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It’s a 10 Miracle Shampoo Plus Keratin, 10 Ounce

It’s a 10 Miracle Shampoo Plus Keratin restores elasticity to hair, preserves hair color, prevents breakage, protects from sun damage, locks out humidity, protects from thermal styling and keratin infused in addition to being sulfate free, sodium chloride free, paraben free… A great everyday hair product to prevent damage from everyday elements. Restores elasticity to hair preserves hair color prevents breakage protects from sun damage locks out humidity

Key features

  • Protects from sun damage
  • Preserves hair color
  • Protects from thermal styling

Honest reviews


Good, not best

I adore the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Product Plus Keratin, so I changed from my usual keratin shampoo and conditioner to try this It’s a 10 Miracle Shampoo Plus Keratin, and it’s good…but not the best. I’ll be switching back to my original favorite, Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo, but I’m never getting rid of the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In, cause that stuff seriously changes your life.This shampoo was good, it does make hair smoother and a bit shinier, more manageable. I should explain that I’ve got a white-girl ‘fro happening whenever I wash my hair with "normal" products, and I’ve learned over time to manage it. This shampoo is definitely a vast improvement to washing my hair with normal shampoo, but it’s not quite as great as it could be. The hair is less weighed down, which can be good, but the ends tend to be a bit fly-away, though not truly static frizzy, with this shampoo. Overall, it’s very good, but not good enough to de-throne the Suave Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner.By the way, if you haven’t heard already, if you have frizzy, dry, unmanageable hair, it’s best to "co-wash," as they call it. Put conditioner in your hair FIRST, on dry hair even, if you can manage it, and leave it in for at least a few minutes. I put conditioner on, finish the rest of my shower routine, and as the very last step, I use shampoo on my hair (just the roots/crown area, not the ponytail/ends area), and it makes a huge difference. I think that’s one reason this set doesn’t work as well for me, because it really wants the conditioner second like normal, and the results are good, but it just doesn’t sink in and seal the cuticle with "good" moisture the way "co-washing" can.But I would still say give this a try.

Addie Goodland, MN


I am so happy with this shampoo. I paired it with the conditioner and I haver NEVER seen my hair so improved – healthy, shiny, smells fantastic, thicker and stronger than before! I have very fine, thin hair and this shampoo and conditioner works absolute wonders. I have found the product that I love! I have never found a shampoo and conditioner like this! I highly recommend. And I also recommend the Perfect 10 leave in conditioner! Ok, I will stop with all the great comments. Just try it, you won’t regret it..PERFECT 10, THANK YOU!!

Beth North, SC

Yes, it’s a 10… even for short, fine and colored hair

I looked up this product after hearing about keratin from a friend. My hair is bobbed, is fine and limp and color-treated. I noticed a difference after the first use of this shampoo. It’s almost like it coated each strand of hair to make it strong and full. I use it almost every day, on alt days I use a volume shampoo. This shampoo doesn’t lather but it does something great and it smells nice. Definetely recommend to any hair type and lenght… i can already see mine growing out and stronger which was what I was hoping for.

Kristi Onset, MA

Non-lathering, Non-successful Shampoo

I purchased this shampoo from a salon, after having run through all of the drugstore brands and having no success moisturizing my dry hair. I was sold on the list of healthful ingredients featured on the Perfect 10 bottle.This shampoo did absolutely nothing for my processed hair. It did not lather at all -which I understand that lathering “friction” can be considered bad for hair…but this shampoo did not leave my hair feeling the slightest bit clean.It did not make my dry hair feel more moisturized. And it did not smell good. In fact, it had almost no fragrance at all (which maybe some people might like).I spent almost $25 for this very small bottle of shampoo, and was extremely disappointed. I have since tried Biolage products and Catwalk products that faired better, for less money.

Erika Carmel Valley, CA

More amazing than I expected!

I really like this shampoo! It exceeded my expectations by a long shot. My hair is usually pretty flat and I can’t get a lot of volume, I usually have to use shampoo AND conditioner because just using shampoo makes my hair look oily. Well, I tried just shampoo in this case and it really is a miracle! My hair was full, non oily, and super soft for 2 days! I can never usually pull off wearing my hair down for 2 days straight after washing the day before…but with this I was able to! I love it! I will definitely be checking out other “It’s a 10” products!

Traci Patoka, IN

It’s a 10 shampoo

I love this shampoo, I don’t even need to use conditioner as it leaves my hair feeling soft afterwards. I do use the It’s a 10 leave in spray conditioner with it.

Sheena Prince, WV

It’s ok

Not really a miracle. Also nothing wrong with it. I didn’t see anything magical happen to my hair (long, wavy, dry), but it didn’t mess it up either. I am sticking with the shampoos that make me see magic.

Janie Niagara University, NY

Its just an ok shampoo..

I have Latin kinda curly/wavy hair.. the good thing, it doesn’t let my hair felling too frizzy.. the bad thing, I feel like it doesn’t really cleans it completely..

Eva Brownville, ME

Works since first use.

Is almost a miracle, really it works since first use. Since I was 14 my hair is freeze, I don’t know what happened with my brilliant and straight hair, but It was a nightmare, since I’m using this product, I feel my hair brilliant and smooth.

