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Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner, 8 Ounce

If you are looking for a light product that is ideal for de-tangling, this it the one! Revitalizing leave in conditioner seals in vital panthenol and humectants and acts as a protective barrier against heat styling and sun damage. Use it daily as a rehydrator. Mist your hair in the morning and evening. It’s also great for flat ironing and roller setting fine hair. This product is a must for every bathroom. Revitalizing leave in conditioner does the job for you!

Key features

  • Ideal for detangling
  • Protects hair from heat styling and the sun
  • Use it daily as a rehydrator
  • Great for flat ironing or roller setting fine hair

Honest reviews


Great Leave-in

My stylist introduced me to Jane Carter’s line about a year ago. Initially, I wasn’t impressed with the leave-in because my hair was sooooo dry & damaged. I decided to revamp the products I was using on my hair and create a few of my own. I rated this product a 4 because in my opinion, it works best when coupled with other JC products. I started with my pre-wash regimen of my homemade hot oil treatment (grapeseed oil, avocado oil, emu oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil. I then follow that with an evoo & honey masked. I leave that on for about 30min-1 hour depending on what I’m doing and whether or not I sit under heat for full penetration. I washed my hair with the JC sls-free shampoo. I conditioned with JC nutrient replenishing conditioner. I then sat under the dryer with a plastic cap for about 15-20 min. My hair felt great especially after detangling. I then used JC scalp nourishing treatment and the leave-in conditioner. I added a bit of my own shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, emu oil, grapeseed oil hair butter to my hair paying close attention to my ends. I rubbed a dime sized amount of the nourish n’ shine with 2 drops of the hair nourishing serum. I used the wrap and roll to twist my hair. I sprayed a little of the twist holding spray and sat under the dryer for about 30 min. End result….awesome. I know it seems like a lot, but I’ve been relaxer-free for over 8 years now. It took me that long to know what my hair really likes. I’ve tried Ms Jessie, Curls, Mixed Chicks, Kinky Curly, the list goes on, but the JC products seem to be the only ones that my hair actually likes. Instead of just one or two products, all work great on my hair. My hair is very dry without the extra oil, hence the pre-shampoo treatments and I love the extra shine I get from using the honey. The leave-in works best when it is applied right after a deep conditioner and then later in the week to revive hair. I have not been paid by JC, I just love her stuff!

Donna Woolwine, VA

Jane Carter Revitalizing leave-in

Saw this product recommended on the[…] website for promoting african american type hair growth…this is my 2nd bottle, leaves hair feeling hydrated without frizzing..non of the mineral oils or other ingredients that only sit on top of hair but dont actually penetrate to moisturize..would def recommend…..

Sheena Lonsdale, AR

Ok for extremely curly hair but the name is misleading

To me a leave in conditioner is supposed to have the effect of a rinse out conditioner but have safe ingredients to be left on the hair for hours or days at a time this has the ingredients but not the conditioner effect this is more like a hair mist/refreshener but you can mimic the conditioner light hold effect with an oil I use coconut oil. The smell is awesome very floral very clean I would purchase again for the smell alone but not as a leave in it sort of just sits on my hair but its soft when it dries and very frizzy ( but i dont think its the leave in becuse my hair is naturally soft with no product since using organic products ). its also perfect before roller sets either alone or with gel. Like I said I would purchase again just not as a leave in just a prep for wet setting the hair or as a hair mist.

Alba Absarokee, MT

A lot of people use it incorrectly.

This is a product that literally requires ONE spray over your hair. Some people I’ve noticed when using it are “heavy handed” and pump a few sprays of it onto their hair, which is a no-no. It’ll make your hair DRRRYYYYY, and it shouldn’t be used more than once a day or every other day. It lasts on your hair THAT long. If used correctly, this can really add moisture to your hair and help with detangling.

