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It’s A 10 Miracle Finishing Spray, 10 Ounce

Does 10 things instantly: Flexible hold formula, adds shine, humidity resistant, color safe, quick drying, not sticky or rigid. It also adds body. Weightless. It adds control. TI is also a brushable formula.

Key features

  • Provides flexible hold
  • Adds a beautiful shine
  • Safe on all hair types

Honest reviews


Good product, poor state of delivered item!

I give 4 for the quality of this product but 1 for the shipping of this item, so in general, I’m giving it a 3.I order this item in a “new” condition but I got one with a broken lid and super dirty and distorted bottle.I don’t really use that much hairspray, just wanted to try this one out since I liked other It’s a 10 product. Honestly, because I have not used many other hairspray products so I don’t really have experience. I would say this one doesn’t weight my hair down, and it’s not very sticky.But since I don’t need that much hairspray, and especially because of the poor delivery state, I probably won’t purchase this item anymore, just stick with other products like the leave-in or shine spray one!

Alice Alhambra, CA

Fine product, terrible chemical smell.

My mother gave me this, and I foolishly accepted it.Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine product. It doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it sticky and matted. It puts my hair right where I want it, and does a good job of keeping it there. But the smell is overpowering — I have to hold my breath and immediately vacate the room after application. Nobody I know can stand being in the vicinity of this stuff.It’s also relatively unimpressive for the price. Yes, it holds my hair in place while still allowing for flexibility. But so do cheaper hairsprays, and they don’t have that god-awful odor. I’m glad I didn’t pay for this, because I’d definitely regret it.

Adrian Abbeville, LA

Great Product

Love this hair spray. I have very fine hair. I love spraying it all over & shaking my hair to allow it to dry. The smell is also nice.

Kathleen Centerton, AR

Love All There Products

This finishing Spray is a must have. It works better than hairspray (eventhough sometimes you just need hairspray). It is a nice size bottle and a good price. I highly recommend all Its A 10 products they are wonderful. Also it is a better deal to buy its on here then at a salon or store. Better value.

Angelia Sacramento, NM

It’s A 10 Hair Spray

Another perfect product from the "It’s a 10" Hair products.Not at all drying, flexible, touchable hair, that holds a style.Good smell, not overpowering. Again, it does NOT dry hair at all!LOVE THIS SPRAY! Will not use anything else !!

Paula Elizabeth, IL

A Great Light Hair Spray

This is a great light hair spray, as I do not like hair spray that makes my hair feel crunchy or heavy. This is perfect! I found it on a YouTube video whereby this was one of the hairdresser’s favorite picks.

Gilda Brooker, FL

Good but lite

Gentle hold – maybe too gentle – especially for fine hair. Love It’s a 10 products but probably won’t buy this one again.

Brigitte Seahurst, WA

Switched to new hair spray

After many years of the same hair spray, I decided to give this a try. I think my old hairspray was turning my blond hair gold. This smells nice, works well, and seems to have resolved the problem.

Willie Kingman, KS

Exactly what I was looking for!

Great smell! Not heavy, not light, prefect! My daughter, 16, tried, now, I’m hiding it from her :-)Big size, good look.

Elisha Macfarlan, WV

Awesome hairspray

This is a great hair spray. It smooths, but does not leave your hair sticky or rigid. Smells nice too.

Marianne Buffalo Grove, IL