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Jasmin – 6ml

Product description by Sheriffsoncorp–Al-Rehab is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading perfume manufacturer which creates fine traditional Arabian and oriental perfumes. The perfumes are made of precious natural essences (Oud, Rose of Taif, Incense, Musk, Sandalwood and rare spices). all perfume oils and solid perfumes are alcohol free

Key features

  • Sold and shipped from sheriffsoncorp
  • Genuine Al-Rehab alcohol free perfume.
  • If you want to buy more than 1 piece,buy our 6-pack and save 20% or more.
  • It will be a great gift for your loved ones.

Honest reviews




Tamra Pulaski, MS

medicinal smell

I did not like this perfume oil at all because it smelled like rubbing alcohol with a hint of jasmine.

Ines Stites, ID

Very strong scent

this is very strong. so if you like really strong perfume it’s ok. I love jasmine scent bu this is just too strong for me.

Deborah Woodward, IA

I love this

If you like the smell of flowers you’ll love this. I had already tried two other perfume oils by Auric blends and I did not like them. So I wasnt feeling very optimistic when I tried this on. I put some on and went to the store. While I was in line I could smell this sweet, warm, alluring smell. I almost leaned over and asked the cashier what perfume she was wearing when I realized that it was probably me smelling like that,lol. The other night I put on a dab to go to bed just so I could smell it before I went to bed. I’ve never smelled jasmine before so im not sure how this compares to actual jasmine but i’ve heard so many people rave about the smell and if this is it, I can see why. It also reminds me of someone who just stepped out of the shower and their skin smells just like soap. I’m so glad i’ve finally found a perfume oil that I like.

Corinne Atkinson, NH

I tried several…

I tried several scents in the Al-Rehab essential oil perfumes, and this is my favorite. Its very strong, I only have to put on a little. But it smells heavenly. Definitely getting this one again!

Faith Mack, CO

Very overwhelming scent!

This Jasmine oil is really, really strong. I was looking for something that had a lighter scent, and this is not it! A little goes a long way with this perfume! Other than that it was a good price and ships fast!

Janelle Rensselaerville, NY

Very Nice!

The oil smells just like jasmine. I only hope that it has staying power and can last throughout the day. I do reapply fragrance throughout the day. I also like that this does not contain alcohol. UPDATE: The oil has staying power. The fragrance of the oil lasted all day and I could even smell it on me first thing in the morning of the next day a “WHOLE” twenty fours hours after I applied it. You only need to use a little as this stuff is strong and potent. It even left the fragrance it my car. UPDATE: The oil has staying power. Last all day long even into the next day.

Ruth Tilden, NE

Nice scent

I just received this Jasmin perfume oil its amazing scent not overpowering the scent is soft flowey the name says it all.Its a roll on,I wore it at my house and went out to pick my mails from my mail box the mailman was there he noticed my scent he said what was I wearing smells nice so I told him Jasmin perfume oil he really liked it,he said its not too strong like other scent that gives headaches I said no it smells like Jasmin he said yeah I agree,later while I was picking my mail from the box two of my neighbors came to pick up their mails they even said I smell nice so I told everyone what it was and where they can get it from,amazon thank you for everything.

Wendi Park Ridge, NJ


It smells very fake..for the price I just trow it away, gave me headache not true to jasmine, I do not recommend it

Debra Ridgeway, MI