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Japanese Premium Oil Blotting Paper –

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Key features

  • Made in Japan with premium natural hemp paper,
  • soft and gentle to the skin, easily absorbing excess oil and make up shine.
  • Large size 10cm×7cm,
  • Economy pack, 200 sheets in a paper carrying case.

Honest reviews


a little disappointed

These sheets do absorb oil, do not remove make-up, and the packaging is very pretty. They are about twice the size of the other blue sheets. They also leave behind no powder residue. On the downside, they don’t absorb as much oil as the blue sheets. I can’t really tell as the oil absorbed is not visible on these, unless you hold it up to the light. I will not be reordering.

Dee Alamosa, CO

Poor quality

I have used a variety of blotting papers for a few years now. Usually I use the Clean n Clear, but these were less expensive. you get what you pay for. You need 2 of these [larger] sheets to accomplish what one sheet of the clean n clear. Cheap feeling,the texture is that of a paper toilet seat cover. this product just isn’t very good, sorry. I usually cut the sheet into 2 pieces to make them last longer, I wish I had examined these carefully before cutting, or I would return them.My bad.

Willie Roxton, TX


these kinda suck, i have to use a milliom just to get my face less oily. and i really have to press down. seems like a good deal but its really not lol.

Lana Greenwood, TX

Very good for the price 🙂

These papers are very thin and do not have any rice powder added. For those with very oily skin who need a little extra in terms of oil absorption and like the benefit of the oil-absorbing powder, these papers may not be enough. That being said, I do like that these papers are made of natural hemp and are of a larger size. My skin is only mildly oily and only in the t-zone. Even so, I tend to need two sheets at a time. The packaging is attractive, although rather flimsy for something that is being pulled out and pushed back into one’s purse a couple of times each day for several weeks. I expect the package to be rather worn-looking long before I have finished using all the papers. Still, I appreciate the fact that the sellers showed the packaging very clearly on the product page so this was no surprise. Overall, given the low cost of these papers, I feel they are a very good value.

Dianne Fromberg, MT

Does the Job

Like the other reviews say, these sheets are twice the size of the average oil blotting papers. I like that they are made of natural hemp fibers. They soak up oil like the typical papers; I find they do no better or no poorer. I love how there are 200 sheets in each, which makes this a great buy. The packaging is gorgeous, and that is what originally attracted me to these papers, however, it is a tad bit flimsy. Overall, I would highly recommend these oil blotting papers.

Ethel Secor, IL

Just Okay…

This blotting paper is just like any other blotting paper. Paper is never as good as a blotting film. I also didn’t like the flimsy container. It’s not even a paper box. The only thing I really liked about it is the large size of the paper. However, the best paper type of blotter I’ve tried so far is Boscia’s Green Tea Blotting Linens. A little more pricey, but so worth it.

Carly Chesterfield, SC

great for school

i bought this product because my makeup has a tendency to make my skin look shiny and oily. these blotting papers are the best ones i have tried, and are a great pice. my only complaint is that they tear easily when you are removing them after pressing them to your skin, but other than that they are perfect for keeping in your locker at school or in your pusre on the go!

Raquel Colfax, ND