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InterDesign Forma Stainless Steel Bathroom and Shower Suction Mirror

Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom interiors with a multipurpose mirror stand that also serves as a shaving kit holder. The stylish Forma Mirror and Razor Holder blends with any shower or bathroom wall designs. This Forma line of mirror holder sports an immaculate shiny finish on its stainless steel body. This stainless steel body houses a high quality, fog-free mirror that is specially designed for use when shaving. You can even use this mirror holder in the shower area, or other grooming places where steam or humidity poses a problem. Its uniquely curved bar serves for hanging a washcloth, a razor, or even a toothbrush. Installing this bath accessory is a breeze using its 3 strong suction cups that instantly adhere to any nonporous surface.

Key features

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  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Fog-free design for showers and bathrooms
  • Curved bar for hanging razor and toothbrush
  • Installation is a breeze
  • 3 strong suction cups adhere to nonporous surface

Honest reviews


Works, but far from perfectly

I have extremely sensitive skin so shaving in the shower is my best option if I want to avoid serious razor burn. When I lived in my old apartment I had near a near unlimited hot water supply so foggy shower mirrors weren’t that much of an annoyance. Now that I own a home I have a limited (40 gallon tank) hot water supply and don’t have the luxury of long showers, especially ones where I have to waste time wiping off a foggy shaving mirror. In my search for an affordable shower mirror I came across the InterDesign Fog Away Suction Mirror and thought I’d give it a try. The concept is pretty simple. The mirror which hangs on a suction cup in your shower is surrounded by a hollow reservoir which you fill up with hot water. The water in theory is supposed to keep the mirror at the same temperature as the shower to prevent fog up. Here are my thoughts on the InterDesign Fog Away Suction Mirror;Pros+ Inexpensive.Cons- Mirror is too small. An extra inch or two would have really been more ideal.- Suction cup peg hook is way too small to hold the mirror, especially if it’s filled with water. One bump from you or on the shower wall and it falls off crashing to the floor, never a good thing. The suction cup also doesn’t completely adhere/stick to all surfaces completely. While it stays up in my shower it can easily be popped off or slid around.- Constantly have to wipe water/fog off of mirror in order to see clearly, especially if you have a smaller shower where water can readily splash on the surface.- Hard outer plastic casing of the mirror can crack or break if it falls on a hard surface like a tile floor or bathtub. Unfortunately this is a pretty common occurrence because of the poor peg holder on the suction cup.- Mirror seal started leaking after only 2 months.The InterDesign Fog Away Suction Mirror is a perfect example of “you get what you pay for.” I really wasn’t expecting a lot when I purchased it so I can’t say I’m terribly disappointed. It does an okay job for me but it’s far from an ideal product. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone looking for a dependable shower mirror but if you’re looking for something just to get by this for the most part will do the job.

Linda Kauneonga Lake, NY

Awful suction cups – I’d give it 0 stars if I could

I haven’t even gotten to test this out as a mirror or razor holder, because the suction cups are awful. Two valiant attempts to stick them up, carefully wetting them and trying to create suction. How can they launch such a terrible product? Truly lousy, and worst of all, it is one of two brushed metal choices at Bed Bath and Beyond. I wish I’d read reviews before buying this. it’s going back. Truly awful.

Antonia Chokio, MN

Absolutely perfect!!!

This listing is confusing because reviews for different models are collected in one group.I have the “Suction” version and it works great. It comes as two pieces, a suction cup with hook and a mirror.The mirror is great because it does not fog up. You need to do your part though. There is a wide opening on top and you need to fill the thing up with warm/hot water. It not clear from the listing picture but there is a reservoir behind (as well as around) the mirror that holds the water and allows the reflecting surface to warm up enough that water won’t condense on it. In other words, not fogging!There’s also a hole on the bottom. The intent is that when you’re done shaving (or doing whatever it is where you’re using the mirror) you hang it upside down to allow the water to drain completely.For an inexpensive mirror it is surprisingly durable. I’ve managed to drop it a couple times from about four feet onto the hard shower floor with no damage.The supplied section cup holds firmly to any flat, smooth, nonporous surface. I’ve recently moved the mirror to a shower with rough walls and use3M Command Clear Hooksto keep it securely in place.

Sophia Alton, UT

Best for shaving in the shower

Finally, a mirror that doesn’t fog up on me when I shower and shave which is every morning.Mirror can be filled with water to make the temp the same as the air temp which = no fog up.Tip over and empty water so no mold.Suction cup is big and strong provided you have a flat surface.Price is good for this mirror too.Definitely recommend!

