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Iso Perm – professional option 1 perms

As the innovator and leader in texture technology, ISO continues the tradition in keeping within trends of superior products that give you the power to volumize, curl, shape and style – without damage. ISO Option 1 for normal and previously permed hair: For great stand out style, this thio-free Wave Option is ideal for building definition through separation and loose, free-moving texture. Ideal for normal and previously permed hair. Gives lift and promotes movement through soft, loose texture. ISO Option 2 for every type color-treated hair: Exclusively formulated for tinted or color-treated hair. Option 2 brings gentle, yet effective wave action to hair. Thio-free and formulated with naturally derived isoamineTM to nourish and leave hair cuticle supple and smooth. Optimum curl results, healthy hair and color. ISO Option 3 for extra-firm curl on normal and resistant hair: Designed for normal to resistant hair, Option 3 produces big, expansive curls while retaining the hair’s natural beauty and shine. Ideal for dramatic and high fashion styling. ISO Option EXO is a damage-free Exothermic Perming for energized curls on longer and resistant hair: This thio-free, damage-free exothermic formula diffuses more evenly than conventional perms to minimize swelling of the hairshaft. Leaves the cuticle damage free. ** Please note that perm boxes are opened so that bottles can be taped and wrapped in bubble wrap to protect perm boxes during shipping. However, products are brand new!

Key features

  • ISO Option 1 for normal and previously permed hair
  • ISO Option 2 for every type color-treated hair
  • ISO Option 3 for extra-firm curl on normal and resistant hair
  • ISO Option EXO is a damage-free Exothermic Perming for energized curls on longer and resistant hair
  • ** Please note that perm boxes are opened so that bottles can be taped and wrapped in bubble wrap…

Honest reviews



I’ve never permed my hair before. So I picked this one because it said it was recommended for never been permed hair. I had a hair stylist friend put it on for me with 3 different sized rollers hoping for a nice body wave at least. Followed directions exactly. It burned my scalp and did not even give my hair body. Very disappointed. Not to mention the 2 weeks of flakey scalp from the burn. So embarrassing.

Malinda Charleston, ME

Worked as a great straightener, too!!!!

My niece was unhappy with a perm she’d gotten a couple of weeks before and wanted it straightened. I ordered the Sebastian Iso 2 since she’d colored and permed in the past. I saw her this past weekend – gorgeous, shiny straight hair! She was so happy with it, and I was happy that I’d been able to find a solution for her. I’d worked as a manager for a salon years ago, so I knew how successful that had been in the past. Sebastian ISO was the only type perm we used there, because it made your hair healthier than it was before. I’d even used it to straighten a perm out of my own hair, and I’m not a stylist. She was saving her money to have it professionally straightened at a salon. This saved her using her own money and probably turned out a LOT better than whatever they would have done! I was about to order one just to make my hair look shinier and less frizzy, but I saw the ISO Maintamer, so I’m going to try that. (No perm, just humidity and not taking enough time to blowdry extra smooth.)

Lucile Defiance, OH

Beware people with long hair!

I may have chosen the wrong kind of perm. I was having a hard time deciding which kind of perm to get from the beginning. My hair is a little longer than mid-back (about 18 inches), pretty wavy, but not incredibly thick. If my hair was shorter, my hair would have medium tight waves, but my length weighs down most of the curl. Also, I dye my hair darker. I was hoping to get more bounce in my hair so that it can be curly and long. I used this perm with Curlformers and did the perm at home. I have permed my hair twice before and it has never held. This one was my last shot. The curls were great when they were wet, only lasted for about a week and I lost about an inch in length, as I left it in for the maximum amount of time. Other people might have better luck with this product with shorter hair!

Angelita Farmersville, IL


This perm gives professional results without the damage the in store products give…if you want less burned ends and healthier feeling hair it may not be as great as a salon perm but it is far superior to the box brands in the big chain stores.

Chandra Cowley, WY

Great results!

This perm gives great curls even on hard to curl hair. I have had great luck with this line of perms and would rely on no other!

Denise Orange Park, FL


~This stuff is like MAGIC to me. My hair is very long, very thick, but the strains themselves are very fine.I have only had a handful of perms in my life and everyone of them burned off not only my hair but burnt my scalp too. I was VERY AFRAID to ever do a perm again.My hair being so long makes it hard to hold any curl at all let alone a wave.My hair has honestly felt even healthier! It’s been a month now and my hair still feels great, it’s even been less tangled, easier to brush, when you have 27″ long to brush that is such a blessing.When I went to town yesterday I got compliments from people I didn’t know. I hope to get some photos taken to upload.One more thing, I figured even if this was this magical perm…. I would still have to cut off a few inches of the bottom as everyone I know who has long hair and gets a perm ALWAYS gets drizzled ends, but nope sweet as can be.For those complaining about the smell…. shame on you! I have a sensitive nose and it didn’t bother me at all. Those who said the smell stayed in… wash your head and hair.That is another awesome thing about this product… you can wash your hair right afterwards!!!I can’t think of nothing to say bad about this product, it not only did what it said but more.

Vera Wingina, VA

Iso Perm – professional option perm

My friend and I permed her nieces hair and it came out very nice. Had no problems and just followed the directions.

Edythe Bonham, TX