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Instant Peel Natural Dead Skin Remover

Instantly peels away dead skin, sebum and impurities to uncover fresh baby soft skin. Regardless of your skin type, InstantPeel will dramatically improve your skin texture, elasticity, and firmness. The proof is at your fingertips: peeling within seconds of application when used as directed.Free of oils, artificial colorants and detergents; hypoallergenic; allergy tested.To use: Use contents of one packet every other week for oily and normal skin, and one packet every three weeks for dry skin. Discard packet after each individual use.

Key features

  • Uncover new, baby soft skin in minutes.

Honest reviews


Perfect for getting rid of faded, dry complexion

I discovered this peel years ago when Bliss carried the product. I have oily skin with blackhead problems on the nose and cheeks, and dry flaky skin around the lips. I use it mostly around those problem areas. It gets rid of blackheads and sloughs off the dry skin around the nose, cheeks, and mouth.It’s like an eraser, and sloughs off little rolled layers of old skin, just as with an eraser, for when you don’t feel so dry and faded that a professional peel at the dermatologist is needed yet.In lieu of monthly visits to a spa, I follow the below regiment, which saves money in the long run without compromising good skin.A good “at home,” facial regiment once a week for glowing skin is:1) wash face, steam your face for however long your skin type needs (I have a face steamer, which I pour eucalpytus or lavender essential oil into–and I steam to open up my pores for about 15-20 minutes).2) immediately slap on a mud-based face mask (even a cheap drugstore one is fine, but I like Korre’s mud-based rose or pomegranate masks for this). Wait til mask dries. Wash it off with warm water. Somehow, a clay-based mask, no matter if it’s a cheap Queen Helene Mint Julep mask or a Murad mask, clay sucks up alot of dirt, whiteheads, blackheads, and oily gunk when the pores are just steamed open, rather than washing your face with warm water and slapping a mud mask on.3) hop in steam shower or use a hot towel on your face, use the instant peel by squeezing a glob and work through each problem area, wash off once that area is “sloughed off.” moisten face with hot towel again, then keep going, region by region. If you squeeze it all out at once and rub all over the place, it won’t be as effective.4) wash off. Use a soothing toner like L’occitane’s Immortelle brightening water or the normal Immortelle water.5) use good night treatment lotion (immortelle brightening cream, Caudelie night cream, Clarins, etc.)If you do this at least once a week (1-2 for oily skin, once a week for others),and in the “in between” days, stick to a regiment of a clarisonic brush or a good daily exfoliating scrub followed by toner and lotion your skin will glow. In addition, drinking lots and lots of water and lots of fruits and veggies, sun protection, taking vitamins, lots of green tea, and getting a good night’s rest, are also required.The above regiment is for very oily skin. I don’t suggest the level of regimentation to those with sensitive skin or dry skin.

Christie Cross Anchor, SC

It really does work

I was VERY skeptical at first, I was completely convinced that the product itself was simply drying and turning into those little crumbs as you rub it on your face and that it wasn’t actually exfoliating anything. I tested a few times and confirmed that after you rubbed all the crumbs off of one area of skin, you couldn’t make the product “crumb up” again on that spot, but I wasn’t totally sure it was because it had taken all the dead skin off or if it was some other aspect.Anyway – I’ve since become enlightened to the dry skin crumbing/rolling truth – because of buying the Baiden Mitten, which (without any other product added except water) rubs all the dry skin off your entire body in the same way. Since the Baiden Mitten works on my face (just have to rub more gently) I will not be continuing to use this InstantPeel product, but if I didn’t already have the Baiden Mitten now, the InstantPeel is a good product and it definitely DOES do what it claims, that really is your dead dry skin layer that is crumbing up and rolling off when you use it. And getting it off really does make your skin so much better, a baby smooth layer is revealed underneath that has no more flaking, dull dry scaley etc. – I’m now an exfoliation believer.

Joann Caney, KS

The BEST Exfoliator!

This peel is amazing. It gets off ALL the dead skin and makes your skin soft and smooth, and it temporarily reduces the appearance of pores. It doesn’t burn or sting at all, unlike an acid based peel. It doesn’t irritate your skin in the slightest, which is surprising for something this effective. The only downside is the price. I would use it a lot more often if it didn’t cost so much per use.

Phoebe Falcon, KY

Not that great

When I bought this I was hoping for a solution to my problem of a perpetually flakey face. I have dead skin on my face every day that can be seen when I apply my makeup. This stuff does take off some of the dead skin, but not all. I’d need to use it every day. And sometimes when I know there’s a lot of dead skin on my face that I can see, I’ll use this stuff and it won’t “find” the dead skin to peel off (i.e., it won’t roll the dead skin off in those little balls like it’s supposed to). And when I get out of the shower and put on my makeup… there it is… the dead skin. So I think, for the price and efficacy, this is not a winner.

Candice Centerview, MO

Really works!!

I have used it a few times. The first time I didn’t really follow the directions and didn’t steam my face for 5 minutes first. I just hopped in the shower and tried it. I got some slight peeling from my forehead and beside my nose, but that was it. I wasn’t impressed. Then I tried it again a week later, after letting my face steam in the shower for the full 5 minutes and the difference is amazing. The dead skin just rolled right off. My skin looks like a kids. It’s shiny, but not in a oily way, in a fresh, brand new skin sort of way. (I’m 45)I tried it on my chest too, and all of the sun damaged areas and fine lines look much better. It’s too expensive to use on the chest again, but I wanted to see what it would do.You only need a little bit. Tonight I only used about 1/4 of a package and got my forehead, chin, nose and cheeks. It doesn’t work on my eye-area, but probably because I am already using a retinoid there. Or maybe the skin is too thin. Either way, no peeling action from that part of my face, so I know it isn’t just the product rolling up into balls.I use it once a week. I have dry skin, but it’s not overly sensitive, so that seems to be a good schedule for me.

