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ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener 1″ Tourmaline 175 – 450 Fahrenheit 2 Year Warranty

Silky smooth hair is the ultimate achievement for your hair! Solid Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron plates protect your hair and leave it silky smooth, You won’t believe how silky smooth your hair will be, no more pinched hair from low quality metal plates. Tourmaline ceramic is the way to go! Digital temperature control makes sure the temperature is set precisely for YOUR hair. No more 1 to 10 temperature adjuster, too cold one moment, too hot the next. Temperature will be displayed precisely for maximum results! Give your hair the quality it deserves with ISA Professional Tourmaline Ceramic hair products. Your loved ones will certainly notice! * 100% Solid Tourmaline ceramic plates * Neon background LCD display * Digital Temperature control 175 – 450 Fahrenheit * 50 Minute Auto shut off safety feature * Fast and safe straightening, curls, waves * 360 degree no tangle cord * Full 2 year warranty The ISA Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener has heating plates made from 100% solid ceramic which enables salon quality hair straightening at home. Unlike metal or ceramic-coated plates, our 100% solid ceramic plates transfers heat faster and more evenly, for perfect results each and every time. The Neon background LCD display and high tech Digital temperature controls allows you to set any temperature between 175 to 450 Fahrenheit. This is the best and most accurate control on the market. The unique shape of the ISA Professional Hair Straightner does more than just straighten your hair. You can also shape your hair into bouncy curls or glam waves with just the flick of your wrist. Beautiful and so simple! We guarantee this salon quality professional product for 2 years. Questions? Please contact us.

Key features

  • Ceramic Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener Pivoting Plates 100% SOLID Tourmaline
  • Digital Flat Iron Temperature Control 175 to 450 Fahrenheit Neon LCD
  • 1 Hour Auto shut off Safety Feature
  • Universal Voltage, 360 degree full swivel no tangle cord
  • Fast and safe straightening, curls, waves. Full 2 Year warranty!

Honest reviews


Glossy shiny hair in seconds, yet protection from damage with tourmaline ceramic

This is a great flat iron. It has a vast range of temperatures, from curling iron hot to super hotYou can create waves or curls but I like it best for straightening. As you pull the flat iron, the ceramic seals each hair shaft so all frizz goes away and the gloss is amazing.It also has a digital readout so you know your exact heat and when to begin if it is preheating.It heats up quickly and truly works wonders–even if you only use it for special occasions and limited glamorous evenings out, it just makes hair prettier. Period. Easy to use, easy to grasp, more gentle on your hair.Hair straightener provided by ISA

Tamera Sellers, SC

Great flat iron…

This is really a nice unit. It has a digital display that shows the temperature of the unit, which is an important plus to me.You might be wondering why this flat iron is more expensive than the flat irons you see in drugstores. Well, I wondered the same thing, so I asked the owner to explain it to me. :)He explained to me that although flat irons mostly look similiar, with a plate where you flatten your hair and a hinge that makes it all work, the materials and internals can be very different. These professional flat irons are made with a higher quality of UV resistant plastic on the outside, so that it will look its best for many years of use. Their flat irons feature a tough 10 foot long cord for use in salon conditions (also convenient for older houses with fewer wall plugs so you don’t have to use an extension cord). The handle features a bright backlit digital read out which gives the exact temperature that you set it to. You will also notice that the temperature will remain the same over time, ie if you use 180 Celsius this month you will still likely still use 180 Celsius a year from now unless there is a big change in your hair, indicating that there is no internal electronic component degradation. The plates are made from 100% solid tourmaline ceramic. Tourmaline is a type of semi-previous gemstone which is mined then ground up and used to make the ceramic plates. Tourmaline emits negative ions which smooth hair and seal in moisture while you are using it. Because the plates are solid tourmaline and not tourmaline coated, they will never scratch or peel. The plates also swivel so that you can easily use the flat iron to make curls or flips or waves. There is also a built in 50 minute auto shut-off so that you don’t have to freak out if you turned it off.I have to say, that explanation helped me understand, and I am now a true believer.My hair moved easily through the plates and I have no more frizzes!I can totally recommend.I received a sample of this product review and test. My opinion is my own.

