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J.R. Liggett Bar Shampoo, Virgin Coconut Aragan Oil, 3.5 Ounce

Refresh your shower and shave routine with this amazing bar shampoo virgin coconut aragan oil from J.R. Liggett. This old-fashioned formula was discovered in an old New England cookbook by the Liggett family who has since been creating these all-natural, safe-to-use bath products. Its unique formulation lathers and quickly cleans, leaving you with healthy, beautiful results. This sulfate-free product is safe to use on all hair and skin types with no risk of irritation. Enjoy this old-fashioned recipe with your family.

Key features

  • Sulfate-free
  • Old fashioned formula
  • No detergents

Honest reviews


Ligget: Shamp Bar, Coconut&Argan, 3.5 OZ

I like this shampoo but it seems a bit harsher than I thought. Use a little bit and only leave in your hair for a few seconds then rinse is the best course of action for use as far as I can see.Very light scent…..doesn’t stay. I would try a different one though…..

Juanita King George, VA

Wow – I don’t need conditioner…

I purchased this soap due to hearing about it from Andrew Perlot (raw food expert, look him up!) and he’s into natural stuff. I must admit I was surprised at how small the actual bar was when it arrived, but the package instructions says it’ll probably last for 26 shampoos… so at once weekly that’s half a year! My hair is just at shoulder length so I am able to comb it through – STARTING AT THE ENDS FIRST – without major tangles. I then just blow dry it – no extra conditioner or anything!!! I live with humidity in coastal Florida and am (so far) pleased that I can go out and not come back in with a head full of fuzzy hair. I also love the squeaky-clean feel when the soap is rinsed out – it really does squeak and it reminded me of being a little girl when shampoo was only available in bars… Highly recommend this coconut and argan oil bar – have not tried any of the other Liggett bars yet – but wouldn’t hesitate to do so. My hair is soft and actually "moves" instead of sitting there like a stiff dried-out toilet brush… (ugh to that image!!!!) LOL. This review left by Alan’s wife – PS – I bought a bar of the same soap for my mom too and her hair came out all nice and shiny and soft.

Fay Arthur, IL


Good product . Worth investing in but I wish the company made a condertioner . Like it but be waren that it does make your hair feel waxy, but other than thet it’s great

Alma Blue Rapids, KS

Beware this should be sold as a sample size.

I have never seen a bar of soap/shampoo this small..not anywhere, not anytime. I didn’t realize this product would be what I consider sample size; if I had, I certainly wouldn’t have purchased it nor would I want to pay the shipping fees I was charged. This product arrived in a fairly large box, but since it was so light, I thought it was empty and that the company had failed to include the shampoo bar. This is an unwise purchase in my view.

Toni Edna, KS

Thought cleaned my hair kinda dried out my scalp and i found it difficult to rinse it as it made my hair very dry and felt like

undecided on this one. Thought cleaned my hair kinda dried out my scalp and i found it difficult to rinse it as it made my hair very dry and felt like i was pulling out more hair when rinsing. I originally got it to try and get away from the supermarket shelf shampoos which are very damaging to the hair due to the stuff they put into it to make it lather and i wanted to slow the decline of my hairline by getting a shampoo that was natural and free of crap.

Angela Brookhaven, NY

I like the original better

too moisturizing for my hair! Made it more frizzy. I like the original better.

Berta Upper Fairmount, MD

used it, today

My hair is light and fluffy and definitely soft. it is true that I didn’t need conditioner. My natural curl has a nice wave/curl pattern and is not weighed down.

Charlotte Fair Lawn, NJ


What an amazing shampoo bar! I bought it as recommended by Farrah Dhukai on youtube and I’m so glad I did. I’m completely sold. This is my new go-to shampoo. I have very curly 3c hair. It is cleansing and moisturizing. I don’t even need a conditioner afterwards. I’m completely blown away. This is superior to the As I Am Coconut Co-Wash as well. Wow! Highly recommend!

Linda New Athens, OH