Bridgette Brownfield, TX

works just as the name describes

This product works quickly and and is mild enough to use once a week on sensitive skin if massaged gently. I love this product!

Lawanda Racine, WI

This worked ok

This worked ok but it wasn’t anything special nor did it seem to help my skin much. Overall I would not recommend it and it is expensive. I think there are other options for cheaper that you can get.

Latoya Harleyville, SC

Oh me, oh my–Absolutely Amazing!

OVERALL REVIEW:Speaking as a product junkie who prides herself on knowing a good product and being objective, I have to say this is an awesome product. Yes, it’s a bit pricey but the benefits are well worth it. My skin is brighter, smoother and softer. Reduced acne and large pores…………..Want or need to know more? Keep reading 🙂 ………..MY SKIN:I am in my early 40’s and have mocha brown skin which tends to get oily in certain areas of my face. I also suffer from adult acne which can range from a pimple or 2 or 10! These of course, leave some acne scars (due to extraction) but once I have that under control with the use of creams, treatments and use of peels….life is ok! This past year I began seeing large pores around my cheek area and noticed my face had become uneven in skin tone. Yikes! *faint*MY(old) REGIMEN:I used at home salicylic and glycolic (liquid kind) peels every other week. Exfoliated in between peels and was diligent about keeping my skin and pores clean. However, using these peels I had to wait a week before seeing results and sometimes afraid I would burn my skin, leave on too long or just make my situation worse. I had anxiety each time I used them, so I was extra careful and received good results. One day when I went to re-order my peels I stumbled across “Instant Peel”. I figured, what the heck and here we are.HOW I USED THE PRODUCT:The product recommends that you use it in the shower, which I have found is the best method (yeah I tried other non-shower methods like steaming face, warm damp towel on face, etc). There are 6 packets and it is creamy in texture (not thick-creamy a bit liquidy).1. Once in the shower for about 1-2 minutes (your face has to be moist/damp NOT wet), squeeze out a little bit onto the tips of your fingers. With your fingers, smooth liquidy cream onto an area of your face; then, using back and forth motion apply light to moderate pressure (don’t massage it in using a circular motion-go back and forth). The dead skin will roll off onto your fingers. Just rinse your fingers pat dry with a cloth (hang one over the shower rod where you can get to it easily). I found that doing one side of my face (a cheek and jawline) at the same time works best. I use about 33-40% of the product for each side of my face (twice). Doing smaller sections works well too but if you have a lot of dead skin then you will spend a little more time in the shower and possibly risk running out of hot water! 🙂 Rinse off the product from fingers and splash a little on face to get rid of the residue.2. Repeat process on other side and forehead. I liken this peeling process to having Elmers Glue (white stuff we used in school during art time) being semi-dry on your hands and you roll it off to be free of gluey hands. You will know when all of the dead skin is off your face because you will not be able to roll anymore off.3. BEWARE! If you rub too hard and continue to rub vigorously past the “no more rolling required” point you will cause your face to be raw and red and even perhaps end up damaging your skin (yes, this is what happened to me! I was overly excited). Just be sure to stop rubbing when the skin stops rolling off onto your fingers and you’ll be fine. The product isn’t supposed to affect new skin cells but, again, if you rub like a mad woman (i.e., yours truly) then there is a risk of hurting your skin. So just don’t do it! :)SIDE NOTE & TIP:Unbeknownst to me, when I first used the product I had so much dead skin on my face it was unreal! I was sure I would have very little dead skin cell removal because I exfoliated regularly. Ha! wrong. I ended up using a pack and a half of product. If you have product left over put the unused portion/packet in a ziplock bag and save for next time. Make sure to seal it. This is important because the product will dry out and go bye-bye.THE RESULTS:Once done showering, I dried off, patted face dry and couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror. My skin was literally and noticeably brighter and more even toned. After one use?? The large pores on my cheeks had reduced in size, acne pimples drastically reduced in size, face looked younger (a solid 5 years-Girl Scouts’ Honor!!), skin was radiant looking and felt baby soft smooth. Again, this was after the first use! I stood in literal awe. Amazing!!!!! I have not used my at home liquid peels since then. I continued using this product because this one does the trick and you see instant results. My make-up goes on smoother and people comment on my skin and it’s texture. That’s a whole new thing for me. When I first started using the product I used it 2 times the first week (3 packets) and then once every other week (1 packet). The entire box lasted about 2-1/2 months. I am now on box #2. The benefits are so great that this is now a part of my (new) face care regimen. So glad I invested in this product and stumbled across the page. I love the way my skin looks and feels. I haven’t seen my skin this “bright and glowy” in yearsIn case you are wondering……MY(new)REGIMEN:Use peel once every two weeks (only have to use 1 packet now). After using the peel, I use a quality oil control astringent, and a light moisturizer. In between peels, I use a glycolic exfoliating wash every 2-3 days and this along with the Instant Peels have helped keep the dreaded acne at bay. I will also note that I have not had as much dead skin removal since the first time I used it. My skin continues to look youthful and the acne marks/spots are lighter. My skin tone has evened out quite a bit especially near the jawline. I love this stuff! It really is amazing! Yayyy 🙂

Jerry Haskell, OK

Amaaaazing 🙂

I have no idea how this stuff works, but it’s amazing. If you have dead skin it somehow clings to it so you can rub it off. I definitely don’t think it’s a gimmick as if there’s no spot where there is dead skin, the product does not activate at all. This product is the only thing I’ve found that actively removes all the blackheads from my face. The only downside is the price. It’s pretty expensive for the small quantity you get, especially if you want to use it all over and not just your face.

Trisha Arroyo Grande, CA