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IQ Natural Large Mineral Makeup Kit 12pc

IQ Natural Get Gorgeous selection is a unique mineral makeup kit that will help transform your face in minutes. This easy start minerals kit has everything you need to achieve a complexion that is beautiful while obtaining a natural flawless look. This makeup kit includes easy step by step application tips. Mineral Makeup Kit includes, 2X Full Size Mineral Foundations 6g, Setting veil 6g, Bisque concealer 1.5g, Bronzer 3g, Eye shadows 1.5g. All Eye shadows, blush, and bronzer shades are pre-selected by our esthetician and mineral makeup artist for the foundation color shade you select at checkout.

Key features

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  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee
  • Full Size Mineral Foundations, Mineral Makeup Set Includes Starter Mineral Brush Set
  • Flawless makeup for everyday to active people
  • Get Flawless Results Today with the IQ Natural Mineral Makeup Kit!

Honest reviews


LOVE this makeup

I’m a 60-year-old woman who doesn’t want to look like I’m wearing three layers of makeup. I’ve thrown all my other cosmetics away, and only use these. When I first started using them, my friends noticed immediately, and complimented my appearance. The only thing I bought was a very light Almay blush, as I need a bit of color on my cheeks. I also ordered the primer. You apply very little, so this set will last a long time. I sure wish IQ made mascara.My combination skin is sensitive and prone to breakouts. I’ve had no problems with this makeup at all. In fact, I was getting small patches of psoriasis on the sides of my nose. Since I started using IQ, the condition has cleared. Just as good, if not better, than the incredibly expensive Bare Minerals line.All of my cleaning products are made by IQ as well. They’re very affordable and effective.

Jana Lena, LA


I ordered this product as a inexpensive alternative to Bare Minerals. Bare Minerals was reccomended to me by my hairdresser to try for my wedding. The color looks good I was just looking for something that wouldn’t "melt" off right away. Unfortunately after a few hours in 60 degree weather my face was oily and the mineral veil had left white streaks all over my face. The brushes are also quite flimsy.

Aline Delavan, WI

I’m not sure what I was expecting

After reading a few of these reviews (the bad ones, mainly) I thought for sure I’d made a huge mistake, but it all worked out for the best. Despite having no real clue what my true skin color is (medium with warm undertones? olive with cool undertones? I’d like to make a phone call?), and despite being really pale in winter and nearly Hawaiian during the summer, the medium works for me. Considering how many pink-based foundations are out there, it’s always a leap of faith ordering something new without being able to test it, first. Sure, there is a slight orange tint in the foundation powder (the medium beige less so than the medium), but the edge of that is toned down by the veiling powder. The bronzer has enough clay color in it to make a decent blush for me, and the set comes with fine, glittery eyeshadow (if you’re into fine, glittery eyeshadow). Just know: if you’re getting the medium, it is very warm.The foundation doesn’t have the greatest coverage for blemishes, but honestly, I haven’t really come across a liquid/mousse/airspray/BB cream foundation that covered them up completely. I’m sure it’s out there, but I’m not willing to spend more than drugstore prices for makeup these days.I only took a star off for the brushes. I’m no brush snob, but these strike me as worse quality than I usually find in paint brushes. They should have just kept the whole brush set.

Alisa Ewan, NJ

Looks like expensive make-up at a fraction of the cost.

