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Ivory Original 16-Count: Bath Size Bars

view larger Ivory Bar Soap provides a simple, effective clean for the entire family without breaking the bank! It is free of dyes and heavy perfumes and is 99.44% PURE. Proudly made in the USA, Ivory has been a proven and trusted brand for more than 130 years. Also try Ivory Body Wash, for a simple clean that leaves skin smooth and hydrated (compared to regular soap). At a Glance Offers a simple, effective clean for the entire family 99.44% pure (it floats!) Free of dyes and heavy perfumes Two Scents to Choose From view larger Ivory Bar Soap comes in two scents – Original and Aloe – for a simple clean with a fresh scent. Product Comparison Keep it clean and simple with the right Ivory product for you and your family. Ivory Bar Soap Ivory Body Wash Ivory 2-IN-1 Hair & Body Wash Ivory Liquid Hand Soap 99.44% pure (it floats!). A simple, effective clean. Rich, refreshing lather rinses clean, leaving skin smooth and hydrated (compared with regular soap). Dual-action formula cleans head to toe while leaving hair clean and conditioned. Washes away dirt and bacteria—the simple way to keep hands clean. Scents Original ✓ ✓ ✓ Aloe ✓ ✓ Lavender ✓ Water Lily ✓ Refreshing ✓ Energizing ✓ Features Free of dyes and heavy perfumes ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Key features

  • 99.44% Pure Clean & Simple
  • Lightly scented
  • So pure it floats

Honest reviews


Great lot of soap. Arrived promptly as described.

For some strange reason, I’ve had difficulty locating Ivory bath soap in Walmart for a couple of months. I like ivory because it doesn’t contain a great deal of fragrances, etc. This lot of 16bars was a terrific bargain. It arrived promptly and as described. Ivory lathers up well and doesn’t dry out the skin. I highly recommend it without hesitation. In fact, I won’t hesitate buying this package again in the future.

Cora Hickory Hills, IL


These are your basic soap. They do what bath soap is suppose to do, clean your body nothing fancy.

Latoya East Hartford, CT

Basic Soap

This soap is the right price, and it hasn’t caused any problems for us in terms of being too harsh. I don’t have very sensitive skin but my significant other does. I warned her that that soap might be harsh but she hasn’t had any issues with it. So far so good with the soap, it cleans us off and lasts about as long sitting in the shower as any other soap we have purchased. If you can get this Ivory 16 bar package for a good price, then I would recommend it.

Luz Anderson, MO

Ivory Soap

I ordered this under subscribe and save which was a great deal. We use it daily and even though we have sensitive skin this soap works well without breaking anyone out. The only downside is that it doesn’t last too long but the price and it working well on our skin outweighs that negative! I will be buying again!

Cheryl Porterville, CA

Great Price, shipped fast

Like these large quantites and low prices! Gentle soap that lasts in the shower or tub and with this quantity you don’t have to run out right away.

Christi Killawog, NY

Clean, pure and a great price

Bought this to make my own laundry detergent, but now I’m even using it in every bathroom in place of my cheap liquid soap. I even used it on my face and I’m REALLY picky about what I put on my face.

Sheryl Mineral Wells, WV


I have very sensitive skin and since I was little I have had very few choice in body soap. Ivory has always been one of those choices and it remains my favorite. I feel clean when I use it and often get a bit nostalgic when I use it. This is a great price for a lot of soap and it is so nice that it is delivered quickly to my front door.

Leslie Eau Claire, PA

Great Deal

There isn’t much to be said about this soap because its been around so long and well its basic soap. But Ivory soap smells really good and leaves the skin soft. It’s also really great for cleaning makeup brushes and artist brushes. I use it on myself and for my brushes, not the same bar of course. But you get so many bars for the low price and you will not run out for a long long time.

Leonor Vallonia, IN

Great price for Ivory soap if using Subscribe and Save, but the bars themselves are very “soft”

One star off for the bars themselves since they seem a bit soft compared to other soaps I’ve purchased, like Dial or Lever 2000 (I’m actually able to press an slight indentation into the soap with my thumb before I’ve even used the soap)! I’m guessing it has a higher water content than other bars of soap and therefore will wear down much faster. True, they cut down the 4.5 oz bar down to 4 oz, but at .35 a bar, I really can’t complain.

Courtney Rutherford College, NC


Great value, great product. I buy Ivory when I don’t feel like spending the money for Dove. It smells great!

Mae Bingen, WA

Ivory does not irritate my skin and it rinses off well

I am glad that I bought the sixteen bars of ivory because it was cheaper buying in bulk and also because this is the best bar soap for me. I would recommend ivory soap to anyone who wants a soap that rinses off well.

Dorthy Jackson, PA

Ivory Soap

Ivory soap is always a good choice since it is free of so many of those irritants that can cause dry skin, rashes, or leave residue on your skin or on your shower door or sink basin. This is always a great choice when it comes to a good facial soap or bath bar.

Taylor Davisville, WV

Used this product for years

My husband had used these ivory bars forever. Anything else makes his skin break out. These are truly pure of all additives.

Sonia Courtland, MS

The soap that floats

I like that with Ivory soap I just get soap, not a million chemical scents and dyes. Sometimes all I need is to get something (or someone) clean.

Jeannine Ninde, VA

Great Price for a Great Product

What’s not to like. This is ivory soap. This is a great price & a perfect solution for stocking up for my family of 6.

Robin Crapo, MD

soap, beauty, health

No complaints. Doesn’t seem to irritate sensitive skin. Does make a bit of the mess of the soap dish, like most other bar soaps.

Christie Greenbush, VA

Great soap!

Unless Dove is on sale these are my go to bath soap. Some don’t like Ivory but I find that I don’t like the scented bar soaps so to each their own.

Yesenia Emmett, ID


Ivory soap is my favorite soap because it comes highly recommended by my dermatologist and leaves my skin feeling really clean. I love the 16-count pack so I don’t have to worry about purchasing for quite a while. Highly recommend!

Valarie Grove, OK