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Irish Spring Gear Body Wash, Exfoliating, 15 Fl. Ounce

Stay fresh long after your shower with Irish Spring GEAR Exfoliating Clean Body Wash with volcanic minerals. This formula is engineered for advanced performance with odor-neutralizing technology to help you smell clean all day long. This body wash exfoliates for a deep clean feeling. Irish Spring GEAR is available in a variety of body washes and bar soaps to meet men’s skincare needs. Exfoliates to leave a deep clean feeling. View larger Neutralizes Odor for 24 Hours Irish Spring GEAR body wash contains a unique, clinically proven odor neutralizing technology that provides 24 hours of long-lasting freshness. Unlike most brands that use fragrances to mask the odor, Irish Spring GEAR with odor-neutralizing technology actually neutralizes and helps eliminate odor at the source to provide a clean, long-lasting freshness. Exfoliates for a Deep Clean Get a deeper clean with this Irish Spring GEAR Exfoliating Clean body wash. Made with exfoliating volcanic minerals, it leaves your skin fresh and renewed. Irish Spring GEAR Body Washes Irish Spring GEAR offers three body wash varieties to keep you fresh. Try Skin Hydration to condition your skin, 3 in 1 for a convenient hair, body, and face cleansing, and Exfoliating Clean for a deep clean. Irish Spring GEAR is also available as a bar soap. What’s in the Box Irish Spring GEAR Body Wash, Exfoliating Clean, 15 Ounces. Irish Spring GEAR Exfoliating Clean Body Wash Clinically proven odor-neutralizing technology Cleanses and exfoliates Keeps you fresh for 24 hours Contains volcanic minerals

Key features

  • 15 fluid ounce bottle
  • Engineered for advanced performance
  • Provides 24 hour freshness
  • Exfoliating Clean with Volcanic Minerals Body Wash: For a deep exfoliating clean

Honest reviews


weird texture

I’ve never used any kind of body wash/shampoo that was this texture. It’s like a super-thick gel. I put some in my hand and it held shape. I dented it with my finger and the depression stayed, with my fingerprint. Also, the smell is ridiculously strong.

Marquita Magnolia, MN

well if you have picky guys

If your men in your life are picky like mine, you will hear why does this body wash have rocks in it……….but the scent lasts all day, and it works great just be prepared for the questions …exfoliating did not mean a thing to my guys 🙂

Noreen Bar Mills, ME

4 1/2 Stars — Very Pleased With How It Leaves Me Feeling Clean, Refreshed And Smelling Nice

Irish Spring Gear Body Wash is part of a new line of shower products that is supposedly engineered performance. This particular body wash is the Exfoliating Clean with Volcanic Minerals that is marketed as not only helping to exfoliate your skin but retaining more of the skin’s natural hydration than an ordinary bar of soap to provide 24 hour freshness.Do I KNOW for a fact that it actually exfoliates and hydates my skin with its volcanic minerals. No, I don’t know it for a fact! But what I do know is that this particular body wash definitely leaves my skin FEELING not only very clean but also very refreshed and hydrated. If that’s not enough, it has a very pleasant, masculine aroma. To be honest, the aroma may be considered by women to be more for a man than a woman — but, being a man, I find the aroma to be very pleasant and not overpowering.Overall, I am very satisfied with this body wash and would recommend it to anyone, but probably more to men than women. The only reason I’ve deducted a 1/2 star is because it contains 1 fl. oz less than my regular brand of body wash, yet costs about the same. Nonetheless, if with more repeated use I continue to be as pleased with the Irish Spring Gear Exfoliating Clean Body Wash as I currently am, it has a good chance of taking over as my regular brand.

Kimberly Clarksdale, MS

Refreshing with a pleasant scent

I was a bit surprised when using Irish Spring Gear Body Wash. Where was the distinctive scent to which I’m accustomed from their bar soup? The scent is pleasant, just different.As noted in the product description, this addition to the Irish Spring line contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and Eucalyptus Extract. I can only assume that’s good. This is, of course, a shampoo and body wash in one, although I tend to stick to using it for one or the other, in this case, as a body wash. It does feel refreshing and, as previously stated, has a pleasant scent. A good product and recommended to those for whom cleanliness is a must.

Cecelia Dornsife, PA

Like showering with sandpaper.