Neva Norwood, PA


There are so many keratin shampoos out there these days. I don’t think this product is worth the price. I like Organix keratin shampoo and conditioner, and it is a much better price and sold conveniently at target.

Eugenia Kiel, WI


This shampoo is the ish! I use the spray that gives me shine, and this one of those fantastic products that does not leave your hairy greasy dry or anything.. LOVE IT

Geraldine Papaikou, HI

Ok shampoo

Just ok. Nothing spectacular for me. I like the scent but it doesn’t make my hair look any better than other shampoos.

Lorena Meally, KY

It’s a 10 Miracle Shampoo Plus Keratin

This product is amazing. It lathers so well with just 2 pumps for my medium length hair! The entire "It’s a 10" system is great if you straighten your hair using a blow dryer. Also, if you color your hair, you will have less color fading using this system.

Christie Galveston, IN

Super Great!

By far the best hair care product Ive bought in a long time! Quality vs price is great! Thank you for such a great product!

Nettie Linden, CA

Three Stars


Geraldine Triadelphia, WV

have to agree with some others . . .

I used the shampoo, conditioner, and a little of the spray and ended up with dryer hair than before and the color of my hair has dulled. (I just had highlight/color done this past Tuesday, so it was noticeable.) I can’t recommend this line. I do like their original products, but this line with the keratin—that’s a no.

Bernadette Camp Murray, WA

Good shampoo, but has a hard time fully lathering

So, my hairdresser introduced me to this line. I absolutely love the deep conditioner and the miracle leave in product plus keratin, and was hoping to love this shampoo as well. My hairdresser said she tried it and couldn’t get it to fully lather. I like my shampoo to get really lather-y, otherwise it just is weird to me and i don’t think i get as good of a clean. This shampoo does not lather like I would have hoped it would. It’s a decent lather but not what I’m used to. However, I do like how the product smells and how my hair feels after I wash it with this shampoo. I would buy this shampoo again even though I’m not overly excited about the lather situation.

Brittney Omaha, IL

Amazing!! Also really quick shipping

I heard about this from a friend who has very light blonde hair and I can’t be any happier with it!! I’ve had problems with other shampoos sucking the life out of my hair. This one makes my hair feel healthy, soft, and doesn’t leave any residue.

Tamara Lake Powell, UT


I had a hard time adapting to this shampoo because of lack of lather. At first, I was disappointed because didn’t notice a huge change in my hair and I usually love It’s a 10 products. However, after a couple of weeks using this, I started to notice a big difference in my hair. I have dry, frizzy, curly hair and began to notice a better shine and less frizz with this shampoo. I use this with the It’s a 10 Miracle Conditioner.

Kenya Carrington, ND

This is GREAT!

I have dyed my hair for decades. I have taken medicine that caused my hair to fall out. I blow dry and use a curling iron…nothing else to say about the condition of my hair; I’ll bet you either KNOW it or can PICTURE IT. I love this stuff. you only need a little and your hair is stronger and fuller. The seller is awesome I was not disappointed at all.

Jerry Ely, NV

Great shampoo!

I don’t need much of this shampoo and it feels good in my hair! My hair is softer without it being weighed down.

Crystal Houtzdale, PA

Soft hair!

Wanted something without Lauryl Sulfate because that seems to harsh for my hair. Plus who knows about the health concerns of that stuff. My hair is soft and no tangles as soon as I rinse my hair.That is not the case with regular shampoos.My hair feels like straw after most shampoos. Don’t expect a big lather since there is no lauryl sulfate. Just a pump or two is plenty to get your hair clean. Also, it has wonder conditioning ingredients and I like other products from this line. Will purchase again.

Lorrie Blue Island, IL

really work

Shampoo is really work for me.It change my dry hair to oilly hair in a month. But somehow too oilly now.

Rebecca Crescent City, IL

Pretty bottle!

This shampoo gets my hair clean, does not make me itch, doesn’t smell horrible, and comes in an attractive bottle which I shall reuse. What more could I ask. Oh, and the keritin is good for my hair too.

Emilie Atascosa, TX

It’s a 10

It’s top rated on my scale. It leaves your hair polished and shiny.I use all the products now. Great.

Latanya Desert Hot Springs, CA


There is nothing I have tried that compares to this shampoo.leaves hair soft for days I will continue to use it.

Laura Haleyville, AL

Smooth and Soft

Smelled great and did awesome things for my hair, like made it smoother and softer. Really liked this shampoo and when I get the money, I’ll order some more!

Cassandra Oshkosh, NE

Not harsh

Good shampoo. I can tell does not damage the hair. My hair is smooth and frizz free. No scent as I like.

Gale New Bloomfield, PA


I love this shampoo – my stylist pretty much demanded I use what she did – and it makes my hair so much easier to come through and softer to the tough. This is worth every penny.

Malinda Ennice, NC

hair looks clean longer

The first thing I noticed is this shampoo doesn’t create tons of lather, so don’t expect that. Fine with me, as long as it works. I skip regular conditioner and use it with the It’s a 10 leave-in spray plus keratin. I can easily go an extra day between shampoos with this product.

Karina Brady, MT