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Jason Shower Body Wash, Tea Tree, 30 oz

Concentrated & Moisturizing, Never Dries Your Skin. For The Bath:  Foamy & luxurious, rich natural oils, emollients and humectants are combined to make your bathing experience a new pleasure. For The Shower:  Rich lather and soothing comfort are your natural choices if you care about your body.  Enjoy! pH balanced formula. Natural deodorant action. Never dries out your skin. Ends the dry, itchy feeling common to hot, cold and dry climates. Pledged to the Humane Society of the U.S. – Not Animal Tested. 1-800-Jason-05 Naturally, since 1959. Made in USA.

Key features

  • Jason Purifying Tea Tree Pure Natural Body Wash, 30 oz

Honest reviews


Intense smell of chimical perfume

Good 4 house hold ,but not for the skin.What u pay is what u get

Adrienne Ozark, AR

Great body wash….

I am a real fan of the Jason line of products anyway, but, I hadn’t tried their Satin Shower Rose Water Body Wash. I am pleased to say that it smells terrific, brings my senses to life and offer moisture to my skin. All of these great benefits, and it made without garbage ingredients. Right on!

Wendi Buffalo, IL

Smells like chemicals, not Lavender. Sensitive people beware!

I wanted to like this body wash. I really did. The price was right, and I thought the product would be natural enough for me. Apparently not.Immediately upon opening the box, I could smell the perfume. The bottles weren’t leaking at all, either. So, very strong scent. Now, let’s be clear: I AM mildly sensitive to chemicals and perfumes, but I can’t recall ever sneezing uncontrollably to anything NATURAL. I use essential oils all the time (which have strong scents, though natural), as well as heavily scented natural products. Never a problem there. This made me sneeze like crazy when I used it. That’s not a desirable effect in a shower, with hard surfaces to knock one’s head on when you’re flailing like, well, a person who is sneezing like crazy. It’s especially not good for someone who recently had hip surgery (no, people, I’m actually only 27) because sneezing can make you nearly fall over in a slippery shower, especially when you’re already unsteady. When I first got this (before surgery) it was still making me sneeze a week later. I thought *Hmm, that might fade. I might get acclimated to it. I’d better give it a good go, since I bought so much of it!* I bought this in November. It is now April. I have NOT acclimated to it. Still sneezing, and it’s from this product. I know because I’ve made brief switches to other products (Burt’s Bees, African Black bar soaps, castile soap) and haven’t sneezed. Then I use this again. I shower, sneeze my brains out, hope I don’t crack my head or fall, almost do, and kick myself for buying this. I’m not exaggerating; the sneezing fits are really quite extraordinary. I leave the door unlocked so my husband can rescue me in the event of a sneezing catastrophe. But, well… at least you know it lasts a long time!? I wish it didn’t. Why am I still using it? “Waste not, want not”, with a caveat: “Hope you don’t die in the shower.”There is definitely a chemical smell to this. Lavender? HA! One of my favorite essential oils to use is Lavender. This is NOT LAVENDER! It smells (to me) like a chemical re-creation of lavender. A very poor one.It does have its merits, however. What I can say for the wash is this: A couple of pumps does the job rather well, though I’m petite, so you may need a few more. It lathers well for a not-so-conventional, wants-to-be-“natural” body wash. It makes you feel clean without drying, yet doesn’t make you feel over-moisturized or coated in something like super-moisturizing washes do. It also hasn’t caused any skin irritation, which is a miracle for me, considering my reaction to the scent, and sensitive skin. The product is a good value, if your body doesn’t give you violent reactions to it. So, three stars. I’m trying to be fair.Given the cleansing performance of this product, some (curious or self-destructive) part of me is tempted to try the tea tree. I love tea tree almost as much as lavender. But since this smells like chemical NOT-lavender, I’m afraid of what the tea tree would smell like/do. Perhaps it will make my eyeballs bleed and fall out? Okay, I’m kidding about my eyeballs. But I wouldn’t buy this product again. If there is an unscented version, I might try a sample to see if it makes me react. Otherwise, when I’m done with this, I shall steer clear of the body wash of doom.

