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ISO Bouncy Crème 8.3 oz 245 ml

ISO Bouncy Creme, instant rejuvenation for curly, wavy or textured hair. Energizes and imparts awesome definition, separation, shine and bounce for a lively, healthy hairstyle. (8.5 oz)

Key features

  • ISO Bouncy Cream Curl Texturizer is an instant rejuvenation for curly, wavy or textured hair
  • ISO Bouncy Creme Cream Curl Texturizer also imparts awesome definition, separation, shine and bounce for a lively, healthy hairstyle

Honest reviews


No Pump but nice scent

I ordered this Because the image shows a pump, which helps when U order a large bottle…NO PUMP is disappointing! The scent is very light which I like and I know its a good product because my hair cutter uses it on my naturally curly, old, died long hair = its light weight and gives even my old hair bouncy curls + fights a little frizz

Gayle Lake Park, MN

Ended giving it away…

Left my curls sticky and greasy…and I didnt like the smell at all. Im a 3c with very thin hair and this product weighed my hair down and left it super sticky and greasy even with the cowashes…..I used it once and ended giving it away to my 6 years old niece.I’ll continue my journey testing different products…

Pearl Elberon, VA

Love this bouncy creme

I use this in combo with my hair gel and never have frizz and my hair is easy to comb through when wet! I’ve been using this now for years.

Lorna Harwood, MD

Love it 🙂

I really love this! It reminds me of BedHead’s After Party (smells different of course.)Nice cream to add to wet or dry hair. Makes my hair soft & silky feeling. It helps a LITTLE with taming frizzies, but not a huge amount.I would definitely buy again though.

Juliana Ben Franklin, TX


This had really good reviews on this stuff but it did nothing for my hair at all total waste of money for me.

Loretta Amador City, CA

Did not live up to the hype…

This had so many good reviews that I was really excited to try it. My hair hates it, however! I have fine, wavy hair, so maybe this is for people with thicker hair. It made mine kind of stringy and weighed down- I tried to lessen the amount I put in but that didn’t do much. I have such bad luck with hair products, though, so I’m not really surprised. I did give them an extra star for using the biodegradable packing peanuts 🙂

Helen Clinton, NY


I need a cream with a little more weight for my 3b porous hair. This also didn’t stand up to humidity particularly well. And the scent, well….it reminded me of the ‘setting lotion’ my grandmother used with her little pink plastic curlers: kind of unpleasant & chemically. I like the convenient pump bottle, but that’s about it.

Josefa Sterling City, TX

Didn’t do much

I have type 2B (wavy) hair, and bought this hoping to get some frizz control. I diffuse and use a curling iron to get some more wave in my hair and after using this my hair seemed just as frizzy as it would be without using it. It does not make my waves more separated, and does not add more shine as claimed. I am pretty disappointed with this purchase, and will be keeping my eye out for better products.

Alicia Savanna, OK

Frizzy all the time

It has a nice fragrance but I was hoping it would help to make my hair less frizzy than if I didn’t use it. My hair was soft but still frizzy.

Marcella Milford, MI