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It’s A 10 Miracle Shampoo Plus Keratin, 33.8 Fluid Ounce

Sulfate free. Paraben free. Keratin protein infused. Prevents breakage. Preserves hair color. Protects from sun damage. Protects from thermal styling.

Key features

  • Preserves hair color
  • Protects from sun damage
  • Protects from thermal styling

Honest reviews


No Way, do not use – contains formaldehyde

Unfortunately, after using this product, with using no straightening irons or damaging heat styling tools, my hair had more breakage and dryness than it did originally. It was reducing my natural curls and at times made my scalp itch.Freaked out and wondering what was going on with my hair, I decided to check into the ingredients of the product. I discovered that this product contains Carboxaldehyde. To put it simply, Carboxaldehyde is Formaldehyde with a pleasant odor. WOW – I read that the presence of Formaldehyde is common with Keratin containing products!?Also, it contains:Methylchloroisothiazolinone is a Human skin toxicant and is also linked to cancer. A human skin toxicant that I am supposed to put on my head???!Methylisothiazolinone is a widely-used preservative; has been associated with allergic reactions. Lab studies on the brain cells of mammals also suggest that methylisothiazolinone may be neurotoxic?! Again — neurotoxic and I’m putting it on my head and hair????!Basically, no wonder I was having problems – NO THANKS! 🙁

Sara Tornillo, TX

Its really a 10

its a 10 Miracle Shampoo plus Keratin is the best shampoo on the market. It leave dry damaged hair soft to the touch. Its the best shampoo I ever tried in my life. My dry, damaged, stripped, hair is now silky-soft, manageable, shiny and easy to comb with less frizz. The shampoo alone feels like a conditioner. Its sulphate free!!!! Its the best shampoo ever!!!! I love this shampoo. I saw a difference in my hair after the first wash. I stocked up on it so I will never run out of it. Amazon is the best place to purchase Its a 10 Products. You get it a lot cheaper.

Annette Uniontown, PA

Gentle yet powerful

This shampoo works very well. It doesn’t contain harsh sulfates, so it feels really gentle on the hair. However, it does impart the keratin to help restore the damage from my bleaching.

Gina Lake Panasoffkee, FL

Good stuff

I like this shampoo. It works great for thick hair and doesn’t seem to leave a residue like so many others.

Brenda Penns Grove, NJ

Great Price for Silky Smooth Hair

I have pin straight, baby fine hair….except for the crazy curly gray hairs that seem to have a mind of their own. I love this entire line of shampoos and conditioner. They makes my hair shiny and soft. I follow it up with the leave in treatment.It doesn’t weigh me down and I feel like it has helped prevent breakage and split ends. This bottle is a great price compared to my salon.

Merle Elbridge, NY

Love this product

A little expensive, but it really helps my thin, otherwise lifeless flat blond hair. My hair dresser even commented at my last appt that my hair seemed much healthier! I blow dry my hair every day to get volume, and then curl it- this product helps a lot!

Alice Winnetoon, NE

Love this stuff

Expensive but worth it. I have thick, dry course hair and this stuff makes it silky smooth when used with the conditioner. Even without conditioner, it leaves hair smooth after rinsing. I have shine too! Wish was a little cheaper but this is a BIG bottle so should last me quite a while.

Sophia Coram, MT