Back when I used to work on cars I used to love a nice heavy gritty soap to wash my hands. Jump to the present and hit some delicate areas with this soap and you will not be presently surprised. Whoever thought of putting gritty volcano pieces into a show gel needs to be rewarded with a scrub down from his.her coworkers, repeatedly, with scrub brushes.

Janelle Gilcrest, CO

It’s okay, nothing to make me brand loyal

I like 2n1 and 3n1 washes for work, less stuff to carry into the shower. This has a decent scent, but I find myself wishing it would lather much more. Haven’t tried it on my face or hair yet. It’s on par with the Axe stuff I’ve been using most recently.

Charlotte Lacassine, LA

Highly Recommended

My wife is still amazed at the men’s body wash products that claim to be so multi-purpose that they eliminate the need for shampoo. I’ve tried several of these through Amazon’s Vine program, and the Irish Spring product is one of my favorites. The smell is familiar to anyone who has used Irish Spring soap; however, it’s more subtle and longer-lasting with this product. And, yes, it does work as a shampoo, too. Although I don’t have nearly as much hair as I used to, what I have is soft after using this product. The only drawback–the only area in which I’d pick another product–is that Irish Spring Gear does not seem to moisturize particularly well, certainly not as well as Dove’s Men+ moisturizing wash. In the dryness of winter, I’d pick the Dove product; however, once humidity levels rise, Irish Spring’s Gear Body Wash will be on my shopping list.

Hollie Benton, IA

Green Showering Machine

I’ve used Irish Spring products off and on for years now. I’m a big fan of their traditional bar soap, but I’ve never been that impressed with their body wash products. This Gear Body Wash is an improvement, but Irish Spring still has a ways to go to catch up with the likes of Old Spice and Axe in the body wash department.Gear does lather up quite nicely, and it has a very nice and subtle scent. However, the moisturizing claim falls a bit short in my book. I have rather severe dry skin on my hands and face, and this body wash seems to have not helped in that department at all. I’ve been using extra strength lotion for months now and it seemed to be working pretty good until I started using Irish Spring Gear.Hopefully this is all just a coincidence, as I really do like the scent and feel of Irish Spring Gear on my body.Mildly recommended.

Celeste Mayport, PA

Love it – great for the whole family!

Our family has various skin conditions – everything from sensitive to oily to dry. This product works great for all of us. Plus, the odor is very nice. I suffer from migraines and can’t take "perfurmey" scents at all – this product’s scent is so refreshing and calming. Literally like a breath of fresh air. Highly recommended!

Iris Indianapolis, IN

Manly, but I love it too!

Thanks to the expholiating powers of this soap, I’ve said good bye to by alligator legs. Following a routine of using this in the shower at night, then applying a nice moisturizer on my legs right after drying off, then moisturizer in the morning, makes my legs look so much better! It works nicely on my dry arms too. Haven’t used it on my face, since I have a special soap for that. It smells much like the Irish spring bar of soap, maybe even the same scent. It’s not runny like another brand I bought, so easy to apply, without wasting any.Within the first couple days, I noticed a difference, in how smooth and less dry my legs looked.Now, I use this every day on my arms and legs. Wish I discovered this years ago!Great product!

Alison Red Lake Falls, MN

Irish Spring, the wash

I LOVE Irish Spring’s scent as a bar soap, but it isn’t’ mild enough for overall use. As Gear body wash, it has the great scent of the original with a hydrating, rich soapy wash. WONDERFUL!!!I DON’t use after shaves or fragrances; smelling clean is about it for me. Here’s one of the few clean scents I truly prefer. And decent to my easily- irritated, easily too dry skin, too. Score two. WELL DONE!First review written on my Kindle Fire, too!

Toni Three Springs, PA

Clean Feeling

I was never much a fan of the Irish Spring bar soaps and was glad I tried this product. It has a clean and fresh smell, different than the regular Irish Spring we all know. Texture and lathering is excellent and provides a nice clean and moist skin surface without an overpowering fragrance. Applies well with a wash cloth or one of those loofa’s I guess is what you call them! There are other Irish Spring products; however, this review is based on the "Hydrating" one. I am sure the others have the same effect; however, the hydrating effect is probably where the moisturizing comes from. Definitely would recommend this product. One of the few body wash soaps that I actually like. Can also be used as a shampoo as we..