Misty Andover, IL


All of us loved it! Since my hair is fine and pretty short I didn’t think it a fair test to just try it on myself, so I called in two friends. Both of them were delighted to try it. In fact, I think one would have swiped it if I hadn’t been watching.First of all, my trial – it straightened my fine hair and made it very shiny and glossy.Another friend who has natural kinky and wiry hair was amazed that in a few minutes she could have sleek, shaped hair. And my third buddy who has lovely long hair was also very impressed.All of us very much liked the digital temperature control (my wiry friend used a higher control than I did). The authentic tourmaline ceramic plates were kind to each of us – smoothing and straightening easily.So, whatever your hair type we think you’d be very happy with this straightener.Disclaimer; Product was sent for possible review.

Annette Utica, OH

High quality with plenty of features

I have been using this flat iron over the weekend and am really enjoying it. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a product and much better than your typical Walmart flat iron. I have long, curly hair and it is always difficult to find one I’m completely happy with. My previous one I have really liked and been using for a few years is a Chi Turbo, so my review is based mostly as a comparison to that.Pros:[+] I like the back-lit digital temperature readout. Always accurate and easy to read.[+] Heats up very quickly[+] Fantastic results with straightening and subtle curling[+]
• Love
• the one hour safety shut-off for peace of mind (my Chi doesn’t have this)[+] High quality ceramic feels very sturdy and I would expect it to last a long time[+] Long power cord gives you ample mobilityCons:[-] The button placement is frustrating. The buttons on my Chi are recessed so my thumb never accidentally presses them. The buttons on the ISA are exactly where my thumb naturally lands and constantly get pressed accidentally. I could retrain myself to hold it differently, but I’d rather not have to worry about it. The button lock-out feature doesn’t help with this because that button is among those accidentally being pressed, so I will still accidentally unlock it. It’s kind of like if a gun had the "safety" feature turned on and off by pulling the trigger; basically defeats the purpose.Other:[
• ] Not going to list this as a con since this is more of a personal taste, but I think I prefer the slightly larger size of my Chi. But that could just be because I’ve become used to that size after using it so long.[
• ] Seems to require a higher temperature setting than I need on my Chi. Not sure if that’s because my Chi is understating the temperature on the readout or if the ISA is overstating the temperature.Overall, a very nice flat iron if you can overlook some minor issues. Sample provided by ISA.

Heather Austin, MN

Awesome Straightener

My hair is already pin straight. But this does a nice job straightening the little fly aways that stick out (I think they are probably the wirey gray hairs that have been dyed back into submission but continue to fight to be seen). It gives me a nice, smooth look.The real test for this flat iron is my blond, curly haired niece. Her hair is course and very curly. She loves this iron. It gives her straight, shiny hair.This heats up quickly and works wonderfully. I use the lowest setting, my niece goes higher. Go as low as your hair permits while getting the results you desire.Sample provided.

Kimberley Bantam, CT

Top-quality hair straightener

This hair straightener from ISA does an excellent job straightening and shaping hair. It has state-of-the art 7/8 in. x 3 1/2. floating plates made of tourmaline ceramic, and they heat up fast. The temperature adjusts from 80 to 220 degrees Celsius in 5 degree increments (equivalent to 176 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit with 9 degree increments). The liquid crystal display is easy to read and the controls are easy to use. Tap the power button twice to lock or unlock the current temperature and press it for two seconds to power off.The construction is solid and precise, but the overall weight is only 356g (12.6 oz.), which is light enough to use for hours without strain. The sturdy spring hinge gives precise control. The flat power cable is 10 ft. long and resists tangling. The connector has a 120 degree angle, strain relief, an eyelet for hanging, and swivels infinitely. The plug is polarized and there is an automatic shutoff for safety.I definitely recommend this hair straightener because it works very well and is designed with features that make it easy to use. It is even shipped in packaging that is both frustration-free and attractive.A sample was provided for evaluation and review.

