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Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Hair Color 10A

Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Hair Color utilizes pure ionic micro pigments for deeper, more intense color.

Key features

  • Ionic wheat germ protein, nourishing botanical extracts and low ammonia
  • State-of-the-art European formula
  • 16 Believable Blondes
  • 10 Beautiful Brunettes
  • 13 Richest Reds

Honest reviews


Excellent alternative to salon hair color

Since it’s expensive go to hair salon for every time I want to color my hair, I’ve been using store-bought hair dyes like Gariner etc, but I got really tired of how much they bleed, and how fast they fade away. I love having red hair, and I wanted to continue to have red hair. But my natural hair color is black which makes it difficult to have radient red color. Why does the red color have to fade away so fast!And then I decided to try this one. Oh how I love how it came out! You have to use it withIon Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Creme Developer. It’s been over 3 weeks, and I still have radient red color. It might have something to with the fact that I treated my hair withIon Color Brilliance After Color Treatmentafter coloring. If you’ve been dying your hair with red color, your probably know that red color fades away fast. So far this hair dye & after color treatment combination gave me the longest lasting radient red color. Plus, it doesn’t bleed like store-bought hair dye like Garnier etc. The color stopped coming out when washing my hair after 5 days or so. I also useIon Color Defense ShampooandIon Color Defense After-Color Sealeras a conditioner. So the fact that color is lasting longer is a result of all 4 combinations. :)Anyway, I love this product! I am gonna stick with this product from now on. 🙂

Sheena Reklaw, TX

True to Color

I did not buy this from Amazon, but the color Medium Ash Blonde 7A looks just like the picture! I thought the color was going to deposit darker because I had bleached blonde highlights, but I like it. I’d say it’s between medium and dark blonde. This will not make your hair green if you have a yellow blonde highlights like me, but I don’t know about white blond highlights. It probably would. At first I was scared because my roots (naturally dark blonde) turned orangish, but after I blow dried and styled…they were not. I think it’s just been awhile since I’ve dyed my whole head a blonde color so my eyes are tricking me. This color is very nice though. It really pops my turquoise eyes out! For the fall I would like to run some foils of Dark Blonde and light brown through my head. This was very easy to apply, but I did have to use 1.5 tubes.

Dena Hagerhill, KY

6R Dark Red Blonde is Gorgeous!

I’ve been trying to find a more natural red and the porosity in my hair was very uneven. After doing a lot of research, I chose Dark Red Blonde. I used this with a 20 volume developer and the Ion Pre Treatment Spray and my color came out wonderfully! It’s EVEN and such a lovely shade. This is the red that you’ll find in some the people in Scotland and Ireland. You won’t look at this and immediately think ‘oh, she colors her hair red’. I also used the Ion post treatment cuticle sealer and I really think that helped with conditioning as well. You will need to use a moisturizer after the sealer though – or at least I did.I had my hair trimmed today after coloring it last night and my stylist couldn’t believe I had done it myself from a product that came from Sally’s because he loved the color and the depth to it. Another bonus is that my roots did NOT come out hot. I think the pre-treatment spray helped with that as well.I’ll most likely be buying it from Amazon in the future since it’s so much easier than trekking to Sally’s. I am very pleased with this product.

Sharron Gladstone, OR

Did the job!

I’m in the process of taking my hair from the red/blonde it was to a whitish gray or Nordic blonde almost white type color. Due to the red in my hair, I’m taking it slowly so as not to turn my hair orange. Plus I’m only using a 20 developer at the moment. This took my hair a color lighter, which is what I needed right now. And it didn’t damage my hair at all.

Clare Blandville, WV

I love it but it kinda fades out..

I love how soft it makes my hair, the smell is not that bad and I love the colour but the only problem is that it fades out quickly I highly recommend using a colour protecting shampoo! oh and the colour is way darker than it says on the box, so currently I use light natural blonde to get a dark blonde but soon I’ll order medium natural blonde to get a brown hair colour 🙂

Bridgett Pryor, MT

Too irritating on scalp & skin

I cannot use this product.When completing the test strand and skin test, I was immediately sensitive to the ingredients.Heck…it IS ammonia. Ammonia = not good for skin.Fortunately this company has a new, Ammonia-Free (yay!) permanent hair color, and it is really gentle with no strong smells :)Read my review for my experience with this company’s ammonia-free product.

Gayle Big Pool, MD