Latanya Rhodell, WV

Not wild about the scent.

Traditionally, I purchase Irish Spring (original scent) for my family. In the past, I have even tried other options available by Irish Spring, like the Aloe one, and not particularly cared for it. To me, the original scent works best, especially in the body wash. But I was willing to give the new, Irish Spring Gear Body Wash, with exfoliating crystals a try. Unfortunately, this wasn’t my favorite. Women beware, it is definitely a masculine scent. While the original version of Irish Spring offers a subtitle scent, this one is a little overwhelming. Even my husband and sons say that they aren’t sure it suits them. And I especially would not use it to shampoo my hair. What, if any, is a redeeming quality of this product? Well, I would say that it is the exfoliating balls or crystals. While this body wash doesn’t lather up well with a wash cloth, the exfoliating crystals do offer a nice scrub. I think this product works best with a loofah sponge, which allows you to distribute the wash all over your body. In terms of packaging….it’s pretty simple. The container sits upright and has the typical squeeze feature. There is nothing new or original about the container, except this one is see-thru, unlike the original body wash which comes in a green container. This product is also clear, with some blue micro-beads inside. And finally, in terms of cost, it is comparably priced to other body washes (not specialty but over the counter brands) on the market…which is just under $5. With those things in mind, this was an “ok” or average product which I give a 3.

Lee Pocahontas, AR

Skin Hydration Claim is accurate and true

I’ve been using the Irish Spring bars for many years and have only recently started using body wash. I was pleased to get a chance to try the Irish Spring Gear body wash. The label claims it to be Skin Hydrating and I found this to be accurate and true.I have very sensitive skin and need products that don’t cause dryness, redness or result in flakey spots. The Gear proved to meet my high demands. The aroma is mild and pleasant, not cloyingly overpowering as many other washes on the market.I’ve used this now as a body wash and also as a shampoo with satisfying results. I hope you’ll be as pleased with this product as I.

Letha Seaview, VA

Body Wash

Not sure why this is any different than regular Irish Spring body wash, it smells the same and seems equally mositurizing. It does say it can be used to wash your hair, but I didn’t try that and don’t plan to.

Rosa Harrington, DE

Strong scent. Definitely a “guy” wash.

Irish Spring has often advertised its clean rinsing, and this product is no exception. It is a bright blue reminiscent of toilet water that smells very strongly of eucalyptus. It is absolutely a masculine smell. It did not lather well in my hair, but as a body wash with a puff it was fine. It does what it says, and if you like the eucalyptus smell, it would definitely appeal to you.

Ora Old Forge, NY

Decent, works no complaints

The men in my family are pretty dedicated to Axe bath and body products. The good news is they didn’t react unfavorably to IRISH SPRING at all.The smell is pure IRISH SPRING, they were open to it, liked it but not enough to switch.It’s exfoliating properties (sand, iron oxide) are small in quantity and didn’t effect their rating.Good lather, thick, does the job…they’re almost recommending it!

Amy Carnegie, PA

Refreshing, cleansing body wash…

“Body wash” products are not something men of a certain age necessarily grew up with. For the longest part of my life, men pretty much had one option: bar soap. I’m not sure that body washes have a particular advantage in cleaning, but if you need something portable (for travel or gym use) or just don’t like the idea of thinking about (or actually seeing!) what stays behind in bar soap, then body wash is an excellent alternative.Irish Spring “Gear” is a nice consistency (I’ve tried some that are far to thick, leading to difficulty in dispensing the desired amount). It leaves my the body parts I wash it with feeling clean. I like the scent; it’s similar to –but more subtle than– the familiar scent of Irish Spring bar soap.If you’re new to body wash products, this is a good start. If you already have a favorite, consider this one if you’re considering exploring other options.Gets ya clean, makes your skin feel good and smells nice (without being cloying)…what’s not to like ?

Lenora Norman Park, GA

Son loves it

He recently asked me to grab any type of Irish Spring body wash so I picked up this one. He loves it – says it is more refreshing than conventional body wash.

