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Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream, 16 Ounce

Our award-winning Curl Defining Cream is the very BEST on the market. Available in either 6oz or 16oz (16 oz includes pump). Composed of shea butter, avocado and jojoba oil, this versatile cream elongates tight curls and defines looser curls without leaving any residue. It adds incredible shine, dries soft to the touch and is perfect for wash-and-wear curls.

Key features

  • Composed of shea butter, avocado and jojoba oil
  • elongates tight curls and defines looser curls without leaving any residue.
  • adds incredible shine, dries soft to the touch and is perfect for wash-and-wear curls

Honest reviews


Its okay, did not define curls.

I use this cream for my daughter hair. Their hair is course, and it did not seem to define any curls in their hair. It did not even seem to moisturize their hair either. Not sure if I seen any benefits. Would not buy again.

Katie Webb, AL



Letha Dearborn, MI

the best for dry, frizzy hair

I’ve tried numerous anti-frizz and curl defining creams from Sephora and Whole Foods Body here in NYC. So far, this cream is the only one that works. Other brands leave my hair frizzier and drier or else they irritate my scalp. Seems like from what other reviewers write, it’s really a gamble as to whether or not a product will work with an individual’s hair. I wish I had more than one option for taming my wild, frizzy, dry hair – but for now this is the only option that actually makes a difference.A little goes a long way and the product can easily be revitalized by lightly dampening the hair on subsequent days.

Tania Felt, OK

You only need little

This solution works for me when I have watered it down a bit during application. It does elongate my curls, but if I put too much then my hair feels thick and can get pretty tangled. Basically the best thing to do is apply half of about what you think that you will need.

Bobbie Luzerne, MI

I love it

I love this product. It really gives my hair a curl definition and it doesn’t weigh my hair down. Very good product.

Leann Suffield, CT

You smell and feel like Jane Carter!!!

After a friend referred us to get the Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream because it works, we purchase the Leave-in Conditioner and the Curl Defining Cream. After applying this product to the baby’s hair for the first time we simply just use the phrase “you smell and feel like Jane Carter!!! (referring to the product). Our main issue was detangling the hair and keeping it soft and moist. Well, unlike many low cost products that advertise that they do just that, the result after using those products were nothing compare to the phenomenon result of the Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream. As for JC Leave-in Conditioner (spray), to us there was nothing amazing about it once it was use just alone. however, it worked wonderful after and/or before applying the Curl Defining Cream. Hence, the baby’s natural hair is curly, we wanted something that would help keep its natural state through-out the day and even after sleeping on it w/o frizz; JC Curl Defining Cream did just that. We are hooked.

Cecile Pine Forge, PA

Silky smooth soft Hair 4A

I used this for twist and twist out. Leaves my hair very soft and a little goes a long way, it is not greasy and it is not heavy. I really liked using this product and this pump container is very convenient and easy to use.

Eunice Leetonia, OH

Great when hair is wet

This works great when hair is wet and will maintain the curl pattern throughout the day. However, it builds up if you have to use it on subsequent days and you have to wash your hair more often. That said, it seems to really condition the hair and leave it soft.

Georgina Circleville, UT