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Jane Carter Hair Nourishing Cream, 4.5 Ounce

Can be used on hair and skin, leaves everything it touches feeling renewed and moisturized. This product is perfect for adding shine and repairing dry hair. This product can be used on all textures of hair.

Key features

  • Used for the hair or skin
  • Adds shine and repairs hair
  • Moisturizes the skin

Honest reviews


5 stars for shine, 4 for moisture

My hair: relaxed, texlaxed, 8 weeks post, colored, and bleached. I got this product yesterday and decided to give it a shot after my roller set hair had dried. I bought this product mainly because it doesn’t cause your hair to revert to its curly state. That is definitely true. I used it immediately after taking down my rollers and also when I wrapped my hairlast night. My hair looks super healthy and shiny. I’m in love for that reason, however, there are better moisturizers out there. Since my purpose was to use it to maintain my straight look I’ll continue to use. A little does go a long way. The scent is a little strong for my taste and does last a long time, but wasn’t obnoxious enough for me to not use it. I would continue to repurchase though because I’m fairly impressed, especially because of its ingredients which is healthy for your hair.

Julie Karlsruhe, ND


I think the creme probably works, but the smell is so unappealing that I don’t really use it all that much anymore. Also, the consistency is a bit greasy so I don’t like using it around my edges or anywhere close to my skin. If this wasn’t an all natural product, I would never buy/use it.

Earline Bakerstown, PA

Best conditioner ever!

Great product for any type of hair but I’ve learned not to use too much or you will have greasy hair! Just a dab does the trick so the tube will last a long time. Thank you Jane Carter!

Madeleine White, PA

Works well on my dry ends.

This works well on my dry ends and as a leave in conditioner before blow drying. I am African American with a texturizer. I have dry ends and depending on the time of year, my hair tends to be dry. Since I started using this product I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my hair. Unless it’s super humind my hair looks healthy and I don’t have to use a daily moisturizer to keep it that way.

Gertrude Tunbridge, VT

A good moisturizer

This is a good moisturizer but if you don’t want your ends to revert, use this very lightly or not at all. Use the nourish and shine instead.It’s also great if you’re trying to avoid silicones! A little goes a long way.

Tara Redcrest, CA

Great Product!!!!

This stuff is GREAT! I am an African-American female with probably 4a/4b hair type and I get relaxers and press my hair fairly regularly. I’ve had bad relaxer burns that left the skin around my hairline feeling and looking like i had eczema but I used some of this to soothe the area and the ashy, itchy flakiness disappeared! It works GREAT on dry, frizzy ends, and I don’t know if anyone else with relaxed hair will experience (because my hair is strange) but it made my relaxed ends wavy and moisturized when I put a bit on at night before bed. All in all, this is a great product, particularly due to the natural oils and nut/fruit butters used as ingredients! ENJOY!

Dominique Wilmer, AL

i am in love

The product arrived on time and as described. Very happy with the service; I would recommend it over and over. This cream smells amazing and the texture is wonderful; you need very little to moisturize your hair; and in adds shine as well; besides the ingredients are wonderful; what else can i ask for. Thank you Jane Carter.

Leonor Harrisville, NY

Amazing Product for Natural Hair

I have natural hair and I was introduced to this product when my beautician used it on my hair. I loved how it made my hair look and feel. It is not greasy at all but it delivers a great shine. My hair has been flat ironed and when I rubbed some on my hair for daily maintenance, it did not revert back to its natural state but remained straight and moisturized. I am sold and just recently purchased some more of Jane Carter’s products.

Sherrie Sadorus, IL