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It’s a 10 Blonde Miracle Leave in Treatment, 4 Ounce

Now blondes really do have more fun thanks to our Miracle Leave In Conditioner specially formulated to meet the needs of natural and color treated blondes. Just like our original leave in, Miracle Leave In for Blondes de frizzes, detangles, restores moisture, and enhances highlights, shine, and manageability without any dulling residues. Reverses damage from over processing and heat styling while also removing brassy tones and maintaining vibrant color.

Key features

  • Reverses damage from over processing and heat styling while also removing brassy tones and maintaining vibrant color
  • Miracle leave-in for blondes is specially formulated to meet the needs of natural and color treated blondes
  • 100 percent authentic
  • Formulated to meet the needs of natural and color-treated blondes
  • Reverses damage from over-processing
  • Removes brassy tones

Honest reviews


Not sure what this product aims to do…

This product has an incredibly heavy, waxy feel. The worst part was, that the spray nozzle shoots a very fine, focused line of the product onto your hair. You end up with waxy “spots” all over your head. I could have moved the product over into a spray bottle with a better misting ability, but for what you pay for It’s a 10 products, you really shouldn’t have to. A different bottle is also not going to improve the consistency of the product, which is awful. It did not detangle, add shine, or moisturize.

Justina Stanford, CA

Dude, it’s awesome.

I love this product. It’s the only thing I put in my hair after washing and conditioning. It tones, and protects against UV damage. Yes the sun damages our blonde. It’s a thick, serum like product so a few spritzes will do the job. Too much will make your hair crispy and “beachy”. It’s a great detangler and defrizzer. I like that it’s Made in the USA! According to the bottle it also: enhances brilliance, reduces fading and extends vibrancy, adds shine and retains moisture, restores elasticity and strength, seals the cuticle and is a thermal protectant. I have been thrilled with this product since I got it and have become a loyal customer.

Jesse Avoca, AR

blonde heaven

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-in Product for blondes is truly a miracle for my hair. I tried thousands of leave-ins and conditioners none of them worked as well as this product. My hair is over-bleached, damaged, breaking off, damaged. I sprayed it’s a 10 for blondes and my hair stop breaking on the spot. My hair is more manageable soft, and silky. My blonde hair color looks better. THIS IS THE VERY BEST HAIR PRODUCT I EVER USED IN MY LIFE.It’s a 10 for blondes saved my blonde locks. I highly recommend it to everyone who have damaged bleached blonde hair.

Juliana Peck, ID

Good stuff

As I mentioned in my review of the five minute miracle conditioner, its No MIRACLE, so I didn’t want to give it a five star review.It is, however, an excellent product, probably the best you can find outside of a salon. Helps keep my bleached blonde hair moisturized and my split ends tamed. You dont need to use a lot, which is good, because it is not cheap for the tiny little bottle it comes in!

Hope Glen Fork, WV

Seems to work

The spray pump on this took approximately 5 minutes to get working. I’ve never had a product take that long to prime. Luckily I wasn’t in a hurry. My hair doesn’t feel too sticky or weighed down. When you first apply the product, it does have a citrus scent, but that fades. I like the product, I’m just not a fan of the spray to administer the product.

Leanne Lawrence, MA


I’m NOT a blonde but the lady who cut my hair at Supercuts recommended this product because she uses it. She is ALSO a brunette. I am a brunette with very thick and full hair. No matter what I do, it’s always dry and brittle. Because her hair was soft and manageable I decided to try it. Wow!! What a difference!! It really makes my hair smooth, soft, and manageable. It’s awesome!!This has led me on a search for this on amazon to save some money and I found that there is a huge line of products by this company. I will DEFINITELY be trying them all.The product sprays out like a very light and thin lotion. It applies easily, is not sticky, and my hair drinks it right up without being weighed down. It’s wonderful!!

Araceli Le Roy, IL

Great product!

My hair gets super clumpy when wet and takes a pretty long time to brush through it after I get out of the shower. This product is amazing. I now get out of the shower and towel dry my hair. Spray this product all over my hair and let it sit for about 2 minutes. The brush runs through my hair with such ease and I am pulling less hair out of my head. I will be rebuying this product when I run out.

