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ISINIS Large Black Pure Boar Bristle Hair Brush

pure boar bristle large brush

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Favorite Brush Ever!!

I was feeling a bit nostalgic when I decided to splurge ‘a little bit’ on a new brush that reminded me of the brush my mother used to use on my hair when I was a child (a plastic goody brush, lol). I found two brushes whose style reminded me most of that old plastic brush with the bright red cushion; the Isinis and the Mason Pearson. I decided to go with the Isinis only because some of the reviews indicated that the Mason Pearson brush fell apart far too soon and for the amount of $$$ they were asking for, this seemed like my best bet.Words cannot express how positively thrilled I am by this brush! I love the plastic paddle, it’s a nice shiny black and extremely light weight which means no wrist fatigue. The rows of bristles are spaced out well in bundles that are fairly compact but firm. The bristles penetrate down to your scalp which is exactly what you want/need from a boar bristle brush in order to effectively distribute your hairs natural oils. My hair is near waist length and extremely healthy/naturally shiny to begin with, so I didn’t expect a hairbrush to make such a difference but WOW! It smooths my hair down without the need of additional heat or styling tools and it gives my hair even more of a sheen then it already had – did not think that was possible!This is an extremely well constructed brush and I see it lasting me many years with proper care and cleaning though I am contemplating stock piling a few just in case I’m not able to find this same brush again in the future (seriously, I love it that much!) I also purchased their ball tipped brush in red because I knew there would be times I’d need a regular denman style brush to untangle my tresses and I wanted a matching set. It’s equally as beautiful and I’ll write a review for that later, but if there is one brush to get, it would be their Pure Boar Bristle Brush.

Kristie Starkville, MS

So in love with this brush, had to order the purse size

Crazy about this brush. So my hair had some trauma this year and needed a little TLC. I got some advice that I needed to wash it less, get rid of my plastic brushes, prevent breakage at night (sleep caps or satin pillow cases), deeper nourishing conditioners. Well I went a little overboard on the boar bristle brushes but I fell for this brush. The bristles are firmly in the cushion. I clean it out at the end of every day with a comb through the bristles. My hair looks shiny and gorgeous. It seems to have a bit more body to it. Since I am not shampooing it every day — which was a terrifying notion to me — I have fine wavy hair and am afraid of greasy head issues. The boar bristle brush redistributes the natural sebum that the head produces through the hair, making the hair less dry, and shinier and the scalp less greasy. Also the boar bristles make the hair less dirty, the bristles clean the dirt out.Once a week I rinse the brush with cold water and let it air dry over night. The handle is great in my hand. The bristles feel fabulous against my head like a stimulating massage to awakening some of my sleeping hair follicles.According to the ‘experts’ I consulted if you have thicker or curlier hair, or denser hair you should use a combination of boar and synthetic bristles. If you have fine to normal hair the straight up boar bristles should suit you fine. I am so impressed with how my hair looks with this brush I went online and ordered the small purse size of this brush as well as I was carrying around the large brush with me everywhere.

Leola Short Hills, NJ


I purchased this after giving away a wooden boar bristle brush that I had bought at Sally’s to a family member who was impressed after using it, and after deciding to grow my hair out very long. I expected a little bit more from it. Though I ordered a boar bristle brush, I’m certain this has nylon in it. I find it is a little bit harsh on my hair and it’s made of a brittle feeling plastic. I’m not too disappointed because it wasn’t very expensive, but then again my Sally’s brush was under 10.00, was soft but effective, and was made of attractive wood.I’m keeping this brush in my office at work, but I think I’m going to buy another brush for use at home. I don’t really want to shell out $200 for a Mason Pearson brush, though the irony may be that by the time I find a brush I like enough I’ll have spent that much!This is a decent hair brush though, I’m just looking for one that is specifically great for very fine textured but extra long straight hair.

Geneva Ophir, KY

Best Boar Bristle Hair Brush Ever!

I had a boar bristle Isinis hairbrush just like this when I was growing up. I don’t know what happened to it, but I didn’t think I would ever find another one. I was shocked when I saw them for sale on Amazon. I ordered it and it’s just like I remember many years ago. Isinis is made in France so the quality is excellent. I have fine to medium hair and this brush stimulates the scalp nicely. I’m so glad I found this hair brush and I highly recommend.

Maureen Omaha, NE

I love this brush!

This is my first Boar Bristle Brush and I am SO happy I bought it!!!After using it for about 2 months my hair feels amazing! I am doing the “no-poo” thing and a boar brush is essential to success.The brush is built well and seems to be holding up well. I didn’t know if the spacing between the bristles was too far apart but after using it the spacing is perfect.My only qualm is the price. I haven’t tried them, but.. there are A LOT of nice looking boar brushes on the market and I think this one should come down in price. Also, it’s shipped from France and you pay for that too. Just something to think about.If you are interested in my no-poo results, check out my blog. I also have links at the end for even more information about being Shampoo free. :)[…]

Darla Maple Hill, KS