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IQ Natural 1oz Glycolic Acid Pumpkin Mask

Glycolic acid is perhaps the best-known of a group of chemicals called fruit acids or alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). It is derived from sugar cane, so it can be considered a natural product. Citric acid from oranges and other citrus fruits also fall under the same classification as glycolic acid. Glycolic acid works as an exfoliating agent because of its high acidity but easy solubility. Glycolic Acid goes under the damaged upper layers of skin and destroys the ‘glue’ which holds dead skin to the surface. As this dead skin is chemically burned off, the other ingredients carry the individual flakes away and a water rinse neutralizes the remaining acid. The result is a much-smoother skin surface and a more youthful appearance. A secondary benefit is glycolic acid’s ability to draw moisturizers into the newly-exfoliated skin surface.

Key features

  • Brightens dull complexion
  • Aids in Healing Sun Damaged Skin
  • Evens Hyper Pigmentation
  • Even Skin Tone, Minimize Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • 5% Glycolic Acid for a Professional Peel at Home

Honest reviews


Pretty Good Mask, the Ingredients Aren’t Too Bad Either

I have tried other brands of the pumpkin and glycolic mask for more than double the price of this one and since I had never heard of this brand I was a bit skeptical…BUT…this pumpkin and glycolic mask works just as good as the others and for a much more resonable price. I’ve used it several times over a few months. The ingredients are recognizable to me and when I opened the jar initially I was surprised to see that the product really did look like pumpkin puree and not some lab simulated crap…I’ll be coming back for more and to satisfy my mask addiction. Make sure you follow the directions when using any product, especially one with acid in it and especially on your face. Also, I received a free brush with my mask, however, the bristles didn’t seem strong enough to pick up the mask with. Oh well, it was a nice gesture on IQ’s end and I’ll find something to do with it.

Madeline Dingmans Ferry, PA


this is the best mask I have ever used! usually when I use a mask is clogs my pores even more because there so creamy and made out of unnatural chemicals. this mask doesn’t clog my pores at all it actually makes them less visible. when i first got it, it looked like fresh pumpkin puree and it smells like it too, i wash my face with warm water and soap before i apply this product then i put a thin layer all over my face thats all you need! it does have a tingle burning sensation when you put it on but don’t be worried your face will not get irritated that means the acid in the mask is working. i leave it on before i go take a shower and i let the shower steam penetrate my face to get the mask deep in my pores and i give myself a facial massage while rubbing it off. trust me my complexion is glowing!! my skin has never been so even and clear it dries up acne and removes the scars this is my holy grail mask. i might want to purchase there other pumpkin mask which has a higher glycolic acid of 12% by far this product works for skin type (combination, dry in the winter, oily in the summer) my skin just looks normal and glowing i love it! you need to try this it works and for the price you won’t go wrong it last along time too considering your just putting on a thin layer

Ann Trout, LA


sry took so long was great would order again dont know if i see results but skin is smooth ty

Mai Longford, KS

If you have problems with skin burn RINSE WITH ICE WATER AND BAKING SODA IMMEDIATELY!

I followed the directions to the letter for this product and I ended up with a horrible skin burn on my face. The ingredients list is not found on the product and it informs buyers to go to another website to view the list. Likewise, this company does not tell the buyer how much glycolic acid is included in this product. It took almost 3 weeks for the burn to heel and I am left with a dark spot the size of a quarter on my face. I shipped the product back on July 13, 2012 priority mail and have yet to receive a refund (even after emailing the tracking number and seeing they received the items back). BUYER BEWARE!

Dina Exton, PA

it works.BUT


Erin Litchfield, CT

Good mask, but…

I do like this besides the fact that it goes on nothing like they advertize it.. in the picture it looks like any clay mask but when you apply it it goes on wet & chunky. The wetness covers the skin but the actual pumkin just balls & chunks up. On the bright side my skin is soft & glowing 😉

Loretta Wardsboro, VT

African American Male Suffering from Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

After reading all the good reviews on this product, I became anxious to receive it in the mail. When it did come I immediately prepped my skin for use. Opening it, it looks and smells like a mashed up pumpkin/apple pie in a jar (I keep it in the fridge for this reason!) I used the application brush it comes with to apply all over my face. At first I felt a cooling sensation and kinda got discouraged that it was just a regular mask that made your face feel good, but after about 20 seconds(I’m assuming it had to marinate!) the tingling sensation kicked in like a slap in the face! Nothing painful, can’t really say it burned or anything like that but just tingling.Directions say leave it on for 5 minutes but I left it on for ten. I also noticed while using it my skin sort of appeared have a reddish tint.The moment I washed it off I could literally see that my current post inflammatory hyperpigmentation was slightly (very noticeable in my case) brighter. I neutralized my face using pure Aloe Vera straight from the plant itself. The next morning I woke up to some peeling (that’s natural when using Glycolic Acid) and again noticed more brightened post inflammatory hyperpigmentation scars from my acne.I’ve only used it one time so far (lat night) but I have high anticipations for this product. I plan to continue using it at least once every two weeks to allow my face to heal and peel and will update this post in 3 months.Please feel free to remind me if it’s been pass 3 months.

