASON Code of Honor: 1. Select safe, gentle and effective ingredients 2. Rigorously test every formula to ensure safety and efficacy 3. Never test on animals 4. Constantly innovate and improve. For over 50 years the makers of JASON products have kept this code and committed themselves to the idea of wholesome personal care solutions that are safe for us, our families, and our planet.

Key features

  • Maximum strength facial treatment for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Formulated with vitamin E oil and an exclusive blend of seven essential oils
  • Contains natural and/or organic ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • NO: parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, petrolatum, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or phthalates

Honest reviews



I use this vit e oil as part of my daily beauty routine. Since the oil is very viscose and rich I apply 1-2 drops onto my Dr Varon’s vit c serum before applying to my face. I have NOTICED results! Often claimed, but seldom seen…

Callie Lookout Mountain, TN

Container broke.

I use this product with other oils and I love it. I accidentally dropped the bottle on the floor after the first week of purchase and the bottle broke, but I’m lucky i had something else to pour the Oil into

Simone Great Neck, NY

Yes, a spout!

I love using vitamin e oil for my face and any cuts, scrapes, or dry patches, but it always a pain in the butt getting the right amount out of the bottle. Not only is the good quality, and a high concentration, but the little spout makes getting a drop two out EASY, so it doesn’t get wasted and I’m not over applying. I’ve bought several other brands, been frustrated with the bottles, and lack of purity, so I’m sticking with this from now on!

Andrea Van Lear, KY

It works

I have been buying JASON oil for some years now. I’m glad to be able to purchase it here at Amazon because it is a little cheaper. I used it a few years ago consistently after I had burnt my hand and no one can tell how discolored my hand was. You have to use it repeatedly.

Alissa Cayuse, OR

It’s Vitamin E

I don’t have much to say about any body oil but this highly concentrated Vitamin E oil is obviously good for your skin. I also add a drop or two to various hair products. The bottle lasted me a couple of months after once a day daily usage. If this is an item that interests you Amazon definitely has the best price I’ve seen online and in local stores.

Miriam Osceola Mills, PA

Love it

I am pleased with this. I haven’t ordered from another manufacturer so I can’t compare it. But was very satisfied.

Amparo Dallas Center, IA