Bridgette Hoosick Falls, NY

A Little Goes A Long Way

I’m always trying new products that cater to the curly mane atop my head.I have black/spanish mixed hair and it’s a hot mess when it dries.I used my Jane Carter Revitalizing Conditioner last night after washing my hair and woke up to soft, controlled curls.But, then I did something stupid. I wet my hair again to maintain the bedheadedness, sprayed more in and realized I had overdone it.So, I advise anyone to use the mist sparingly and not to do that I did. I ended up with areas that were straight and some areas that seemed to curl more than I prefer.It’s got a strong citrus scent, but it disappears and doesn’t weight the hair down.

Lessie Ashaway, RI

Okay…but nothing more

I bought this product on impulse from Target when searching for an all-natural/mostly natural leave-in/moisturizer for my type 4 natural hair. I needed one that would leave my hair soft, moisturized, and that would actually absorb and not leave residue on the surface of my hair. This moisturizer does leave my hair feeling pretty soft and it does completely absorb into my hair, but perhaps it absorbs a little too much! My hair does not feel very moisturized after I’ve used this. It doesn’t necessarily feel dry, but it feels as if my hair is “bare” – as if it’s on the verge of becoming dry and will need to be moisturized soon.On the upside, it detangles well and has a nice, flowery, unoffensive scent. It’s certainly not a terrible product (not in my experience, anyway), but I won’t be purchasing it again unless I need a detangler. However, I suppose if your hair needs only a very light moisturizer this would do the trick.Ingredients: Deoionized Water, Extracts of Aloe Vera, Comfrey, Watercress, Myrrh, Panthenol, Chamomile, Comfrey, Horsetail, Nettle, Rosemary, Hops, Henna, Certified Organic Essential Oil: Lemon, Vanilla Extract, Polyquarternium11, Soyamid DEA, PPG30, Cetyl Ether, Oleth-3 Phosphate and Phenoxyethanol

Francisca Willard, NY

Leave In Conditioner

I love the smell of this leave-in conditioner. I haven’t had it long enough to rate. After use I will re-rate this product. Stay tuned.

Roxie Ono, PA

It’s just okay

I have type 4b hair. The first time I used this leave-in, my hair was stiff. I had used it with another leave-in, a serum and followed with a moisturizer and sealant. So I can’t say if it was what contributed to the stiffness of my hair. On my next wash day, I used only one leave in and very little moisturizer. My hair was very soft. I used this the following day as a light spritz and my hair is moisturized and still soft. I’ve been using it this way and it really keeps my hair soft. It is also a great detangler. I will try it again on a wash day and use it as the only leave-in and see how it turns out.Update: I’ve stopped using it because it still makes my hair stiff! I can’t reduce the rating so that’s why it’s still a 4-star rating!!

Suzette Murdo, SD


I LOVE the Revitalizing Leave-In by Jane Carter not only because of it’s incredible scent (couldn’t stop smelling the bottle when I first bought it), but because it gives a light moisture that’s great on relaxed hair like mine and really helps detangle it as you blow-dry. The aroma isn’t strong, but they should make a perfume out of this stuff, that’s how good it smells! However, if you don’t like floral scents, stay away.

Rosa Ransom, KS

Pretty Good Stuff

As others have indicated, this product is a bit mislabeled. It’s more of a refreshing mist. It detangles a bit, but not much in my experience. If you use too much of the product, it will make your hair hard (likely due to the henna). I have found that a light misting of the hair from root to ends, followed by a moisturizer (preferably some type of natural butter… I use a homemade shea/coconut/avocado blend) produces beautiful, smooth hair with lots of shine. I have combo 4a/b hair.

Letha Girdler, KY

Just a mist…

Bought this for my dry 3b hair. It does help detangle a bit right after washing and conditioning…but my hair is usually already detangled soooooo. Other than that I’ve only seen results when I use it to refresh 2-3 day old wash & go’s. Not very conditioning for a “leave in conditioner”. It does have a nice smell. If I found it on sale or BOGO I’d buy it again…at full price? It’s not worth it.

Bobby Camp Grove, IL

Good stuff!

Use every day. It’s a perk me up for my hair! It’s light, brings my curls back in an easy to apply spray bottle.

