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Irene Gari Fill In Powder, Dark Brown, 0.24 Ounce

This matte powder instantly fills-in thinning and balding areas to produce the appearance of thick, full hair. Blends in seamlessly and matches your hair color perfectly. Rain proof & sweat proof. It won’t run, streak or rub off. Washes out only when hair is shampooed normally. Suitable for all hair types.

Key features

  • Formulated with procapil
  • Fights follicle aging
  • Fortifies and rejuvenates hair with each application

Honest reviews


It really does work!

I just turned 50 this year. My dark brown hair has always had bits of grey, especially near the temples (why couldn’t it be in the back of the neck?!) and along the hair line. The routine has been to color every 6 weeks with my hair dresser, concentrating on the roots. In between I would get a $6 touch-up from the store. Seems now I’m having to do the touch-ups a lot sooner than every 3 weeks. So, not wanting to constantly color the hair and potentially cause damage, I looked into fill in powder. This was rated the best as far as I could tell and it has been as reviewers claimed.The color is not overly obvious yet covers very well. I like that it’s a powder and goes on in a more subtle way versus a color stick, which I’ve tried in the past and is way too clumpy and obvious. If reviewers had issue with the color/coverage, it would seem to me they have to try different colors–maybe I just got lucky with my color. This provided me the perfect solution to my problem and I would highly recommend this brand, this color.

Allene Spinnerstown, PA

Excellent Solution for Thinning Hair – Dark Brown

When my husband asked me if I was doing my hair differently I realized he’d finally noticed that my hair was thinning on the top of my head. Nothing I could do could hide the fact until I tried this fill in powder for thinning hair. The powder comes in a small container like one you would expect to contain blush. The powder is a dark brown color and there is a brush with short bristles to apply it. All you do is style your hair normally and then brush on the powder in the most obvious thinning areas. It works like a charm. What it really does is darken the scalp so it looks like you have more hair. This powder will also cover gray hair – I tried it. While I normally color my hair this powder is nice for touch ups between coloring. I find it works especially well at the temples where you can see the gray hair appearing. I am very happy with this product and will buy it again.~The Rebecca Review

Tisha North Carrollton, MS

Swear Proof? – Awesome!

I like products that are swear proof as in the description here: “Rain proof & swear proof. . .won’t run, sweat or rub off. Washes out only when hair is shampooed normally”. I like that it’s rain proof, but swear proof??!! I do a lot of swearing and I’m not sure this product will hold up to that. I’ll try it on my friend and see if I can swear it off once it’s applied.

Allyson Maplewood, OH

Much better than the marker or spray types.

I like this much better than the marker or spray types that made my hair sticky and cost a lot more.

Michell Birmingham, AL

Color not a match

Didn’t use this product because the color was not a match for me. Can’t comment on anything else about it

Shanna Atlanta, IN