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Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll, 8 Oz.

Jane carter solution wrap and roll is the best soft mousse, setting and wrapping product available on the market today. It dries clean and soft without leaving and residue. Great for dry color-treated or damaged hair, the natural glycerides, essential oils and moisturizers leave your hair soft and shiny. Cut dryer time in half by applying wrap and roll liberally to wet hair, then wrap/set and dry as usual or let it dry naturally.

Key features

  • Light foaming mousse designed for wrapping, setting and smoothing hair
  • Leaves hair soft
  • Adds outstanding shine and does not flake
  • Great for managing frizz

Honest reviews


Great for Natural Hair!

I rarely review stuff on Amazon even though I’m addicted to shopping on this website. However, I am so thoroughly pleased with this product that I have to give it props.I recently big-chopped after transitioning for a year. I now have about 5-6 inches of hair. My go-to hair style is a bantu-knot-out, during transition and currently.I was initially using another setting lotion with argan oil in it. It worked alright; I used it for quite a while. I noticed that it didn’t work as well when my hair was shorter and all natural. It made my ends a little crunchy, therefore prone to breakage, and the end result would sometimes be frizzy.Not this product! I just took out my first bantu-knot-out today after sleeping on it overnight like I always do, and the results were fantastic! The curls were easy to separate, shiny, and my hair smells good! There is no frizz!Because of this product, my confidence is truly bolstered. I have been struggling with adapting to short, textured hair, but now I have really fallen in love. I also appreciate that the ingredients are all natural!Do yourself a favor and try this product if you’re all-natural and do setting styles.

Mariana Milan, IN

Nice smell, questionable effects

I like that this is a pump mousse that is not under pressure. I also like the scent – light and floral. I initially had concerns about applying too much but even if you seem to over due it, it dissolves and does not build up as you would expect…a plus.As for effectiveness…I would say ‘meh’. There is some smoothing effects but that could be my hair type (2b/c). My hair curls very easily on its own so I was looking mostly for a smoothing solution when I roll it and this does seme to do ok – not sure it is any better than using diluted Infusium in water sprayed on or any other product that is lightly setting but I am speaking for my hair type. Won’t buy again but I will enjoy the scent and use the rest of the bottle mostly for that reason.

Milagros Shirley, NY

Don’t waste your time.

I had such high expectations for this product. It has absolutely no hold!!! It did nothing for my braidouts and twistouts. It was like I was applying water that foamed on my head. NO HOLD! No matter how much I used, or the way I used it……..Nada.

Alma Gayville, SD

Better than setting lotion

I purchased this product only after purchasing the Jane Carter Nourish and Shine. I wanted to use something for my roller sets other than setting lotion. I love the way that the product smells, and it’s nice a light. It doesn’t make my hair stiff. It has body and shine.

Lydia Sarasota, FL

Smells so good

This product smells incredibly good. I got so many complements from random people passing me about the curliness of my hair and my "body mist." 🙂 Only bad thing is that it dries the hair a little, so I combine it with Moroccan oil and it works just wondrously!

Madge Vilas, NC

Bouncy and Light

I did a roller set using the solution. I didn’t use any other products with it except evo on my ends. It’s not sticky, flakes, or drying. The hold is medium light. Results…bouncy curls with shine and movement. Curls lasted 2 to 3 days. Oh by the way…I have natural hair that’s fairly kinky.

Teri Juneau, WI

Great for my daughter!

I purchased this in combo with the snail rollers for my 5 year old daughter. This is a great product! Doesn’t make my daughter’s hair crunchy and lets her have a natural look. Several people have thought my daughter’s hair was naturally curly. Go figure! My daughter loves the smell, but what 5-year old wouldn’t like it?

Pamala Scotland, CT

*the* solution for going natural

I finally gave up fighting with the natural texture of my hair and stopped using chemical relaxers; it’s been almost two years and this is the best product I’ve found to bring out the natural corkscrew curls in my hair. I shampoo, condition, and then apply the Jane Carter Solution to my damp hair and air or bonnet dry – it gives me the most gorgeous defined curls! Adds shine and controls frizz without that crispy thing that happens with gels or mousse. I like that it contains ingredients that are actually plant based and GOOD for my hair.

Marjorie Williamstown, OH

wrap solution

Holds well, I need instructions on wrap curlers I purchased none were included so I just use when curling my hair with iron.

Mindy Etterville, MO

Less than I hoped for…

I bought this product to use with my Curlformers and was very disappointed. My curls fell out by noon, and it made my hair greasy. I was hoping to use a product with more natural ingredients…which this has…but I will have to keep looking.

Jeannie Maysville, GA

Great product

Sense I am going natural I think this will benefit me later as I get further in the natural process but this and all leave in products seem to make me shed. but it smells good.

Connie Grand Island, NY

Great product for 4a/b hair

This product is awesome! It creates the right amount of hold without making the hair crispy , crunchy and dry. Its great for curls, braid outs twist outs etc and the curls will hold for days until you wash it out!

Lizzie Jesse, WV