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Jan Marini Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Medication, 4 Ounce

Named after it’s founder, jan marini is a line known for its use of glycolic acid in their top of the line skin care products. Jan marini products address those specific concerns and skin conditions to meet every need of their consumer.

Key features

  • Removes sebum and cellular debris
  • Reduces the presence of acne bacteria
  • Helps in the prevention and clearing of acne

Honest reviews


I live by this stuff

Before I was introduced to Jan Marini, I hid my very acne prone skin, by never leaving home, or if I had to, I caked on the makeup. This stuff has cleared up my skin!!! I use Jan Marini Glycolic, however you spell that, to wash my face first. After I wash my face, I used Thayer’s witch hazel with aloe vera and rose pedals as a toner, I then pat my face with my finger tips. After my face has dried, I apply Jan Marini Benzoyl Peroxide 10%, then moisturize with Olay’s beauty lotion. I’ve never gotten compliments on my skin, but now I do. So happy I found Jan Marini products. I recommend all their products to my friends and family members who ask what I use to keep my face clear. AMAZING!

Doris Shartlesville, PA


This is an excellent product. I put this on every morning before my moisturizer, and it keeps my face pretty clear.

Darla Yerington, NV

Best BP product I’ve ever used!

Okay, JM products absolutely rock! I feel blessed I got turned onto them by my first Skin Care Pro when I was just 21. I have been using primarily her C’Esta products faithfully all these years. I’m now about to turn 40, I have not one wrinkle (except for when I smile) and my skin is beautiful. On the BP product, it is by far THE only one I’ve tried that not only works the best, but does NOT over dry my skin! And the consistency isn’t too difficult to deal with, if you wear makeup. Like, have you tried other acne products and tried to wear make up over them? What a joke, huh? Anyways, I’ve battled acne proned skin all my life and so I should know my products. BP is also what most Dermatologists with put you on for acne. The only other thing that can be done is to take antibiotics all the time, which I hated. Or birth control pills help some people. I absolutely recommend this!

Yesenia Bancroft, MI

Best acne product on the market

Great product at a great price and it came right on time as requested. I used it twice a day to help with breakouts. I am 47 years old and I still have to use acne medicine daily but this product does not dry my skin out and my skin remains clear with no breakouts. I’ve been using this product for four years and I recommend it to all my friends and family. Jan Marini is the best line out there for acne prone skin.

Earlene Granville, IL

Its okay

I’ve been using this for about three weeks now, and while it works okay, I don’t think it works better than, say, AcneFree or something like that. I was expecting a little bit more of a "miracle" I guess, based on reviews….but I still struggle with my adult acne just the same as always. This cream seems to work about the same as the AcneFree Benzoyl Peroxide…which is fine, but the AcneFree is cheaper.

Raquel Lyman, UT