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It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Micro, Finishing Powder 0.23 oz

HD Silk Micro Finishing Anti-Aging Powder from It Cosmetics is infused with Collagen, Vitamin K and Pure Silk for the perfect poreless airbrushed finish. Say goodbye to visible Pores with the HD Silk Micro Finishing Powder from It Cosmetics. It’s the perfect setting powder and all over face finishing powder. This HD Micro-powder is infused with line smoothing hydrolyzed collagen, luxurious silk for a poreless finish, and vitamin K to help reduce discoloration. It also contains anti-aging anti-oxidants Vitamins A,C & E to help ward off free radicals throughout the day. The translucent color works on all skin tones. Micro-HD finishing powder provides an airbrushed look Contains Hydro-Collagen to Smooth out Fine Lines and Wrinkles Translucent color works on ALL skin tones Luxurious Silk for Poresless Finish Viramin K reduces discoloration Under the Skin Anti-aging Vitamins A, C & E Talc-Free, Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free and Paraben-Free Hypo-allergenic and Non-Comedogenic

Key features

  • What is it: An award-winning antiaging face finishing powder that delivers a face-perfecting airbrush effect. It absorbs oil and shine and blurs away the look of pores without settling into the lines and wrinkles. It also sets makeup and helps to diffuse the appearance of wrinkles and pores.
  • Who is it for: Anyone who wants antiaging benefits and wants to instantly blur away the look of pores and imperfections; diffuse the look of lines and wrinkles on the face; and achieve a more radiant-looking, flawless, and airbrushed-looking complexion.
  • How do I use it: Apply as the final step in your makeup routine. Use the Heavenly Luxe Brush to dust a small amount all over your skin. Perfect to set concealer and foundation or as a face-finishing powder on bare skin.
  • Why is it different: This award-winning micro-finishing translucent powder works on all skin tones and was developed with leading plastic surgeons. It uses antiaging ingredients, including hydrolyzed collagen, and vitamins A, C, E and K, to help treat skin. It’s formulated without talc, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, and phthalates.
  • Net Wt. 6.8 g/ 0.23 oz Translucent

Honest reviews


Too matte for my skin type

I have dry skin, so this product caked a lot on my face. I use it with my moisturizer and it didnt blend well.Too cakey and kabuki-like finish. I may not know how to apply it properly, but this did not work for me

Tameka Gowen, MI

Gorgeous Finishing Powder!

I am always hesitant when it comes to powders, they seem to sink into every visible pore or fine line possible. I saw this product on TV and purchased it. Amazing!!! It is so silky, it absolutely hides large pores, doesn’t get cakey, makes your skin look absolutely flawless. I apply it with the IT Cosmetics Luxe Powder Brush, but you can use any good fluffy powder brush. I even use this on bare skin on days that I don’t want to use foundation. It’s also good for your skin as well. Great on all skin tones, from the fairest to the darkest, don’t let the color in the jar fool you. There is also a bronzing HD powder made by IT Cosmetics if you’re either very dark or need a good bronzer to warm up the skin. Highly recommended!!

Camille Huey, IL

Best Powder; Even For A Skeptic!

I’ve used great finishing powders and even some from Amazon. But I have to admit, this powder is truly beyond extraordinary. It *does* minimize large pores, fines lines, and smooths the skin in an amazing way. I really cannot say I’ve ever tried anything like it. For me, the difference between this and other finishing powders is this seems to last much longer. For people with oily skin, this really does the trick. So far, this is the best finishing powder that I’ve tried. I’ve used the silica-based powders (MUF), BE mineral veil, even a “specialty” powder specifically for oily skin that wasn’t finely milled enough and turned my pores white! I’m really quite blown away by the staying power of this product. Love it!

Carole Mulkeytown, IL

2 weeks of using product

I do like the fine consistency of the powder but it doesn’t make pores completely disappear like it claims. Still, it is a nice powder to set under eye concealer with (although I don’t have pore issues in that area of my face) and I’m probably getting too old to use any setting powder. For a younger person ( I am turning 40 this year) this would probably be a beautiful pore minimizing setting powder. I don’t think I will repurchase, however, that is really because of the stage my skin has entered more than it is about the quality of the product.

