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jane iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream, 1.70 oz.

Contains broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 25 UVB/UVA. Water resistant to 40 minutes. Minimizes pores and helps disguise fine lines and wrinkles. Smoothens and brightens skin. Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, sensitivity tested, clinically tested, dermatologist tested. Key ingredients: Grapefruit Extract minimizes appearance of pores and wrinkles; Apple Extract is a skin-smoothing antioxidant, exfoliates, refines and rejuvenates the skin; Bitter Orange Extract perfumes and conditions; Titanium Dioxide calms and soothes skin, gives excellent mineral UV protection.

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awesome stuff

I like this Jane BB cream , tried another brand , it was greyish . Jane has great skin color tones , but could not get the BB in a color that suited my skin , so had to get the med. and med light , and I put a dot of each on the back of my hand , swirl it , and apply it on my face , as it says to . ya dot it , and apply by blending the dots in a downward motion ! not like traditional makeup at all . its very thick. it keeps the skin moister feeling

Michell Milbank, SD

Able to quit using regular foundation!

I have switched from using concealer, foundation, and powder to just using this and powder. The coverage is PERFECT for me!! And, I feel a whole lot better about what I’m putting on my skin!!!

Cleo Chatsworth, CA

Great for a BB cream, but sweats off easily.

I was looking for a BB cream with more coverage than your average run-of-the-mill type. After much research, I was brought to Jane Iredale. I figured why not give it a shot? I am definitely impressed with the coverage – it is far superior to any other BB cream I have tried. I have old acne marks and uneven skin and always some sort of break out somewhere (especially now that I am pregnant) and it does a nice job at covering most things without being too cakey. That was the issue I was running into with my other foundations, plus I liked the idea of a BB cream as it is nicer to your skin in general. It goes on beautifully, but for me it does not last long: it is summer time, I’m pregnant, and I sweat a lot to begin with so imagine the sweatiness with being pregnant! Hahaha… it seems as if I sweat through this and then I literally look like I’m “glowing” but not in a nice way, it just sort of sits there on my skin and it becomes very obvious that I’m wearing something. I of course use setting powder and spray to try to ward this off, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I think this would be great in the dryer winter months when I’m not as prone to sweating, and if you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t sweat all that much then it will likely work and be long-lasting for you. I don’t mind having to touch up. You also do not need very much but you can continue to build over areas that need a little more help. I use about a pea size amount each time for my skin, as opposed to the 1/2 pea amount that another reviewer mentioned. I would definitely purchase this again and to me it’s worth the price rather than wasting $10-$15 at the drugstore for something that really doesn’t work at all.

Latisha Urich, MO

Excellent make-up

I bought this through Amazon this time because I usually buy my make-up through Skin 1. Thrilled to see this product $10.00 cheaper at Amazon. Jane Iredale products are excellent. I bought this for my daughter because she has acne rosacea and extremely sensitive skin. She loves this make-up and it covers extremely well and lasts for hours. This make-up does not irritate her skin. I also started using this BB cream and love it. No parabens! Highly recommend. Will buy again.

Alexis Assumption, IL

Very nice for medium, not heavy coverage.

Just got this a few days ago, and rally like it. it is silky, not greasy. I truly hate cakey feeling make-up and generally prefer mineral Jane Irdale, but got this for evening. It is one of the best liquid make-ups I have used. It seems pricey, but you use very little. ( I put on WAY too much the first time I used it. 1/2 pea size works well, especially when used with the JI primer.NOTE.. this is the Light-Medium, and it is almost too light. I can use it because I am fair skinned, but I may get the medium next time. If you have any natural color to your face, go medium.

Ollie Lake Park, GA

Great Product

I love the results I’ve been getting since using this product. This makes my skin look so smooth and healthy. Great coverage and sun protection also.

Tameka Midlothian, MD

Best foundation (BB cream)/sunscreen I have ever used!

This helps cover the slight melasma I have and I get compliments on my skin all of the time, even from my doctor!! I am 40 and this helps turn back that clock 🙂 I have also noticed a change in my skin, I use IMAGE skin care as well so i believe I have found the perfect combination of skin care and make up, finally! Stays on pretty well too! A little goes a long way!

Courtney Brooklyn, AL