Dorothea Durham, NY


Irish Spring Gear Body Wash is not only hydrating but also refreshing, and I love this new formula. I usually don’t like Irish Spring soaps or body wash because they usually are too masculine for me but this new fragrance is not masculine at all and everyone in the family can use it. It’s perfect for a early morning wake-up and the scent is not overpowering like some shower gels can be. This Irish Spring body wash lathers up a lot so you won’t need much to get that fresh clean feeling.

Magdalena Perth, ND

Pretty great . . .

This Irish Spring Gear Body Was definitely *feels* exfoliating, and my skin and does not leave my skin as dry feeling (or itchy) as some other body washes do. So it does what it says. The scent is not exactly like the Irish Spring of yore, but it’s nice and refreshing and not too strong. You may want to check the scent out in a brick and mortar store, but Amazon’s price is good. I can highly recommend this body wash.

Kara Andover, OH

Good and Clean

I’ve been using Irish Spring bar soap for some time now. I’m a big fan. So it wasn’t much of a leap to try out their new Gear body wash. The scent is certainly there and the liquid did a decent job at cleaning me up without any kind of filmy residue. My only observation was that it seemed to take a lot more of the body wash to accomplish the same amount of cleaning compared to the bar soap. The contoured bodttle makes it easy to contend with in the shower, too. I had recently tried one of the Axe body washes – never again. The Irish Spring, on the other hand, did not disappoint.

Sheena Royal Center, IN

That Irish Spring Clean Isn’t Quite There

Both hubby and I tried this body wash and we both felt like it takes a huge amount of it to get the stuff to lather in a way that allows you to feel like it’s doing anything. Basically, prepare to go through an entire bottle in a week and still not really feel clean. It smells good, but that’s about it.

Nan Oak Grove, LA

Irish Spring Gear Body Wash, Hydrating

My 16 & 17 year old sons used this body wash. They said "it’s body wash and there’s not much to say about body wash." However, after drilling them, I got them to admit that it smells good, lathers well, has a good texture, is a nice color (green) and left their skin moisturized. They had no cons concerning it.The bottle is designed to have a good grip while in the shower. I’m happy with the product and so are my boys.

Geraldine Clatonia, NE

Excellent product

I love the smell of this body wash and so does my SO. It also helps with dry skin and living in a desert that is always a problem for me. I highly recommend this product and will buy again and again.

Esmeralda Waynesburg, OH

smells great

The scent is fresh and lasts reasonably long. The fragrance is clean and not too strong. The container has a shape that it comfortable and secure to hold. The fact thwt thus product can be used for hair, face and body is welcome as i prefer fewer bottles in the shower. Overall, I like it.

Ilene Valier, PA

Not enough grit?

There are pros and cons to most everything. How you decide whether or not the pros outweigh the cons really boils down to what it is you want out of a product. I’ll just lay out my observance:Pros:The smell is nice.The cleanse feels thorough.The texture is smooth and comfortable.Cons:The exfoliating elements are sparse, causing me to wonder if it really does all that it claims to.The lather isn’t as thick as you’d like, thus making me use more in order to get it everywhere.So really, it is a nice soap, and as such it does its job, but this is claiming to me more than that, and I’m not so sure that it lives up to that claim. I’d like to think that it does, but the sad amount of volcanic pieces here (really, volcanic?) make me wonder how much good they are really doing.

Maura Kingston, WA

Irish Spring now in a gel

I have always loved the smell of Irish Spring soap and the green striped bar is pretty in my bathroom.Now Irish Spring comes in a liquid form. I used it from top (hair) to bottom (toes) and was pleased with the way it cleaned everything. The smell lasted after my shower. I noticed it for a couple of hours but as with perfume you become accustomed to the fragrance so I don’t know how long it really lasted.The liquid is a bit thicker than other liquid soaps/bath gel I have used so it tends to go farther for less of the product.If you are a fan of the Irish Spring bar, you will like the gel as well.

Evelyn Mc Gee, MO


This stuff is dark blue, and thick. I didn’t think it lathered up much but I did feel clean after using it. Never been much on body wash but this brand is probably the best I’ve used. If you are into body washes I think you would like this.

Gay Petersburg, WV


Hubby was VERY impressed! He liked the scent, exfoliating beads, and rich lather. It did not leave behind soapy residue – he felt clean and refreshed after his shower. Recommended for individuals that like Irish Spring bar soap.

Jasmine Gibson, MO