Laverne Abie, NE


, sodium benzoate, benzyl benzoate, citronellol, fragrance (parfum). Fake fragrance and sodium benzoate. Never understand why they sell this at whole foods and how it continues to pass as “natural”. I guess petroleum is natural, too. Too bad they don’t list the multiple chemicals that are in the “parfum”.

Marcie Wauneta, NE

Not what I needed..

This smelled wonderful but did not clean me at all. I ended up just using it to clean my bath tub after I took a bath. I would not buy this again!

Chelsea Shelbyville, TN


This body wash smells so good, that I feel that I must warn anyone with small children to be careful so that they do not try to eat this.Now for the rest of us, this smells great. We like to use this as a bubble bath. The whole bathroom smells heavenly, both during use and even afterwards.

Jenna Sweetwater, OK

Wintertime Fave!

So clean. So kind to my parched winter skin. Love it. You can’t beat Amazon’s price and service. My local health food store charges three times more for this!

Isabel Webb, MS

love the scent

I’m on my 2nd bottle of this stuff. Love the smell, especially after a long hot shower. Lathers well and my skin feels clean. Highly recommend this product.

Dianna Stottville, NY

Smells Nice and Is Chemical Free

I love Jason products because they smell great and are safe for me and the environment. It’s not cheap, but it’s a luxury that’s worth it for me.

Jenifer Ash, NC

My favorite body wash

I love the smell and it’s a natural product. Doesn’t leave a residue on my skin. I also use the Jason Healthy Mouth mouthwash religiously. Love Jason products!

Sara Alta Vista, KS

Love this soap!

We actually use this body wash as hand soap. It is gentle on hands and has a really nice yet not overpowering scent of lavender. High quality. Also, fast shipping.

Deirdre Erin, NY

Lathers well, Smells Good!

This is a great option for body wash if you are trying to go all-natural in your toiletries/cosmetics. The product contains no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, and no parabens. It has a nice thick consistency that sticks to your wash cloth, sponge, (or hand!), and it lathers up nicely. The scent is nice – not fantastic, but pleasant enough.

Marquita Beach City, OH

Smells like heaven!

The lavender body wash smells so good and lathers up so rich that I call it my “affordable luxury”. I truly feel pampered each time I use it. The bottle is big and lasts a long time. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I feel it could be a tad more moisturizing. It’s not drying by any means, but I don’t feel like I can skip my post-bath lotion application either.

Hannah Newark, MO

Love It.

I bought this for my boyfriend, he loves it. I ended up taking a shine to it as well so now we use it all the time. Tea Tree oil is great for oily skin and this particular wash smells great. We use it as a face wash and have had less break outs since we started using it. Best thing about Jason products is that they are organic, all natural, not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients. Perfect for vegans or those who just care about what they use on their skin and bodies.

Susie Hailesboro, NY

Get Creative in the Shower

In the past I’ve purchased a ton of LUSH beauty products because they make them with lots of essential oils. What I’ve realized is that I can make some scented liquid soaps myself by using essential oils and this Jason’s Body Wash. Simply put a combination of oils in a small plastic bottle and add in some body wash. Shake and use. Some of my favorite combinations are sweet orange, neroli and rose. I’ve also tried Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Lotus and Sandalwood. I’m looking forward to trying out new combinations as I have a big collection of essential oils. I also like Balsam Fir Needle which is refreshing. I find the body wash works well with a body brush.~The Rebecca Review

Roslyn Nellis, WV

Lots of Lather

Smell is so subjective it seems that it may not be a valid review point. One person may love the smell of something and another person hate it. That being said, I like the smell of the citrus body wash. It has a faint scent of oranges and is sweet. It doesn’t dry out my skin as much as other soaps do. It makes mounds of lather, so a little goes a long way. The ingredients listed on the product page are incorrect; it does not contain lauryl or laureth sulfates.