Dolores Blue Rapids, KS

ISA Professional Digital Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener Iron

The most compelling feature of this hair straightening iron is the pinpoint temperature control. Plug it in, press the on/off button and the LCD panel shows the digital temperature read-out as the Tourmaline ceramic plates on the device heat-up. The temperature range is expansive — 80 to 220 degree Celsius which translates to 176 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit – and should work for any and all types of hair.Press the up or down arrow to select a desired temperature and when the temperature is reached, press the on/off button twice, quickly, to lock the control panel. Locking the controls eliminates the possibility of inadvertently pressing on the LCD panel and accidentally changing the temperature.When done using the iron, quickly press the on/off button to unlock the panel, and then press and hold the on/off button until it goes off (about two or three seconds.) The iron automatically turns itself off after 50 minutes.The device is RoHS compliant which means the device is tested for restricted dangerous substances commonly used in electronic and electronic equipment like lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyla and polybrominated diphenyl ethers. Compliance means the device meets levels deemed acceptable by this directive.Having this much control, along with the wide range of temperatures, will do much to eliminate unintended damage to hair. My hair is long, thin and curly so I selected the coolest setting (80 degrees Celsius – 176 degrees Fahrenheit.) The iron heated up within ten seconds.Using the iron on sections of hair measuring the recommended five centimeters (just under two inches) I moved the iron at a steady pace down the length which quickly removed every bit of curl from my hair. And, because the plates are slightly rounded on the edges, I curled the ends under and was left with a head full of shiny, bouncy straight hair.It is sufficiently lightweight so during use my arm did not tire, and another nice feature is that where the cord meets the iron it swivels completely in a 360 degree circle so it never tangles or gets twisted while using the device. There is also a handy built-in loop to hang the iron, if desired. Well designed to be user-friendly.Iron provided without obligation by Isa.

Charlotte Christiansburg, VA

Ceramic Flat Iron

Do you want straight, silky hair? Then you have to try this straightener! We gave it a shot with my teenage daughter and were amazed at the results. Her hair is very thick and frizzy. She always has little flyaways that curl up and drive her crazy. No matter how much she brushes it, it always looks tangled and messy after a few hours. This flat iron changed all that.Since my hair is poker straight naturally, I’ve never needed to use a flat iron before and I was worried it might be difficult. This wasn’t the case. It heats up within seconds. It also has an automatic shut off feature which comes in handy if you have a forgetful teen who might walk away and leave it plugged in as well as temperature control so you can get just the right about of heat for your hair type.When you actually use the flat iron, it’s not much different than a clothes iron. Just gather a few strands of hair and glide them between the plates. It straightens outs even the most obstinate hair. You may see a little steam come up, especially if hair is still damp. It only took about 15-20 minutes for us to do my daughter’s hair, but this will vary depending on length and thickness. When you’re done, your hair is straight, silky and beautiful.When you’re all done, the device cools off just as quickly as it heats up. It’s small and compact for easy storage. Ours fits inside my daughter’s large makeup bag. This unique flat-iron also contains an eco friendly ceramic heating element. That means you get a higher level of heat while using a lot less energy. So it’s not only a fabulous product that keeps your hair looking beautiful and healthy, it’s also an Eco-friendly choice. At less than $100, its also a great value for the money. Plus it’s such high quality, I’m sure it will outlast even the more expensive brands. I’m very happy with this flat iron!Complimentary product received in exchange for an honest review.

