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Irish Spring Body Wash, Aloe, 15-Ounces

Live it up, lad! We don’t let you down. The crisp, clean freshness of Irish Spring lasts through all your adventures, and then some.

Key features

  • Get fresh, healthy feeling skin with Irish Spring® Aloe body wash.
  • Your skin will thank you
  • 24 Hour Fresh with Odor Neutralizer

Honest reviews


Nice refreshing aroma at a reasonable price!

My husband has used Irish Spring for years and because he has a difficult time holding onto the bar soap, I switched him over to the body wash and he really appreciates the benefits of the body wash and glad I found it in Irish Spring. Happy to buy the three-pack at such a reasonable price that I decided to try out the Irish Spring and agree with my husband the aroma is refreshing! It was packaged so well in shrink wrap that there was no leakage and it arrived soon after I placed my order. Thanks Amazon!

Helene Vinegar Bend, AL

great body wash

Irish Spring body wash with aloe is an excellent, excellent liquid soap to use in the shower. Although this body wash is primarily geared toward guys, there’s no reason why a woman can’t use it, too. The aloe helps to moisturize your skin and it always leaves my skin feeling really smooth and refreshed after a shower! I feel more relaxed, too.I suppose you could use this if you’re taking a bath, too; but then of course the water could get very soapy. That one’s up to you!This type of Irish Spring soap also has a pleasant scent to it that helps you feel and smell very clean and fresh after a shower. However, if you are allergic to scents then this soap is not for you.The bottle of soap is very easy to hold in the shower; the bottle is shaped in such a way that you can just grab it and hold onto it with one hand. Moreover, this never “goes stale;” if you like this product and you can catch a sale on it stock up fast!Overall, Irish Spring body wash with aloe is one of the very best deodorant liquid shower soaps out there. The scent is great; and the aloe keeps my increasingly dry skin softer and more moisturized. I highly recommend this soap.Use it in good health!

Pamala Outing, MN

Scent gives me a headache

My husband uses the Irish Spring bar soap and I like it. I decided to get him the body wash. It lathers really well with just a little gel. However, I made the mistake of getting the 8hr scent gel and it has a perfume smell to it that lasts and lasts and it gives me a sore throat and a headache. And I admit I am very sensitive to certain perfumes and this is one I cannot stand to be around. I had some on my hands and have washed my hands several times trying to get rid of this smell and its still there. So it you enjoy is particular fragrance, rest assured, it will last and last. Perhaps for some of you that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, not so much for me. It’s going in the garbage or he’s sleeping in the guest room from now on. I will try the regular Irish Spring gel. Hopefully it’s not as "lingering" and has a "fresher" smell like the bar soap.

Terri Chebanse, IL

A great product

This is just a good product over all. Admittedly, I purposely used it heavily for a St. Patrick’s Day party since the identifiable scent makes one think Irish.

Sharlene Edgar, MT

Great clean feeling!

I got away from using bar soap several years ago, and discovered this body wash shortly after. It remains my favorite soap to date. I love the aloe scent & Irish Spring body wash gives you a great clean, non-waxy feeling!

Louella Newtown Square, PA