Diana Lake Stevens, WA

It’s great but…

I love this product. It does everything it says it will. However, it’s a total bummer that I can’t find it in the larger 10 oz size like the other miracle leave in treatments. Also, the product doesn’t go very far. To be fair, I have really long, fairly thick hair, but this bottle lasts me only though 8 treatments, maybe less. I love this product, but I’m going to find something else that won’t break the bank.

Francesca Cranks, KY

Works great

I spritz it in my hair and i instantly saw a difference, my hair was softer looking, it smells good, and its heat protected so that’s a plus. I’m glad its for blondes so it will no way mess up my platinum color.

Alyce Rockhouse, KY


My hair stylist told me about this product but it was expensive through the salon, so I got on here and saved almost $5.00. It works great in keeping the blond from fading out. It softens the hair and you don’t need alot. Recommend

Shana Blandford, MA

I like the smell but don’t see a huge miracle

Good product, very nice smell, not big size.I don’t see a "miracle", maybe, it needs more time to show it :-). But I am able to brush my hair very easy after applying the product, and I have fuzzy, wavy hair.

Juana Marlow, NH

Stick to the regular Leave-In Treatment

I bought this product because I had major highlights and switch back and forth from light to dark. The scent is completely different than the normal leave-in conditioner and I don’t really think it has done anything to help my highlights or lightened hair. With that said, I am sticking to the original purple bottle, which smells amazing and always leaves my hair silky smooth.

Miriam Ransom, KS

great leave in for healthy looking hair!

This leaves my hair healthy looking and shiny. I use in conjunction with the five minute blond conditioner as well. I do use masques on my hair a couple of nights a week because I bleached the heck out of hair from a very dark brown. These products are wonderful and I recommend to blonds that are bleached.

Tonia Blackstone, VA

Truly a miracle

This is by far the best product I have used on my fine, highlighted hair. My hair is in better shape with less breakage and getting healthier each day. Soft, full of volume, and so shiny!

Kathie Dolton, IL

Prefer the Original It’s a 10

I really like the original It’s a 10. Since I’m a blonde, I thought I would try this one. I find that I prefer the original.

Brianna Andover, IA

overall nice. strong smell

have highlights and this really gives my hair moisture, and good shine without weighting it down. Only negative, is the smell is a little strong. oh well can’t have everything.

Jennifer Page, AZ

Nice detangler

I couldn’t wait to try this and I’m glad I decided to buy it. This really did a nice job leaving my hair tangle free and and I thought the smell was light and clean. You don’t get much in a bottle so I think a little goes a long way as far as this goes.

Annabelle Sioux City, IA

works well

I love the results gained by using this, but I feel they could lighten up or just omit some of the ingredients that are questionable.

Barbra Wright, MN


Ah I love this stuff!! I use it with it’s a 10 miracle conditioner. My hair is so healthy! When I straighten my hair it’s healthy and doesn’t frizz! Light weight too. I normally never put lots of product in may hair.. but I kind of go overboard with this stuff because it works really well!

Addie Belton, TX

Great product for tangled hair

I have really dry snarly hair out of the shower. This is the only thing that detangles it. Not a heavy a product and has a fresh almost cologne like smell to it.

Kayla Geddes, SD

salon bought

I bought this along with a bunch of other it’s a 10 products from my salon as they were getting rid of their stock- to expensive to sell otherwise. This product is really expensive compared to others so normally I would never buy it but seeing as how my salon was doing a buy one get two free I decided to go all out. I used to be blonde went back brown and my hair has been multi toned since then so I decided to add highlights which of course added damage. My hair feels very good and looks much better even just 24 hours after bleaching

Miranda Beverly Hills, CA

Only need two sprays

I spray two quick sprays on my hand, then rub my hand together before applying to hair. I have shoulder length fine color-treated hair and that is plenty. I can’t imagine spraying it all over my head…too intensive for that. Comb through and dry/style. Gets rid of brassy tones for me and makes my fine hair fuller. It’s a 10!

Marcia Negley, OH

Does what it says

Don’t spray it too much. Use it every day at the ends of your hair, the quality of your hair will improve. I have blonde highlights and my ends were damaged a lot but with this item, it feels softer and healthier.

Essie Horsham, PA