Aurelia Monroeville, OH

I like these pumpkin mask

I use this mask as an exfoliator in the shower about twice a week, I apply it on my face, neck and decollete area, I leave it for about 6 minutes, and I notice my face cleaner afterward, it’s very good as it helps to dissolve the desmosones that bonds the dead cells on the epidermis.

Sonya Silverlake, WA

Acne Sufferers There’s Hope!

I’ve been suffering with adult acne my entire life and I’m soon to be forty-one. I’ve tried everything from prescriptions to over the counter and infomercial products. I ran across this on YouBeauty by Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen, the article on acne treatments suggested using a pumpkin mask with glycolic acid on pimples overnight and how it dries them up literally overnight. It took me almost two weeks to get the product, I was having a horrible flare up and I felt miserable. When it finally came I immediately tried it, I looked better in the morning but my skin was such a mess I felt it would take a while to clear up. Well its been exactly two weeks and not only am I almost completely clear but, my dark spots are going away and my skin is poreless. I tell you this stuff is amazing. I do use it every day and the company suggests twice a week, but I’m extremely oily and I read that oil feeds the acne. I guess that explains my problem. My skin is not overly dry because I do use a really good acne lotion after I take the mask off. Now that I’m almost clear I’m going to cut down on the usage and see how it does. I’ve never been so excited about a product… by the way it also makes your skin look so alive. At this price you can’t go wrong!

Lynda Tucker, GA

Excellent Mask

I really like this mask, I can feel it working (tingly) after I put it on and it has brighten my complexion. I didn’t realize how small 1 ounce is, it came in this little itty bitty jar. But a little goes a long way. I will buy again.

Velma Knox, ND

Great results, wonderful scent!

This mask is really awesome. I have used it several times now and just love it. It goes on easily, smells good enough to eat, and takes only a few minutes to work. I’ve used it on my face, neck, shoulders and chest and my skin has dramatically improved. I’m prone to breakouts and don’t like using harsh chemicals so this mask was a great find. I will say that my skin heals a lot quicker if I wash my face again after applying the mask. Since the mask breakdown all the oil buildup, washing with soap afterwards seems to really clean out my pores. My skin is glowing and clean! I will continue to purchase from now on!

Gail Lisbon, NH

great for the price

i once paid $50 for a different possibly better pumpkin enzyme mask. But the price of this one is pretty great. Warning: it does NOT apply like in the picture. It applies more in chunks.. think of applying pumpkin pie to your face but with even more chunks. That being said, I feel like this does work and while it might be near impossible to actually spread it all over your face, I recommend putting it on problem areas.

Kristi Coarsegold, CA

Cleans and refreshes you will look better

Cleans skin, pores tighter younger looking. A good gentle scrub you leave in a while then rinse. Next day you look fresher

Ada Brooks, MN

Not happy

The product arrived in a skeptical package; the label on the container was crooked and the seal was open with product dried in the threads. The product was dark like it was spoiling; looked nothing like in the picture. Speaking of which, the picture used on this product is being used by two other pumpkin facial products. Despite all of this I still tried to use it. Applied very thin and did not do anything after I left it on for five minutes. Very dissapointed. It was like someone blended some raw pumpkin and threw it into a cup to ship as is.

Francine Garita, NM

Works, but poor texture

Because of the inconsistent texture, I think it would make a nice base for other masks or scrubs. Does the trick. Very natural.

Elsie Sylvania, OH

Great for the price

I got my package in a speedy time. I opened it up and it came with a brush to apply the mask on. It literally smells like pumpkin (maybe because it is 🙂 it tingles and when it comes off, my face felt smooth. For this price, I say it’s worth it. I have heard for twenty years how pumpkin is GREAT for the face-so buy this and the price is awesome. I really love it.

Odessa Big Laurel, KY

I love this stuff! My favorite mask. Multiple repeat purchases

I have been using this product over one year. I love it.I hope the manufacturer never stops making this stuff.

Bertha Mount Holly, AR