Elvira South Richmond Hill, NY

It’s okay.

I bought this a while back, and I no longer have it because it broke…The concept was good while it lasted. I used it in the shower. I filled it up with water. The water is supposed to keep the fog away and it did for the most part. I could see what I needed to see (when washing/detangling my hair). It fell from the wall one time, and cracked the plastic. Water would seep out of it. I put up with having to put more water in it while showering, but it just kept falling. Hence, it became useless. I liked the idea of having a mirror, but I learned to live without it.

Kari Sac City, IA

Shower shaving mirror

Excellent shower shaving mirror. Works great and can be mountedin a convenient place. Highly recommend it to anyone who shavesin the shower.

Callie Macy, NE

Mirror hangs in there..and stays clear

I did not buy this mirror from Amazon as there were many negative reviews. But I saw it with a razor holder which I wanted while shopping at WalMart and I bought it. I cleaned the fiberglass shower wall and then cleaned again with rubbing alcohol. I then used the alcohol on the suction cup to be sure it was free of finger grease and such. I then wet both surfaces and stuck it to the wall. It has been up a week and holding my razor and it is hanging in there. The mirror actually stays clear while I shower and shave which has not been true of two predecessors. I think those who have trouble with shower mirrors just don’t clean well enough. A suction cup is just that….needs clean surface to get suction. Most problems are not the mirror but installation error.

Stefanie Pinebluff, NC

actually works for me

I was skeptical at first but for me this thing actually works well. you get a suction hook and the mirror which you can hang in two directions. when you are ready to use it; you jump in the shower and get the water nice and warm. you flip the mirror so that the funnel is at the top and simply fill it with warm water. the water keeps the mirror from fogging since it’s the same temp as the shower. a really simple idea. my old mirror had a film on it that wore off over time and scratched. this is basic stuff that seems to work for me. I guess it depends on water temps, the temp in the shower area, etc… when you are done; simply turn the mirror upside down so that the funnel is pointing down and the water will drain from the reservoir. so far so good; but I cannot see this thing NOT working. overall a good mirror at a good price point.

Rosalia Reynolds Station, KY


I was looking for a bathroom mirror for the longest time and I came across this one so I decided to give it a try, it work just right and I can clean it after fishing my shower and the best part it’s that it has a plastic cover so I’m not afraid of the mirror breaking.

Gwendolyn Krakow, WI

Works great

I’ve only had this a short while, so I’ll be sure to update my review if anything changes after I’ve had this awhile. So far, it works great!Be sure to peel off the protective sticker when you first get this; it’s really thin, and I can see why a few reviewers missed it. Once you fill it with water, it stays fogless, no matter how hot your shower is.I’ve already dropped it twice on my tile shower floor, and it hasn’t cracked at all.Great buy! I’m glad I picked this up.

Alba Berwick, IL

Love, Love the Mirrow

My Husband loves, loves this mirror and I also like it. Would order this again in a heart beat. We have only had it a couple of weeks and so far it has stayed on the glass, hope after a while we don’t have a problem with it, but like I said we love it so far.

Roberta Whelen Springs, AR

Passable, but Could Be Better

I’ve had this mirror for a little over a year now. It’s still in the shower, still doing its job, but it is fading.The big suction cup works just fine. I’ve never had any problem with it, as it affixes to a window in the shower. The grip and the cup’s nub hold the mirror just fine. The little tab on the cup allows it to be pulled off quickly and easily.The mirror: still works fine. The hotter the water you fill the mirror with, the better and longer it’s going to perform. It’ll clear faster and stay clearer longer. As the water cools, that fog will start creeping back in, but then again, you should be done with your shave before this gets to be a problem, after, say, 20 minutes or so.My mirror has started to get some flaking around the edges. There is also some discoloration of the plastic around the edge. Not that big a deal, but it’s slightly unsightly. The mirror also is leaking, a pretty steady drip once it’s filled with water. The drip is not so bad that the water drains before I can finish shaving, but I’d think that some slight modifications to the manufacturing process would allow this thing to seal completely.And it’s damn near unbreakable. This thing has gone tumbling in the shower a number of times, and every time it does it freaks me out, thinking of exploding mirror slivers all through the shower, where I’m wet, naked and barefoot. But it just bounces around, making a ton of noise, with no breakage or even cracks. This is a major plus for this product.Bottom line: this is a passable mirror, a good product for the price. It’s going to get some pretty heavy use with water, humidity, etc., so it wears pretty quickly. That being said, it clears up quickly and completely, letting you get that shave done.

Kristie Great Bend, ND