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JASON Natural Cosmetics, Purifying Tea Tree, All Natural Nail Saver, 0.5 Oz

A professional formula that helps correct and improve nail problems such as brittleness, peeling, cuticle problems and infection, hangnails and other nail disorders.

Key features

  • *Tea Tree Oil works as a natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial
  • *Tea Tree Oil helps heal cuts, wounds and burns
  • *Tea Tree Oil is nature’s medicine kit in a bottle.

Honest reviews


Not a typical nail polish

When you apply this to your nails it leaves a shiny, moisturizing coat that absorbs into the nail in about 10 minutes. You can apply it to your cuticles too. It is not a typical nail polish that dries into a permanent clear coat or top coat that you have to take off later with nail polish remover. Also, it’s not like some cuticle oils I’ve used that are like dipping your hand in olive oil. When this first goes on, you’d think it is regular nail polish. Then you notice it’s absorbing in instead of hardening up.I bring this with me to the nail salon when I get pedicures and ask them to put it on in lieu of regular polish.

Lina Delight, AR

Jason -Tea Tree

Ordered arrived in good condition and delivered aspromised on time. Have used Jason’s since my purchase and it has helped the appearance of my toenail as aresult of a fungus. Tea Tree Oil has been known tohelp with these kind of problems as to feet and nails.Hopefully with continued use, 2 x a day my nail willbe back to 100% improvement.

Nannie Connelly, NY

Natural is the best

After I started using natural product for my nail, they are growing nice and strong. This smells very good and it’s a great nail massage oil

Emma Mount Vernon, IA

Great Nail Product…

This is the second bottle of Jason Tea Tree Nail Saver I have purchased and it lasts a long time. It instantly moisturizes my nails and cuticles and my nails look healthy. It smells like tea tree oil, but is not super strong smelling; good stuff.

Polly Dunnegan, MO

awesomely natural

this stuff is great. i was contemplating on just purchasing regular tea tree oil from walmart but thank god i stuck with this product. i am pregnant and my nails have not been doing so good. have been turning yellow. i needed something natural that will be safe for the baby, well this was it. definitely started seeing improvement in my nail color.

Charmaine Rescue, VA