Glenna Smethport, PA

ISA Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener – Worked very well for my daughter and for me

This ceramic hair straightener works. Period. It heated up quickly to a temperature that was perfect for our daughter’s use, and I even had to adjust it down a bit for myself. This flat iron is easy to hold and easy to use, and performed the job very well. Yes, the placement of the digital controls is a design-issue that needs a rethink, but the unit has a work-around that works. If you are looking for a hair straightener then I can recommend this one.This unit heated up very quickly for me, in just a matter of seconds it was ready for use. 30 seconds tops. My hair is thin so I actually had to turn the heat down to 180 degrees, and that worked perfectly. The weight and balance are just right, and the unit is comfortable to hold and use.As mentioned, the digital control buttons are placed in the perfectly wrong place and are always tweaked by my hand and fingers, but the unit’s work-around actually works: Once the flat iron heats up to the desired temperature, double clicking the power button will lock the controls to disable the buttons so you do not accidentally change the temperature. I found that this worked well, though the buttons still kept beeping at me every time I touched them. When done, I double clicked the power button to remove the button lock, then then clicked it once again to turn the power off. A bit complex, but it really did work.If you would like to see pictures of the flat iron we received, please navigate to it’s main sales page and then scroll down to where the “Most Helpful Customer Reviews” section starts — look to the right of that area for the “Product Images From Customers” section, and our pictures are there. It is a nice looking unit that feels good in the hand.The documentation notes that this item includes a two year warranty, so if an issue arises within that time period I will return here to update the review and let you know what the issue was and how resolution was handled. I did receive this hair straightener gratis from the manufacturer and have put it through the paces to objectively find out how well it performed. My statements here reflect that testing.If you are looking for flat iron hair straightener of this size, style and design, for use similar to what I have described above, and can put up with a little design quirk that really does not hamper operation, then I absolutely recommend this unit based on my experience with it.Go for it.

Ina Happy, TX

Works well!

This is beautifully packed and comes in a sturdy box. The ceramic hair straightener works well and the enclosed guide is detailed on settings and usage parameters. The heat it generated was good for me, and the end product was great! It is a great gift for women and college girls. Sample was provided to me and my review is based on my experience with it.

Liliana Pulaski, IL

Glides through hair with ease

At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the feel of this tourmaline hair straightener. It just doesn’t feel as sturdy as a GHD.Then I used it, and the light weight actually helps with arm fatigue while straightening sections of longer hair.And for whatever reason, the plates glide effortlessly through your hair. Zero friction. It smoothed out all the tatty ends, making my fragile hair look healthier and silkier. If your hair isn’t in the best condition, this straightener can help it look better.It heats quickly and evenly, from 175 to 425 degrees. I can’t imagine ever needing it as hot as 425, but it shows the range of this unit.As an aside, it’s easy to see almost any color of hair on the vivid red plates…important if you are trying to be super precise.Test product supplied for review

Freda Dublin, OH

Easy to use!

This is a hot straightener. It warmed up very quickly too, which is great because I never know what I want to do with my hair until the last minute. The handle is just the right size. I did not get hand fatigue even when straightening my grand daughters long hair. I really like the lock feature. I am always bumping into the buttons and with the lock feature it does not change the temp until you unlock it. The display is easy to read and the operation is simple. It works great. I received this product for a fair and honest review.

Sally Pittsburg, IL

Fast Heating!

Heat up super fast!And once the iron has heated up to the desired temperature, you double click the power button to lock the controls so that if you accidentally touch the buttons while styling your hair, it won’t beep or change the temperature. When you are finished, simply double click again to take off the lock, then single click as usual to turn off the hair straightener.The one draw back is that it doesn’t get super hot to really straighten hair to its straightest.

Marianne Melrose, MT

No more frizzy, wiry hair for me!

