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IQ Natural’s Best Mineral Makeup Starter Kit

IQ Natural’s Start Your Face selection is a unique all natural makeup starter kit that will help transform your face in minutes. This easy starter kit has everything you need to achieve a complexion that is beautiful while obtaining your best, all natural look. This kit includes easy step by step application tips as well as our signature silk primer for an even palette to apply our best mineral makeup upon. Set includes: Silk Primer 1oz, 2X Mineral Foundations 6g, Setting veil 6g, Bisque concealer 1.5g, Blush 3g, Bronzer 3g, 3X Eye shadows 1.5g. Our natural eye shadows, blush, and bronzer shades are pre-selected by our esthetician and best makeup artist for the foundation color shade you select at checkout. VERIFY YOUR SHADE prior to checking out

Key features

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  • Get Flawless Natural Makeup Results Today! Satisfaction assured with our 100% money back guarantee
  • Our best mineral makeup starter kit includes Silk Primer, Mineral Foundation, Setting Veil, Bisque Concealer, Blush, Bronzer, and Eye Shadow
  • Silky Smooth Application
  • Full Size, All Natural Foundation Makeup Set

Honest reviews


Wow Is All I Can Say

I have a sister and several friends that swear by the Bare Minerals make up, and I was dying to try it – I just didn’t want to pay that much for something I might not like. When I saw this set on Amazon, I thought, well, that is much less than the name brand one and you get everything you need. So, I went ahead and ordered it. It arrived while my sister was here and we had to check it out.I have to say that I am very impressed with this make up set.Not only does it cover everything well, the set comes with everything you could need to match to your face flawlessly. The concealer worked wonderfully under the eyes and on the few blemishes I have on my skin. You cannot tell that they were ever there! I have very light skin being a natural redhead, and there were two different “Fair” foundations in the set I ordered. While the lighter one was too light and the darker one was a bit dark, I found that I could easily mix them a bit and blend the perfect shade for me. It covers extremely well, and is so lightweight that I really cannot tell I’m wearing any make up at all. There are two different colors of blush in this set, a sparkly pink one called “Baby Face” and a darker one as well. We tried them both – and both look beautiful! Cover with the mineral veil finisher and your face looks amazing!! There are also three small eyeshadows that come with this set as well and they are all beautiful on.For any lady out there that is considering purchasing the more expensive brand name set, I would recommend that you try this one first. Even my sister, who wears the other one, was extremely impressed and even a bit mad when I told her how much less I paid for it. Try the IQ Natural Bare Organic Minerals Make Up Set and you won’t be let down with the quality and coverage it provides.

Nikki San Juan Pueblo, NM


After having some skin problems I switched all of my products to nat/org/hypoallergenic. This makeup is fantastic! It goes on easily and makes my skin look great! I have not broken out since I’ve had it and feel like my face is even clearing up! I have recommended it to friends and would recommend it to anyone. It is low-cost but definitely NOT low-performance!

Debora Rupert, VT


My only two complaints about this product is there is no stopper to prevent the make up form coming out everywhere and it has a little too much sparkle in some of the things. Make sure you keep the primer lotion in a cold area or it gets runny. The price was very inexpensive, the product is great, and the shipping time is reasonable!

James Brecksville, OH


wanted another mineral makeup set thought id give this a try. I’m very happy with the entire set! great deal compared to the prices of other brands and stores for what you get! the products work great! i have very sensitive skin and most typical make up makes my skin break out and mineral wear such as this one allows my skin to breathe and i have no break outs. it goes on as a powder but it almost turns into a cream the way it covers i love this stuff! yea the lose powder is a pain to work with to try not to spill and applying but you get the hang of it and its no comparison this stuff is way better for your skin than typical oily make up.

Claudette Wallace, SD

Goes on really thick

Was surprised by how thick it goes on but does not cause acne and that is a huge plus because everything I tried before made it break out.

Dale Gilman, IL

NOT Bare Minerals by Bare Eccentuals- beware!

I searched for Bare Minerals which I love and ordered this by mistake. I figured I would try it out…but HUGE difference. Not the same nice feel and quality as bare mineral and does not wear all day withour caking up, especially in creases like around the nose,corners of eyes, etc. Thought I was getting a deal on Bare minerals…was imitation product…waste of money. Bare minerals is worth the cost. I love the way it covers but still looks so natural. 🙂

Pansy Karluk, AK