Leeann Mc Lean, IL

I kind of recommend it

The product its self is good. The bottle has defects. I have bought two and both bottles leak at the top. The substance is nice and it moisturizes but the bottle makes it spill all over the place. The product does not squirt out. Not sure why the bottles leak and does not allow the product to squirt out. Once you get the product in your hair it drips. It does not stick hand stay so you kind of need a towel. I have thick hair and when I spray it in my head it runs down to my neck from the top of my head. But the product its self is good but the bottle isn’t.

Cleo Bennett, NC

Smell, Bottle, Texture – not working for me.

I have tried hard to love this product. I’ve used 1/2 the bottle out of not wanting to waste my money.For one, the pump on the bottle leaks like crazy, so after 2 pumps I have more on my hands than on my hair.Second, I don’t like the smell. It’s some strange mix of floral and mild essential oil smell and I don’t find it pleasant at all.Thirdly, I don’t find it adds positive texture qualities to my hair. I only find it adds smell.All in all, I can do better with a simple Apple Cider Vinegar rinse and a dab of coconut oil.I won’t re-order this.

Linda Richville, NY

It works!!!

It makes the hair more manageable and soft to touch. The hair is healthier and has more sheen. I would purchase this again.

Kimberly Harvest, AL

One of the greatest liquid leave-in conditioners ever!

I was looking for a quality leave-in conditioner being that I ran out of Organix conditioner. I came across this product, researched some reviews and became convinced to purchased it. After the first use; I’ve noticed that the product is really good for de-tangling and for dry hair. It leaves the hair soft and even softer when paired with a complimentary oil such as EVOO or a serum like Organix Coconut Milk anti-breakage serum. My hair was recently colored and it didn’t fade my hair color at all; if anything it gave my hair a lively shine to a dark color treated hair like mine. The fragrance is very subtle, it doesn’t linger and it aids in good for blow drying. The one thing that I want Jane Carter to do is create a cream based version of this for more control of the product and the winter/fall months for that the hair needs something that sticks to coated the hair in order to protect it from extreme cold weather and wind; other than that its definitely a 5/5 star rating; it’s worth the money.

Minerva Midway, FL

Smells great

I like this, it smells great. But just works ok on my daughters curls (she has corkscrew curls), I guess nothing really "detangles" my daughters curls, and this is no exception. I go through a bottle a week (my daughter has a lot of hair) and this is at least cost effective. Does not leave an oily residue which I like.

Madge Macon, GA

Too light and hardens hair

I didn’t like this leave in AT ALL. It instantly made my hair hard, was not creamy enough and the citrus in it made my scalp ITCH for HOURS. I like the nourish and shine but I think the one was a MISS for me.

Regina Jacksonville, MO

Using It for It’s Purpose…Smells Great Too!

This product when I researched reviews, people said it’s watery I might as well use water. Well, when I looked at the ingredients, I said it is a leave-in and the ingredients speaks for this product. Use this for what Jane Carter says it is used for…just that way. I guarantee you wouldn’t see any problem with it. I spray a little not a lot. We can over do it sometimes and think it is the products. Most of the time it’s us not the product. The description say straighter hair people can detangle with this. Therefore, I knew to detangle during my conditioning process; I put my hair in twist, rinse, then use this product. It smells great. I do mist as mentioned in the description to get that scent on my hair in the morning. LOL

Aurora Wrenshall, MN

Great for Detangling, but Still Lacking

This product is great for detangling wet, curly hair. However, it’s lacking in the stand-alone conditioner department. For the price, I had hoped to get more out of it. You can use this with the daily re-hydrater too, but the product does build up on the hair quickly, so wash at least once a week.I actually prefer Giovanni 50-50 leave in conditioner. It’s holding up better for me than this.

Patti Mulberry Grove, IL

It’s fine

I’d use this more on the go than anything, keeps my hair tamed but volumized at the same time. (I have 3b hair with coloring) I noticed a weird smell with it but I got it from my older sister who didn’t like it (she has 4c or 4b hair) who I believed watered it down. Left my hair soft but I wouldn’t rely on this product I’d use it on the go or when I’m in a rush.

Gretchen Oran, IA

Jane Carter for Locs

Great product to keep my locs mositurized. I would just spray and lather with some oil, I’m a jane carter fan now!

Heidi Wapato, WA