The ISA Professional Hair Straightener is a flat iron-style straightener with tourmaline ceramic plates. It also has some unique features that make styling your hair easier and more convenient.Flat iron straighteners consist of two flat plates which are heated and then sections of hair are slid between them to straighten and smooth the hair. The plates are made of a variety of materials – metal, ceramic, tourmaline or a combination of those. Metal is generally the least expensive (except for titanium) and is generally considered to be very hard on hair. Ceramic is much smoother and lets hair slide easily between the plates. Tourmaline is a silicate that, when crushed to a fine powder and then added ceramic coatings on the plates or baked on the plates by itself, makes a very smooth surface on the plates.Ceramic and tourmaline are also considered superior because when heated, they emit negative ions. (Tourmaline emits the most negative ions when heated.) Dry, damaged hair is positively charged which leaves the hair follicles open. Using a ceramic or tourmaline straightener leaves the hair much shinier and smoother because the negative ions close the follicles and smooth the hair by neutralizing the positive charge present in dry or damaged hair.The ISA straightener features SOLID tourmaline ceramic plates. Many plates that claim to be tourmaline or ceramic are actually metal plates with a ceramic/tourmaline coating baked on. This coating can chip off easily and damage hair as it glides over the chipped areas. A solid tourmaline ceramic plate will never chip or peel.The plates on the ISA iron actually swivel, too! I noticed right away how easily my hair ran through the iron. Then I looked closely at the plates and saw that each one can rock back and forth in place, making sure your hair is never pulled or yanked no matter what position your arm is in.It also features adjustable temperature setting – from 175F to 425F. This is an absolute necessity for avoiding heat damaged hair over the long haul. You should start out at the lowest temperature setting and gradually increase it until you find the lowest setting that will straighten and smooth your hair satisfactorily. Different hair types require different temperatures. And because these plates are solid tourmaline ceramic and do such an exceptional job of smoothing, you may find you need a lower setting than with your previous flat iron.The power button and the temperature adjustment buttons are located right where your hand goes when using the iron. The temperature is displayed in a bright LED readout. This is great, but you will notice that during use, it’s easy to hit the buttons and change the temp. ISA addressed this by including a lock mode. Simply set the desired temperature and then press the power button twice very quickly. The LED screen will display a locked lock. When you’re done, press the power button twice quickly and the screen will display an unlocked lock. To power off, just hold the power button down for at least 2 seconds.There is also a sleep function which automatically turns the iron off after 50 minutes.I love the 10 foot power cord! I live in a very old house and have a meager number of electrical sockets in odd places. I’m always having to use extension cords for appliances because of where my few outlets are located but not with this one! And the power cord swivels 360 degrees so it never gets tangled up as you use it. There is also a hanging loop at the base of the cord which will let you hang a hot iron safely out of the way with a simple cup hook.My only real complaint is that the included user’s manual doesn’t really outline the features as well as it could, partly because the layout is horrible. The explanation of how to use the lock feature is confusing and is hidden in tiny print in the middle of a wall of text. There is actually more info about the product and usage on the Amazon product page!I used the iron on my own hair and two friends the first day I got it. My own hair is color treated and tends toward being coarse, wiry and frizzy. One friend has thick smooth hair that’s almost impossibly naturally curly. The other friend is African American and has salon straightened hair and she uses a flat iron regularly to maintain her style. I was surprised that each one of us ended up with smooth, straightened hair that had a lot of shine!My friend with the super curly hair took the longest to finish because we had to use small sections since it is so curly naturally. However, she was thrilled! She’d never used a flat iron before and she was astounded that she could get such smooth, straight results.My other friend owns a high end flat iron that she uses daily and which cost $300 when she bought it a few years ago. She was very enthusiastic about this iron because it gave her the same results and she loved the easy-to-read temperature. Her hair looked glossy and smooth when she was done. She also mentioned that because African Americans often have to use a lot of moisturizer and other products in their hair, it’s important to clean the plates after every use to avoid product building up and baking onto the plates, which will make them work less well.My own hair slid easily through the plates and came out straight and smooth and glossy. I even used the lowest temperature setting! I was also able to get a nice curve at the bottom simply by twisting my wrist when I got to the end of each strand. And the smoothness remains even in my hot, humid climate.Remember, this is not like a curling iron. Use small sections and glide the hair through, keeping the iron in motion the whole time. Never stop in one place. If you’ve never used an iron before, it will take a little practice to get the hang of it but if you want to be able to wear a smooth, straight hairstyle no matter what your natural hair type is, this straightener by ISA is a top of the line tool at a reasonable price.NOTE: I was provided a sample for reviewing purposes but no promise for a positive review was made or implied.

Lupe Mount Washington, NH