Jessie Ligonier, PA

want a pore-less, flawless face???

i tried this product on the reccomendation from a friend. and WOW–she and the product delivered!! it is fine-milled so there is no cakey look!! it blurrs pores and gives an incredible air-brush finish. and all akin tones can use it!! it is AMAZING!!!!! please try it!! it is now a staple in my beauty bag!! hint–apply it with a fluffy powder brush for flawless application!!

Jennie Cragford, AL

Great Product!!!!

It does exactly as it says your pores disappear.It does not add any color to your makeup either very sheer and silky it sets your makeup and you do look flawless. I recommend to all who have large pores and those who don’t it’s universal I will buy from this seller again.

Maxine Lancaster, PA

Best powder ever

I LOVE this powder and take it with me everywhere. The finish is absolutely airbrushed and natural looking. It truly erases pores, diminishes lines, and eliminates shine. I replaced BE mineral veil with this powder, it works perfectly with the BE matte foundation and it feels great, never itchy or dry. It’s translucent so it doesn’t change my skin or foundation color, just remember less is more. A little goes a long way, you can build coverage but start out small. One complaint about this order, the powder puff is smaller than the puff that comes with the IT Bye Bye Pores powder from QVC. Not sure if that’s bc of this seller or a change IT made, but the powder is still incredible.

Claire Orfordville, WI

Good product, but jar too small and a bit pricey for what it is.

The powder itself is nice and very fine, and applies nicely to my skin. However, and as other reviewers already noted, the jar is wayyy too small and using the little sponge is useless. I am using a larger brush, but it’s still very messy, and because of the difficulty of getting it out from that jar, I dont’ like it enough to buy it again. It’s also a bit pricey, so I’ll try the elf powder next, which is a lot cheaper, and people have reviewed very positively about it.Bottom line: it’s a nice powder and definitely makes your pores visibly finer, but it’s very difficult to get out of the jar without making a mess and waste a lot of the product. I will probably not buy it again.

Tracy Fremont, MI

I love this product, but it terrifies me

I bought this product not because of any claims about making pores disappear (because I don’t have that issue), but because the shade of this powder cancels out the red in my face and because the fine-grained silkiness creates a beautifully smooth complexion. It works amazingly well and I absolutely love the effect. However, the fact that it is so fine-grained means I frequently breathe in some of the powder, and I’m terrified of what I might be inhaling because it’s made in China, which is not known for the quality control of its ingredients. I continue to look for something to replace this powder, but I haven’t yet found it.

Annie Lansing, IA

Love this Powder

I really love this powder. To my surprise, it actually seems to make some of the wrinkles around my eyes disappear and really smooths out my entire face. It is the best I have ever used and I will continue to use it.

Karla Byron, CA

Made my pores more obvious

I’m self conscious about some large pores on my nose, so I was exited to try this product, especially after reading the positive reviews. Unfortunately for me, instead of masking my pores, I feel like the powder settled into my pores, making them look even more obvious. I’ve used it a few times using some different application techniques to see if that would help, but unfortunately it just didn’t work for me.

Eugenia Owls Head, NY

My Fav Setting and Finishing Powder

This is my fav setting and finishing powder by far. It blurs pores and doesn’t cause that crepy undereye thing; yet, its light as a feather. There is no shimmer, which is what I love. It lasts all day, and holds up in hot weather or under hot lights. Very good quality for the price. A must have.

Ronda Conetoe, NC

Best micro poweder made!

I love IT products. I have oily skin and this micro-powder really makes my complexion look smooth and flawless. I would recommend this product highly. It doesn’t get into the fine lines and wrinkles (if you have them).

Lessie Fredericksburg, VA

Amazing powder

If you want a perfectly matte and poreless finish, this powder will do it for you. I noticed a few reviews complaining about the size of the pot but powder goes such a long way, and this is so fine a powder and you need so little that it should last a long time. I will note that it is so fine that you need to be careful not to breath it in. Handle it so it doesn’t get in the air in large quantities, it doesn’t feel good to inhale!

Berta Ryderwood, WA


It Cosmetics is a very good company to deal with. I like the powder. It goes on the skin very easily.

Celia Jarales, NM

it cosmetics

I use this all the time it kind of feels like I am walking around with an airbrushed look will definitely order again

Angelica Kilsyth, WV