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It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer – Deep

Bye Bye under eye Deep

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Honest reviews



It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer is the best concealer I have found. I use it under my eyes and for brown blotches on my face. I use a concealing flat brush to apply, then blend the edges with my finger. The neutral medium color is light and bright. My skin tone is light-medium but found the natural medium to light to use on face. I use it under my eyes, then blend in the tan color under eyes and use for blotches on my face. The neutral medium turned gray on my blotches, but the tan – which is not dark worked great. The tan also is not brightening which is better as a face concealer. A little brightness is great for under the eye, but not the face. When I use the neutral medium only around the eyes, my son said I had owl eyes. It is easy to apply and a little goes a long way. I also use the Bye Bye Pores HD silk micro powder puff to seal the concealer under eyes, than use a soft brush with the powder on the rest of my face. It gives a nice finish and it really does not settle in the wrinkles like BE powders do. I recommend this concealer, but watch the shades- the 2 are great for me.

Lilian Frederick, CO

Love / hate

I love this concealer because of the great coverage but you have to find the right product to set it with. This is a very hydrating concealer and almost has a glow to it. I have to set it with a good powder. My sister sets hers with the Mallys face defender and she swears by it. So if some of you use that already then this might be a good product for you.

Karla Mount Aukum, CA


That is the first word I would use to describe this product. I tried using less and mixing it with my daily moisturizer. It was still difficult to put on and not look like you have a thick layer on your eyes. I kept trying smaller and smaller amounts. Never found the perfect amount to mix with moisturizer. It is light reflective however, definitely difficult to blend, tends to seep into fine lines and after a few hours actually makes them look deeper than they are. Of course, all of these reviews are opinions, but my opinion is, if you’re over 45…this is not what you want to purchase.

Pansy High View, WV

Whats the hype about??

This concealer did not conceal anything!!! I do not know what all the hype is all about because I was EXTREMELY disappointed!!! This works no better than any drug store brand but the Cover Girl Eye Rehab is the best and for a way cheaper price! I’ve finally found a concealer that works!

Ivy Chesterton, IN

The Best Under Eye Concealer I Have Ever Used

I suffer from allergies, so I always have bluish color circles under my eyes.For my wedding day I was determined NOT to have them, and so I bought this product hoping it would work…and it did.It spreads very easily. Let it warm up on your index finger before applying, or put it on a concealer brush and warm it up for a few seconds with a blowdryer before applying…It is smooth, and does not form wrinkles under the eyes like most thick under eye concealers do.I am in my late forties, and was concerned this concealer would show my fine lines–but it does not at all. It is a very forgiving product, and does a wonderful job at concealing circles…Because it is also waterproof–tears were no worry for me…that along with my waterproof mascara.Its a great product, and yes I recommend it…Namaste…

Arline Daisy, MO

Definately a favorite!!!

This concealer is simply amazing! I tried many many concealers by many diff brands from low-high end, spent thousands of dollars! I’m a self proclamed make up junkie!!! nothing ever covered my undereye cincles like this. It stays on ALL DAY!!! usually concealers slip off somewhere by noon but not this one! I will never ever use anything else!!!

Angelica Highwood, MT

Best concealer if you have fine under-eye lines and wrinkles!

As other reviewers have written before, this product is very thick and in the beginning, it was quite difficult for me to figure out how to apply it. The trick is to only use a tiny little bit, put it on the back of your hand first to let it warm up, then apply with your ring finger and only dab it in a little bit. I am 40 and do have some fine and less fine lines underneath my eyes, which was the reason why I bought this concealer. I have tried so many under-eye concealers before, also more expensive ones, and the best so far (before this one) was the Maybelline Age Rewind. Most concealers just set in the lines and then you look worse than without the concealer. I have been looking for the "perfect" concealer for a long time, and I think I just have found what works for me.The Bye Bye concealer covers even the darkest area under my eyes perfectly, it doesn’t get "cakey" at all, and the fine lines are only showing up afterwards a little bit. I found my very own "routine" of how to get the best out of this product:1. After I clean and wash my face, I apply a Neutrogena toner to my skin.2. I had an empty Pevonia toner bottle which I filled with water, and I spray that on my face until it’s slightly moist.3. I apply Cosmetica Hyaluronic Serum to my face and wait until it’s all absorbed by my skin.4. Then I apply L’Oreal RevitaLift Double Eye Lift Eye Cream to my under-eye skin and upper lids, and L’Oreal Skin Genesis Day Cream to the rest of my face.5. I then apply stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm (read my review) to my face, except to the under-eye skin.6. Now I apply the Bye Bye concealer, only dab it in slightly, and leave it for a few minutes.7. Sometimes I can see the fine lines and then I just use the pink gel part of the L’Oreal RevitaLift Double Eye Lift Cream and dab a little bit on top of the concealer. You gotta be careful with that to not do it too much, or the concealer will "break" and not look even anymore. But if I use just the right amount, it leaves my skin nicely hydrated, and still have the coverage of the concealer.Overall, this product is worth the price, and I’ll buy it again. However, I think I might try a little darker one next time, since the neutral/light is almost a little to bright for me.

Keri Carmi, IL

neutral is lighter color

this is a great concealer. i got the tan first because i heard they run light – i am medium complected. I wanted a slightly lighter shade to mix with tan for the winter so i got the neutral/medium. The medium does not have a yellow base -its more white based so beware. So far this is my go to concealer -and ive tried them all.

Tania Saint Marys, OH

My Go-To Concealer finally found!