Angelina Tariffville, CT


This seems to be a very nice body wash. The pump was chipped when it arrived but replaced it with another pump I had,

Beatriz Belvidere Center, VT

Baby Powder

Not really smelling anything but “Baby Powder” when using this, but I love Baby Powder smell, so this is not a issue for me. I give it a 4 star rating due to the miss-leading name. I do love this Body Wash, it lathers really well when used with a scrunchy, but not with a wash cloth what so ever.The bottle size is impressive and can easily leave a family of 4 1 to 1.5 months. I feel like my skin is already starting to appreciate the “All Natural” effect of this product. I will order this again, but in a different scent to try.The texture is very creamy & you do not need a lot & it has the added bonus of the pump & the kids really think that is the coolest thing ever (4 & 5 yrs old)Definetly would recommend this product or any of Jason’s Products to anyone looking for healthier skin/hair (yes they make shampoo & conditioner).

Frieda Ansley, NE

Exceptional product with Jason Body Washes… from the body wash soap to the dispenser

Jason’s natural products are exceptional. I love the body wash and this product tends to be more expensive in stores so that’s why I purchase on amazon. If you like the smell of lavender, this product will tickle your fancy. Very nice during shower time. The soap feels great on your skin and nourishes because it contians Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5 and aloe vera. Jason’s body washes are known for no or low sulfides which is good for sensitive skins and the main reason I purchase. I think what I love the most about this product is the bottle dispenser. It’s so easy to use in the shower and never had a problem with clogging. It despenses down to the bottom of the bottle.This is a prime product which is a plus too. Multiple purchase customer and I’ll be back again.

Lynda Newport, KY

Tea Tree Body Wash

This is not for the lavender which is featured in the title. I found a really great buy 1 get 1 free at my grocery story of this. It does NOT smell like any tea tree oil I’ve ever smelled, but it is really nice. I love the pump style. The smell is nice and doesn’t linger much after you get out of the shower, it keeps your skin soft and feels really clean. Both my husband and I use it.

Marietta Searles, MN

Say yes to no animal testing.

I have used Jason products for many years, mainly because they do not test on animals. I believe that is very important to many people. This body wash lasts a long time, just one pump onto my fluffy wash thing, (I never know what they call those little round net things we have so many of), anyway, one pump is enough to supply a ton of foaming suds that make you feel so clean and it rinses off so easily. Leaves my skin soft and not dry. I am a great fan of this body wash because I do like tea tree oil for it’s antiseptic properties, and I also buy the lavender one, for it’s soothing effect. I alternate between the two of them. It is a great bargin for the price considering how much body wash we use. I think it would be good for a large family of kids because the Koala bear is just too cute.

Joy Crockett Mills, TN

Love it!

I’ve used most of the Jason Body Washes, and this has such a nice,light rose scent, plus it is very gentle on my sensitive skin. I’d recommend this to anyone.

Herminia Nancy, KY

I LOVE it!

My grandson was visiting recently, he has such bad eczema, I was desperate!! I had this soap for awhile, and thoughtit couldn’t hurt to try. I’m so glad I did, he wasn’t scratching/itching or crying( he’s 18 months). I was DESPERATE, toget him some relief, I can’t say enough GOOD things about this soap. Except left no residue, no itching afterwards andthe biggest reward: he slept through the night! God bless your soap! I will DEFINITELY be reordering!

Guadalupe Gays Creek, KY

Quality product

Honestly, this is a great body wash. Would it not be for the price (too high!) I’d only use this one and never switch.The scent is absolutely amazing!It cleanses with out drying too!

Erica Harlan, KY

Love it!

Great product!

Teresa Casa, AR

Leaves skin purified, and super soft.

I enjoy this body wash. The smell is fresh and clean, and not overpowering like some Tea Tree products can be.It lathers up nicely, and did not irritate my sensitive skin. It also left my skin very soft and clean feeling, not dry.

Allene Wayne, PA