I was hesitant to buy IQ and actually had Bare Escentuals in my cart when I landed on the IQ sample page and read the reviews. I have been a Bare Escentuals wearer for a long time and have tried some other knock-off mineral powders such as Maybeline, what a joke those turned out to be. Today my IQ makeup came and I will break down the differences between Bare Escentuals and IQ for you.Overall the final look achieved with both are just as stunning. IQ stays put much longer because it is not as fine as B.E.. It is only a tad bit heavier; however, it absolutely leaves no creasing, and is not noticable at all as long as it is applied correctly. The B.E foundation jars have smaller holes which filter the powders better; therefore, the IQ foundation tends to pile on top of the jar due to the larger holes in the bottom. Since the IQ foundation is already a tad bit heavier, having a mound of it to work with can be challenging. To avoid this problem place a cotton ball in the top of the jar when you are not using it so the powder doesn’t seep from the bottom to the top. When it’s applied, tap the jar gently and apply a small portion to the brush at a time. I’ve found these results to leave a natural, healthy overall look. Nobody will be able to guess if the final result is B.E. or IQ!The only dissapointment to me is the mineral veil. B.E. kicks the pants off of IQ’s veil. When the IQ veil is applied it just stays where you set the brush instead of floating down your face like the B.E. veil. It does leave a nice finished look however, so it’s not a complete disapointment. It does a good job at “finishing” the look, but it just isn’t the same as B.E. I will miss this.I’ve struggled to find a good concealer to hide my dark eye circles. The IQ concealer is one of the best concealers I have ever used. It hides my dark circles, and blends naturally with my face. I wish I could purchase a larger jar of it! I prefer the IQ concealer to the B.E. concealer. I was not impressed with the B.E concealer at all. It did not blend naturally with my skin tone, and did not completely cover my circles. IQ wins this round.The IQ eyeshadow is stunning. It is mucho perfecto! The neutral color is lightly sparkly and vibrant. It does not crease, and lasts all day. It reminds me of fairy dust, and is great to use on top of pigmented shadows to leave a sparkling effect. This is my “go to” shadow for both casual and formal wear.I read on the comments to order a shade darker as IQ runs light. I am glad I did. I have light-med skin and ordered the medium. It is perfect, and even came with one a shade darker too, for my summer tan! The IQ is hands down the best I’ve tried of any mineral makeup next to B.E and ranks a very close 2nd. I will be using this from now on. Goodbye expensive Bare Minerals.4/19/2014 Hi ladies! I’m back for my third purchase of IQ, and I’ve updated my review to reflect some additional pointers and thoughts that I’ve acquired since my initial purchase. I’m always on the lookout for high-quality products that meet the standards of others for a lesser cost. I’m thankful that I’ve found this in IQ.

Fran Seymour, IA

Great Brushes

Brushes for Mineral makeup is often very expensive, so when I saw this set I knew I had hit the pay load. The brushes are soft and makes the makeup look great!

Mollie Deloit, IA

buyers beware

Was unable to use product as the shipping for this product is terrible. However, the company did give me back my money since I was unable to use the product. However, I would be very aware…the brushes are terrible quality and considering the packaging and the care of product. I am sure the product is a cheap as the brushes. Just be careful with purchasing this item. You are getting what you are paying so little for.

Marylou Masonic Home, KY



Lola Cadiz, KY


Doesn’t blend well on skin. Brushes were hard amd hurt my face. They were cheaply made. I will never buy this makeup again.

Tamara Sequatchie, TN

Pretty good

This is a pretty good product. I don’t feel it blends as well as BM but sCovers just as well. I do LOVE the eyeshadow in tan that came with this kit! Great shimmer and great blending!

Tameka Hazlehurst, GA

No more orange tint

I love this makeup!!!! I am extremely fair skinned, I have yet to find someone more pale than me and makeups have always had an orange tint on me until i found iq naturals. I have used bare minerals before and it looked a little orange tinted on my face, i was on amazon one day when i came accross this makeup set and decided to try it, other reviews said to order one shade darker because it runs light but with how fair my skin is i stuck with the fair which makes my face look awesome!!!! I reccomend this to everyoneUPDATE: i should of updated this earlier but due to my sensitive skin this makeup caused me to break out and it also caused my sister to break out if u have sensitive skin do not use. The only foundations tht dont cause me to breakout is physicians formula and bare minerals. I still give three stars though because it still covered well and it didnt make me hav an orange tint just i cant use it because of the breakouts.

Elva Matador, TX

BOUGHT THIS 3x’s – forget sheer cover and bare minerals

Longtime user of all the various mineral products dating back to 2004. The brushes are cheap but who cares – the product is more natural and lasts longer than Sheer Cover (be very careful of this company NOW big scam very cheap product) – Bare Minerals and Bare Essentials. I’ve bought 3 sets now and will continue to do so. Make sure to turn brush upside down and tap so it evenly distributes on the brush and then on your face. If you don’t it (like all mineral powders) will spread clumpy and you will waste allot. Only complaint was one small contained out of 3 shipments was missing the hole filter and it came flying out. I didn’t care because I don’t use that one anyways.

Cecile Versailles, NY