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Irish Spring Body Wash, Original, 15 Ounce

Irish Spring body wash original with 8 hour scent system keeps you feeling fresh and clean all day. The fresh scent and rich lather get you clean as a whistle.

Key features

  • Irish Spring body wash variety keeps shower time interesting
  • All the freshness of Ireland, in one convenient bottle
  • 24 hour fresh
  • Smells crisp and fresh all day

Honest reviews


Love, love, love this!

Irish Spring has always been one of my favorite scents, so much so that I wished they made a perfume or even a room spray.This is great in the shower, I feel clean, it’s not as drying as the bar style (don’t know why), doesn’t leave a film and the scent stays crazy long throughout the day! DH smells fresh even after a long day at work and me, I just smell my forearm frequently throughout the day to refresh myself.I wish they would make a room spray that smells exactly like this. A perfume or cologne would be cool, too, but I’d settle for a room spray.

Sonia Altamont, NY

Clean I’ve been looking for!

I really found this product to fit my needs and expectations. It smells great and gives me that clean feeling I was searching for.

Melva Shawnee, OH

Irish Spring

Can’t go wrong with a little bit of Irish Spring in your life. Well at least for my husband who doesn’t always want to smell fruity like me lol..

Lesley Frenchtown, MT

I had a blonde moment!

I picked this up as an impulse buy at my local drugstore – it was at the end of the shampoo isle. I’ve always like the scent of their soap so I thought they came out with a new shampoo – cool! After I lathered and rinsed, I looked at the bottle and it’s body wash! So, I lathered it up all over. Guess what? I really like it as a shampoo and will be one of the 3 I use regularly. Love the scent and it makes my oily hair very full and clean. Because my hair needs shampooing daily, I cannot use any conditioner or conditioning shampoo since it leaves a film that flattens out my hair. As a body wash, it makes me feels very clean – no film and I feel like I just came back from an Irish meadow. Would recommend.

Pansy Fisty, KY

Really nice product

I’ve bought this for years to use in my shower. Has a very pleasant aroma, lathers generously and does seem to keep you fresh longer. One of my favorite products.

Mina Kramer, ND


A great price for the amount you receive. its just like one you’d purchase in the store – no funny business. Good size.

Fay Toquerville, UT

Smells so good

This beats the smell of anything at bath and body works. You talk about aroma therapy! This will cheer up anyone.

Kitty Canal Winchester, OH

Great smell!

The smell might be too strong for some people but I really like this one since the strong smell really wakes me up and feels very fresh for a while after the shower. Highly recommend this product.

Roslyn Carr, CO

“Manly, yes — but I like it, too!”

Love it when my hubby uses this he smells so good.(not that he don’t normally)To be honest though he is not crazy about it and says it really burns his eyes if not not really sure if my review would actually help here.

Rosetta Alum Creek, WV

Doesn’t smell exactly like the bar!

Maybe it’s my husband’s body chemistry, but this soap really doesn’t smell like the original Irish Spring bar soap that he’s been using for 20+ years. The scent is probably fine for most people, but it’s definitely not what we are used to… he ended up using it as shampoo instead of body wash.

Arlene Navarro, CA

Great Body Wash..

The Irish Spring Body Wash, Original, 15 Ounce, is the BEST Irish Spring out there in my humble opinion. I’ve tried the Irish Spring with Conditioner but I prefer the original formula. Using a small amount about the size of a quarter, it lathers up nicely. I use it for body wash and shampoo. The fresh scent wakes you up and leaves you smelling clean for several hours. My only complaint is that the 15 ounce bottles end up empty way too soon. You’ll need to keep a spare.Please rate this review if you found it helpful.

Melisa Dolgeville, NY