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It Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara is a unique formula that enhances lash length and also acts as a primer, conditioner and lash tint. Formulated with peptides, proteins and jojoba, it keeps lashes soft and healthy. The unique mascara wand features a lash ball detailer tip design to get to the inner and outer corner lashes. Black shade.

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Super clumpy and dry

I returned this item…it seemed like the mascara was previously opened it was so clumpy and dried out..i didnt order a replacement so im not sure if thats just how the mascara is.

Araceli Valentine, AZ

Not what I expected…

I have very long eyelashes and wanted something that was going to make them look even longer. The problem with my lashes are that though they’re long; they’re very thin. So I wanted them to look fuller as well. Looking up what I could do without having to weigh between buying expensive and unsure growth serums, or get impossible results that could happen right away – I turned to mascara (I never use to wear any). A distant acquaintance recommended me this product, and I immediately stepped on board upon admiring her eyelashes that were absolutely so stunning that she could do make up commercials herself.I spent almost $20.00 on this little tube, and it was a most horrible decision. It made my eyelashes look just as thin, and it took a long time for it to harden so my lashes could keep its shape. It didn’t make them look any better. The brush/ball itself had small plastic bristles, and it looked like there wasn’t enough product going on the brush… which is suppose to be the point of mascara. It would also clump horrendously on the ball. I found this to be very unimpressive. The shipping was very fast, and it got to me okay. I just can’t say anything positive about this product. Overall, if you want fantastic mascara for good pricing, length, and volume: Maybelline Lash Stiletto.

Desiree Bakersville, OH

A fair mascara–good for lengthening lashes

This is fair mascara. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, but it’s not horrible either. The ball at the end is hard to use and I kept poking myself in the eye! But the formula is good for lengthening lashes. You can find my full review of this product here: […]

Sydney Niantic, CT

Totall sold on the bold lashes

HELLO Lashes is right. This stuff builds up the lash and then the little ball tip really adds length to the ends of the lashes. I’m sold , totally sold.

Juanita Hays, MT

Best mascara in the world

Just the best. I was a Mabelline pink and green mascara user forever. Bought these on a whim, and was so impressed. Long gorgeous lashes, no irritation, just perfect. I loved it so much I have given it as a gift — the recipient loved it, too.

Jenny Berry, AL

This really works

I wanted to try something new and this did exactly what the label indicated it will do. People think my eyelashes are false, but there mine. I will always have this as a back-up when I don’t want to wear my cover girl one.

Bettye Austin, AR