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Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream, 6 Ounce

Curl defining cream is light weight, all natural product formulated to lengthen and define your natural curl pattern while drying to a soft, shiny, bouncy finish. Water soluble, curl defining cream washes and dries clean without leaving any film, offering the true luxury of wash and wear hair.

Key features

  • All natural product
  • Soft shiny bouncy finish
  • Washes and dries without leaving any film

Honest reviews


Not Working for Kinky 4c Hair

After reading so many great reviews I thought this product would solve my hair shrinkage problems, so I hurried to get the product into my very wet hair. It does not work for kinky coiled hair, forget about defined curls. All I got was oily hair with a lot of shrinkage. I attempted a two strand twist on my hair and when I removed the twists, and sprayed the hair with water, the shrinkage returned. It is not made for tight coiled super thick and coarse hair types because 4b/4c hair does not have a natural loose curl pattern. I wish the company would have given more information on what hair types get the best results from the product. I emailed the company twice but so far have not received a response. I plan on giving the product two more attempts and if it works better I will update this review. However, since my hair is so coarse and thick when dry and wet, I don’t believe the product will work as advertised for my hair type.I did a second application of this product on clean, conditioned, wet hair, followed directions to the letter. I definitely don’t like the smell, it reminds me of the old fashion lemon cold cream scent. Horrible use of fragrance. No change in the results from the first time, hair when dry was hard, slightly crunchy and had considerable shrinkage. To conclude, the JCS Curl Defining Cream is absolutely NOT for coarse textured 4b/4c hair types. Better to get a small size and try before spending money to get the 16oz pump jar which cost me $33 at Whole Foods.I want to revisit this review because after I permanently shelved the JCS, I began using the Kinky Curly products and found that the gel products work better for my hair than the creams. I don’t like the way JCS makes my hair feel when it is dry and the smell is too strong for me. I can get the defined curly look using Knot Today and Eco-Styler Gel and these products don’t cause as much shrinkage as JCS and they definitely don’t smell bad.

Ana Effie, MN

A joke!

This product did not work for my 4A hair at all. I have had more luck with just plain old water and gel. My hair was sticky and I had to wash it out the very next day. This product may work miracles for others so please try it but I have tried Miss Jessie’s, Kinky Curly, Eco-styler and have had poor results too. The best product I have used is from Whole Foods. It is fair trade and it works!~

Caitlin Tateville, KY

No good for my 4b hair

I have to admit, I am a bit of a product junkie. After trying Shea Moisture (2-3 stars), Kinky Curly (2-3 stars), and Mixed Chicks (1 star) I was really excited when I ran into a lady at work with natural hair that looked really defined and similar in texture to mine who told me about Jane Carter Solutions products. I purchased the shampoo, conditioner, curl defining cream, and the condition and sculpt. I was let down – AGAIN! No matter how much or how little of the product I used, I did not have the desired curl-defining results. Fortunately, the store where I purchased the products (NOT Target – they will not let you return opened beauty care products – product junkies beware!) allowed me to return them for a full refund. If you have type 4 hair, don’t buy this stuff.

Juliet Saint George Island, AK

Good product

I like Jane Carter’s line so I was hoping for the best with this product. I like the fact that it’s in a pump container and you don’t have to use too much at a time to get a good effect. If too much is used, it can give the hair that “crunchy” feeling… I used this product by dividing my hair in sections and smoothing it through wet hair (as described in the directions). It really defined my curls but I found it better elongated the curls when sitting under a hair dryer with this product on, or using a diffuser. It has a citrusy smell, very sweet but it actually reminds me of Fruit Loops cereal, and the scent becomes less noticeable as the hair dries. All in all, I love this product and I would recommend it.

Jeanne Onalaska, WI

The Only Curl Defining Cream I’ve Tried That Actually Defines My Curls

Before I start I must indicate that the only draw back with this product is the fragrance/scent/smell- I am not too crazy this. However, this product is my ‘Go-To’ Styling Cream!!! My hair could be dry as the DESERT but when I section my hair and lather/coat the strands with this product, it hydrates my strands and gives me springy, beautiful curls instantly! I LOVE the fact that I could use this product without much preparation: no washing, no water spritzing, no oiling, nothing! It’s perfect for those times when I just feel like sprucing up my look but didn’t prepare my hair beforehand. I would highly recommend this product as a Curly Hair STAPLE! Because it is so expensive, and my hair is so thick causing me to use a lot in one session, I do not use it everyday, I reserve it for the really desperate times lol. Enjoy!

