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Jan Marini Face C-esta Serum 1 Oz

C-ESTA® Line Unparalleled Skin Care Management Medical research has established that vitamin C plays an essential role in every aspect of the skin’s functioning, including protection from UV damage and repair of cumulative sun-induced aging factors. It has also been proven that for vitamin C to be present in the skin in medically efficacious levels, it must be transported into cells through topical application. The Power Behind C-ESTA: Ascorbyl Palmitate and DAE Complex® C-ESTA is a complex technology that involves stabilization, optimum skin absorption, adequate activity levels, and documented studies on human tissue that substantiate actual physiological changes. The C-ESTA Fact Sheet presents an overview about C-ESTA methods of action, its effectiveness as compared to other forms of vitamin C, and its specific benefits. The Fact Sheet focuses on C-ESTA’s two distinct modes of action: Ascorbyl Palmitate and DAE Complex. Read the C-ESTA Fact Sheet.

Key features

  • Non-comedogenic formula
  • Light, completely absorbed formulation
  • Compatible with glycolic acid products, Retin-A, topical medications, moisturizers and makeup

Honest reviews


Great C-serum, vendor not so great

I love the Jan Marini facial c-serum & have used the product for many years. It goes on smooth & gets rid of the dry skin feeling immediately. This product helps to keep my skin younger looking. I teach outside & this product helps to protect my skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. I get lots of compliments on how nice my skin is & what my secret is & always mention this product.However, I don’t think that I can recommend this vendor (Amazon is good) but the actual vendor I ordered from has not been that good to deal with. The 1st container or dispenser did not work correctly & they asked me to mail it back & insure it with my own money. To me if they sent a defective product then they should back it up & send me a return label to exchange it with. I am still waiting to here from them per my reply about not wanting to use my own time & money to return or exchange their defective product..

Lupe Felton, CA

Amazon won’t let me leave an honest review without any profanities

I do not believe this product was new because it started pumping right away. And manufacturer did not authorized this product’s resale, if it is authentic. I cannot tell you more because Amazon won’t post it.

Maryanne Andover, OH

Bottle does not function well but found a solution!

As other reviewers have said, the pump for this bottle is horrible!!! I really like jan marini so wanted to give it a try. I was so frustrated with the bottle I was about to return it when I found the solution. You have to hold the bottle up side down and it seems to squirt better. Now that I know how to get it out I will continue to use the product.

Sharlene Farmington, ME

Jan Marini Face C-esta Serum 1oz

Very happy with the product. It has an incredible scent and leaves your face nourished as though you just had a facial.

Vilma Arcadia, OH

Jan Marini Face C=Esta Serum

I like the way my face feels after I apply it. I will probably will be ordering some in the near future cause I’m out of it.

Minnie Trenton, ND

Love it!

This one is definitely a perfect serum for my face. Absolutely love the effect on my face. I will purchase it again.

Judith Hinton, WV


Stinky product, but does give a certain oily glow to your face if you are wanting that. I personally don’t like the "glow".

Kristy West Fairlee, VT