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Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser, 8 oz

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser uses exfoliating ingredients to ensure you receive a deep, thorough cleanse with every use. Glycolic acid helps to remove dirt, oil, dead skin cells and other debris, leaving you with clear pores and a more radiant complexion. The naturally hydrating ingredient, sorbitol, derived from berries, helps to balance and nourish skin, leaving you with skin that remains soft and supple throughout the day. This creamy formula is soap-free and will never over-dry or leave skin tight and uncomfortable.

Key features

  • Gentle Facial Cleanser Suitable For All Skin Types
  • Non-Irritating Cleanser With Glycolic Acid
  • Acts As A Cleanser And Toner In One
  • Paraben-Free
  • Helps Enhance The Benefits Of Other Skin Care Products

Honest reviews


Saved my skin

I’ve had acne for years. I’d been to several dermatologists and had been on EVERY rx acne treatment, and nothing had worked. A friend of mine gave me a g/c to see an aestheticism for my b-day, and she suggested the Jan Marini skin care line. I started using it, and everything changed! It’s just amazing. Now I have clear skin that I have had for YEARS, and I love it. It was the best gift I ever got. It’s completely worth the money, and you’ll want to get it with the Bioclear Lotion. It’s not actually a lotion, it’s a gel that kills acne. Also, a great tip… When you wash your face, put the cleanser on with dry hands and a dry face. Massage it into your face for about 30 seconds, (you’ll kind of start to feel it getting in your skin), then rinse, and repeat with wet hands and face. Then after you’ve dried your face apply the Bioclear Lotion. Your skin is going to be a little bit sad for a few weeks, and it may peel a bit, but then one day you’ll wake up and have the best skin of your life! I promise! Good luck to anyone out there who is super frustrated with acne. I hope you find this and it helps you. Having great skin really does change your life, and you will have it if you use Jan Marini products. Give them a try!

Lakeisha Tuppers Plains, OH

Like rubbing conditioner on the face + pore clogging ingredients

This stuff is terrible! I made the mistake of buying this and I regret wasting my money. If you are prone to acne like me, look at the ingredients. Cetly and Stearyl alcohol are listed a “2” on the comedogenic ingredients list. Yeah, a “2” isn’t terrible based on the scale of 0 to 5, but considering these two ingredients are two of the first four ingredients of this product it scares me. Having said that, I tried to ignore it thinking, “they are only a 2 on the scale”, but I kept breaking out. Furthermore, it literally feels like rubbing your hair conditioner all over your face when your using this product, your skin does not feel clean but kind of greasy like a slime layer is left behind.

Jerry Brier Hill, NY

Excellent exfoliating cleanser not too harsh

I have been using Jan Marini biologic cleanser for a little more than a year. I bought it after reading that it’s wise to change your skin cleanser from time to time, and I alternate the Jan Marini with another super face wash, MD Formulations glycolic cleaner.It’s the glycolic acid that does the wonderful job of exfoliating, and I leave it on at night for a minute or two to help slough off any flakeys. I notice a more even skin tone. It also lasts a long time.The best part: Amazon sells it and at a cheaper price than where I have been buying it. If only I knew! Jan Marini is hard to find. Now maybe I can afford to try the c-ester or other Jan Marini product which also get good reviews.

Lara Mead, CO

Great cleanser for sensitive skin

I’ve used this cleanser for a long time. It’s the best non-foaming cleanser I’ve found that’s sensitive yet effective for my skin. My face never dries out using this. It’s not the best at removing makeup bu works great with the Clarisonic because it doesn’t foam up and it rinses easily. Be sure to apply to dry skin per the instructions for the best results.

Manuela Fellsmere, FL

Didn’t do anything for me.

I didn’t use it consistently but I feel a regular cleanser works way better than this pricy cleanser. Waste of money!!!!!!!

Cynthia Oldham, SD

Great for adult acne

This is a great face wash. If I use it consistently day and evening it keeps my face clear. I would recommend this product

Sheila Marietta, TX

Helped even out my skin tone

OMG!!! Great for uneven skin. It gave me clarity in my skin and helped minimizing my pores. I recommend for everyone to give this a try.

Nora Rogers, NM

Lifelong user of Jan Marini

I buy Jan Marini Bioglycolic line on Amazon because its cheaper here than anywhere I can buy it in town. Ive used it for years, its like getting a mini peel every time you use it. Im 36 and people tell me they thought I was 21 when they find out. I love this line !

Jenny Mannboro, VA

My favorite Cleanser

This has always been my favorite cleanser. I have tried at least 50 other cleansers in the past 10 years – You know how it is! I finally learned my lesson. Jan Marini is the best for those of us with combination skin in the 40+ range.

Lashonda Pluckemin, NJ

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser – YES!

I’ve been experimenting with cleansers in the last few months and, without a doubt, this is the best stuff I’ve used so far – in my life. Seriously…it’s gentle enough to use on sensitive or breakout prone skin but it really tackles the dirt, grime, oil and gently exfoliates.It can bring impurities lurking beneath your skin but they’re gone by the morning. I am so impressed with this stuff, there’s a definite repurchase in my future and will look at more Jan Marini products as well.Note: read the directions – don’t use around the eyes, use a warm face cloth to wash off and rinse thoroughly.

Janice Drakesville, IA

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser 8 oz

I absolutely love both the scent of this product and the results. I’ve just started using it and combine it with the anti aging cream. You only need a little bit.

Stacey Coopers Mills, ME

The Best Cleanser!!!

I absolutely LOVE this cleanser! I bought this after a recommendation from my new aesthetician. She has amazing skin and I asked her about her skin regime. She let me in on this secret cleanser of hers, along with PCA products (which I will also review) and have been using this for a few weeks, twice a day. My skin has never looked better!! It has glycolic acid in it, but it is gentle, does not hurt your skin or face, and yes! You can use it twice a day!! 🙂 I would recommend this to everyone.

Nettie Groesbeck, TX

Very Impressed!

I have been using this product for about a week now and have really noticed a change in my skin. My acne is slowly, but surely clearing up. It was hard at first to follow the steps for using this product. I actually went and purchased some baby wash cloths for after I have rubbed the product on my dry skin and have to wipe it off with a damp rag. The baby wash cloths are much softer than the regular ones and don’t feel as rough on my skin. I am hopeful that this product will continue to work wonders on my skin!

Cassie Valles Mines, MO

cleanser – best

this is the best for the price – glycolic cleanser out there! and amazon keeps it affordable! I have even started using more Marini products thanks to how wonderful this cleanser is.

Samantha Cropsey, IL