Chelsea Sligo, PA

this product smells wonderful, however

this product smells wonderful, however, it doesn’t keep the twists in my hair. I have 3a hair in the front and 3b hair in the back. it didn’t do well with the 3a hair, it seems to have done better with the 3b. but, not really that good. I used a good deal of product, but not all of the twists remained twisted. the product doesn’t dry hard on the hair, but it doesn’t keep the curl either. I will use up the product and not buy again. I need something that dries harder and that can keep the curls. hair is nice and soft, but not curly enough for me.

Rocio Wauseon, OH

Great for overnight styles

I think I’m sold! I have what some of the reviewers are calling type 4 hair (pen-spring size coils, fine strands, densely packed, frizzy or Z shaped twists in some random places) and so I was concerned when I went into my local Target to get a new leave-in conditioner. I know, I know–this isn’t a leave-in! But I didn’t want to buy Shea Moisture’s Hair Milk anymore. It was an okay product, but when I did detailed overnight styles, it did nothing for them.In the end, I purchased the JCS product over Goddess Curls, African Pride hair dress and a few other options because the smell was naturally light (and like a green pine [I don’t go for overly floral or musky stuff]) and I figured I could mix up my own leave-in moisturizer/conditioner from my leftover products.I should say I didn’t read the instructions, haha, but I am pleased with the results I got with this method:(1) I dampened my hair (I only had day-old Shea Moisture smoothie and some Coconut Oil in it)(2) I liberally applied 2 x pea-size dollop to each section I was going to twist(3) I twisted my hair into about 30 twists that were bigger or smaller than a regular pencil(4) I stretched each twist downward, twisted it with the next twist it ran into in the column, and pinned with bobby pin(5) Any spare, short hair that was frizzing I used a mini perm rod on, 8 hours passed…(6) I oiled my hands with a mix of grapeseed oil, Caudalie dry oil and extra virgin olive oil and released the twists(7) Lifted my roots with my pick and BAM!My hair isn’t crunchy or sticky. The twists had a lovely, subtle shine! It’s been raining all day, the humidity is at 83% and it’s about 74 degrees outside…yet my hair was still defined in the twists for 6 hours. Keep in mind that I got lightly sprinkled on for about 1 minute outside with rain. At hour 8, only the ends of my twists are still defined, the rest has puffed up into waves at the roots outward. If I had been using Curl Styling Milk and the Gel Souffle from Shea Moisture, my style would’ve frizzed out into my multi-puff afro style I usually wear from the moment of untwist. Since I work inside an (overly) air-conditioned office, I am confident I can put this hair style into a once or twice a week rotation.If you can find someone to sample this off of, please try that. I understand hair-typing, but everyone’s strands are different. Try it for yourself like I did and you may actually be surprised.

Arline Whitehall, WI

Does what it promises 🙂

Great product. It leaves my very curly hair super shinny, lossenes the curlys, and gives it a lot of moisture. I love it and I have gotten tuns of compliments on my hair since I started using it.

Lorraine Midvale, ID

Great for curls

No strong smells. Loved it. Must apply to really wet hair for best results. Has no residue and it adds shine to hair. Hair is soft after it dries, no crunching.

Beverley Pine River, WI

Pretty Amazing Stuff!

I’ve been using this cream for a little over a week and I have to say it is pretty amazing. It does what it says it will do so it is a good investment. This cream left my curls defined, shiny, and a little looser than normal (I have 3c/4a curls). The texture of the cream is VERY THICK (reminds of Elmer’s glue but a tad bit thicker). It’s not as moisturinzing as I would like it to be, hence why it gets 4 stars, but nevertheless it is a good product and worth trying. Also, a little goes a very long way so it will last for a long time. I personally recommend applying the cream to small sections that are soaking wet to work the product in and I diffuse from that point after 30 minutes of airdrying. People noticed a difference (good difference) when I started using this product. I love it and it smells nice as well.

Muriel Hollister, MO

It was not the solution.

I bought this because I wanted to wear my natural hair out, but I wanted to define my curl pattern a bit more, so it just didn’t look like a q-tip on my head. Also wanted to see if it would give my hair some movement. I applied it like the label said and I had to go to bed soon so to speed up the drying process I sat under my dryer for 15 min on high. The outside of my hair was dry and crunchy, but the inner parts of my hair was not dry at all, so I took my blow dryer and held it over the still damp parts. It relaxed it just a bit, but you couldn’t really tell, it just looked like I finger combed it a lot to get the bit of stretch that I had. It also made my hair look ashy, so I had to put some oil in my hair. I don’t know if its a one day thing, but what little bit it did was not there the next morning. My hair had shrunken back to a tight semi- TWA. I was hoping that it would give me a couple of days at least. I don’t think its really for people with stiff and thick hair like mine.

Gladys Eagle Springs, NC

Five Stars

This is product must have for me, I’ve been impressed with all the Jane Carter products I’ve purchased

Marilyn Holicong, PA