I’m always on the lookout for a good concealer for my over 50 allergy/baggy, dark under eyes. Naturally, the older I get, the more difficult it’s been. With such good reviews on this product here on Amazon and You Tube, I decided to try this. I am very impressed. It is thick but easily blends, the shade is perfect surprisingly since they have only 2 shades. The coverage is excellent which also surprises me since in the past, I’ve always used the crayon type but now they seem too dry. I’ve tried a lot of liquid concealers recently and they are too light and transparent. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage also has Vitamins C and K which over time, hopefully will correct/protect as well as conceal. Under eye bags from age/heredity/allergies seem hopeless to eliminate entirely. From cucumbers to ice cubes to finger massages to expensive creams, I’ve tried it all. It has a moisturizing glow once on, some may want to use a setting powder but I stay away from those because of their tendency to settle in the fine lines.

Kate Silver Bay, NY


Wish I could give this 0 stars. Doesn’t blend. As thick as cement. I’ll keep using my $7 Maybelline concealer thank you very much.

Rochelle Necedah, WI

Not what I expected

This concealer works just about as well as any other I’ve tried except it’s heavier. My dark circles still show, and I find it difficult to work with. Maybe it works for someone, but not me. Sorry I tried it. Do not recommend.

Iris Mc Laughlin, SD

I wish it wasn’t so shiny

This is an effective concealer, but it’s not without some major (or at least major for me) draw backs. It’s very thick, and because it’s waterproof it can be hard to wash off. But by far, the biggest flaw in this product is that It’s *very* shiny. It’s not matte at all. The first time I used it, I put it on a little too thick, and since it’s shiny, it made my face look very strange. I’ve learned to thin it out and cover it with plenty of powder to help mitigate the high-shine. For me, the draw backs aren’t worth the price of this product.

Colette Butler, OK

holy grail of undereye concealers

Simply AMAZING! I have an extensive collection of concealers from trying to hide my hereditary dark under eye circles. Bobby Brown (dud, returned it), massive range of drugstore brands (ok, but just cannot cover & last), Laura Mercier (nice but $$), Benefit Erase Paste (up until this was my go-to killer concealer). I was so happy with Erase Paste I’d stopped searching; and then received a sample of Bye Bye Under Eye… I’m hooked. A little goes a LONG WAY; light dab and then touch/dab to blend, then maybe feather in edges with a concealer or foundation brush. Some have complained about rub-off and creasing but I’ve not had that problem, perhaps because I "set" it with a powder. I’m sure any powder you like would do but I happen to have some Laura Mercier powder left from their UnderCover Pot. Hold up to full day in Texas coastal heat & humidity. Will buy again and again.

Marcia Petroleum, WV


OK, I have shopped around all over the place, tried millions of concealers and have found this one to be the best one (so far). It goes on very easy and conceals very well. I have always had dark circles and have used many different concealers, some worked OK, but this one works great. I think I have found the ONE!

Tori Newcomb, NY

Yep! I LOVE it!

A little goes a long way with this product and I am enjoying it. I have used it for 2 weeks now and I really appreciate the dewey texture. However, I’m not sure that would be ok for someone with oily skin ( my skin tends to be dryer, especially in winter) I apply this in the triangle concealing method so I do bring it down quite a bit away from the under eye area. Definite repurchase although this will last me awhile!

Kendra Island Pond, VT

Found my new under eye concealer!!!

Okay so I don’t have super duper dark circles, but I was still having trouble finding the perfect concealer. I have tried everything from high end to low drug store end with no luck. Until this one! I have olive toned skin and Neutral fits me very well. The consistency is perfect. It’s thick, but glides on very smoothly. A little dab goes a long way. It immediately brightens my eyes and will stay all day as long as I use a setting powder. I highly recommend!!!

Edith Tabernash, CO

best concealer ever!

consistency just right, a little bit goes a long way, so use sparingly. covers extremely well, does not cake or settle into lines. highly recommend.

Elsie Tempe, AZ

Creases No

I loved the feeling of this concealer, it feels very creamy silky and it covers everything but it creases so much under my eyes, my fine lines looked way worst. Maybe this could work for others but sadly it didn’t work for me.I am only moderately impressed. It’s decent, but I have to say, I thought it would be this most awesome product, but it’s not. I noted what this item does for her skin blemishes on TV demonstration, however I didn’t see the same power of this product on myself when I used it on tiny, bluish veins on my ankles or calves in the summer.Also under eye circles are covered but only as much as countless other brands I’ve tried, and the creases were so apparent.I just didn’t experience the results I hoped I would get. I’m disappointed.Not Recommended For Me. prisrob 10-09-13

Erna Chesterland, OH

I live it

I have very dark under eye circles and ive been trying several concealers other than bobby brown than i always return to but some times it tends to crease and it need to be set with powder,,tell i tried this amazing Bye Bye under eye its really very light weight and dont beed to be set with powder and guess what no creasing and my wrinkles look smoother..

Juliana Albrightsville, PA

love it!

this is the best under eye concealer! A beauty must! Does not tug when applied or leave the under eye dry

Edith Graham, AL

All I Can Say Is WOW

I love this product. I have dark circles below and on my lids, and between the bridge of my nose, and broken capillaries on my face and this product absolutely covers it all. It took me about a week to master the application and this is what I learned. 1) Less is more, this product is buildable. 2) Apply the product with your fingertip and tap it into your skin. Don’t rub it in. It takes a very small amount of this product. I use about 3 pinhead amount. This product is expensive but you get your money’s worth and because it takes such a small amount this product will last a very long time. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

Jodie Tumwater, WA

Bye bye under eye circles

I got this a tried it out. A little goes A LONG WAY. Be careful to not squeeze out too much at once. A tiny dot does both eyes. I like that it is water proof too. Greast for a climates.

Lindsay South Berwick, ME