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InstaNatural Organic Argan Oil – For Hair, Face, Skin & Body – 100% Pure & Certified Organic Cold Pressed Argan Oil of Morocco – For Acne, Nails, Dry Scalp, Split Ends, Stretch Marks & More – 4 OZ

InstaNatural’s 100% Pure USDA & ECOCERT Certified Organic Argan Oil will bring your skin and hair to life in just one short week! Lightweight & pure for the ultimate healthy glow. Look like a Hollywood Celebrity with 100% Pure Argan Oil ONLY. No preservatives, chemicals, or artificial fragrances used. Made organically in small batches to ensure premium quality. Naturally freshens, hydrates and softens dry skin better than any other moisturizer on the market. Repairs and beautifies hair, from roots to split-ends. Strengthens brittle nails and cuticles.

Key features

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC FOR HEALTHY SKIN InstaNaturals Organic Argan Oil is one of the highest quality skin care products. It Penetrates deep into pores to hydrate and heal dry, peeling and damaged skin.
  • NOURISHING FULL-BODY BENEFITS InstaNaturals Argan Oil naturally conditions your hair, face, skin, and nails. Apply directly on skin and hair, or use in combination with lotion as a homemade moisturizer.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE If you purchased from InstaNatural LLC you qualify for our full refund guarantee.
  • BEST MOISTURIZING HAIR TREATMENT As a leave-in conditioner, this Argan Oil is great for moisturizing and cleansing flaky, dry scalps and for making frizzy hair smoother & more radiant.
  • WORKS WONDERS FOR BEAUITFUL NAILS Use InstaNatural Argan Oil to moisturize cuticles and restore weak, brittle-looking nails to their strong and healthy state.

Honest reviews


Hits and miss

My experience : I would recommend this for skin although the results do not last. I live in vegas. Dry weather. I put it on my hands and cuticles overnight, I can feel difference on moisture but not huge.It did not work for my on damp hair before styling it. My hair weigh down and felt greasy. I was des appointed on my way to work. However, it worked as a pretreatment overnight. Next day I shampoo my hair. I noticed hair was shiny.On face did not work for me. It was to greasy and I already have oily skin.Big bottle for the price. I’m planning no reorder after I finish this.

Vicki Bath, IN

Pure Argan Oil

I have been using Argan Oil for a while now. I’ve used several different brands. I used a few that were odorless. I have also used a couple that have a scent to them. At first I was taken back by the unpleasant smell. I have been told that the ones that still have scent have not been treated as much and are purer than those that are odorless.InstaNatural has that familiar argan oil scent. It is a pure 100% argan oil. I have to say that the odor is not great. It’s a little off-putting but if you want a high quality Argan Oil then the scent lets you know that it is a pure oil. It is the scent of the argan itself.Argan oil is very moisturizing. I love to put argan oil all over my skin. It soaks into my skin. I have put it in my hair as well. You don’t need very much or it makes my hair a little greasy. I really enjoy putting it on my face the most. I have very dry skin and the winter weather isn’t helping any. I put it on my face before I apply my regular moisturizer. It has helped my skin so much.~ I received a sample for review.

Winifred Axton, VA

So Happy to Report – this is the Real McCoy

I’ve been using argan oil for a couple of years now. I like to try different brands to see how they all stack up. So far my favorite have been Watts, Slice of Nature and AAA. Well, I love Josie Maran too because hers is what started the ball rolling for me but it is just so expensive that I would never be able to purchase it as often as I do the others.I became intrigued by instanatural because of the seller’s gracious responses to those who reviewed it negatively and also by their in-depth product description, which they obviously took the time to write themselves rather than copy and repeat the generic information available anywhere on the net. They care about their product and their customers. Anyhow, I bought some, and received a very nice email from them with suggestions for the use of argan oil. I already know what the uses are but it is still a nice gesture and no doubt of great help to those using argan oil for the first time.I can happily state that this is real argan oil. It is amber-colored as it should be, with a very slight olive-like scent which is completely normal and natural. It absorbs into my skin beautifully, just as it ought to do. I use it on my face: 3 drops beneath my regular moisturizer – and on my body: about 3/4 dropper for each leg and 1/2 dropper for each arm beneath my body lotion. My skin looks younger than my years, has a subtle glow, is smooth and supple, and the effects last between showers, which are every other day. I occasionally use argan oil for eye-makeup remover and it does not burn or sting while getting it all off (I suggest dampening a cotton pad with water and dripping about 5-6 drops of oil on if using for this purpose).Ethical seller equals quality product. I love this argan oil and am more than happy to recommend it to everyone.

Pauline Gamaliel, AR

The smell is overpowering but the frizz-taming is very good

*I received a sample from InstaNatural to try and review.*InstaNatural’s 100% pure argan oil was more effective at taming my hair than the other argan oil I tried during the last few weeks. To me, it’s about the same as Moroccan Oil, which has other ingredients, some of which I’m unfamiliar with. My only dislike with InstaNatural is the lack of fragrance. Even a simple natural added fragrance would be better than the natural odor of the argan oil, which is kind of unpleasant. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything I was able to do to help my hair smell less like the product and to me, the smell was a deal-breaker. However, since the product seems to work as claimed, I can’t knock it entirely because scent is a very personal thing. So I’m going with three stars. I wouldn’t necessarily buy it in the future, but I wouldn’t tell someone not to try it either.

Imelda Ellsworth, MN

Best way to deal with dry/cracked winter hands

I just recently started using Argan oil for treating my dry/cracked hands due to winter. It’s been hugely helpful – not only does it help soothe the dryness, it does an excellent job of helping heal the cracks at my fingertips. Absolutely wonderful stuff.This brand of Argan oil is priced less than the oil I’ve been using, but there’s zero difference. It offers the same benefits, there is no odor to the oil (other than the usual small “earthy” scent that is typical of Argan oil) and it comes nicely packaged in a very attractive cobalt blue glass bottle with a dropper. While it does not have the “gift box” packaging other Argan oils have, it also does not have the same price.The oil is imported from Morocco and bottled in the US. According to the label it is USDA certified organic and has not been tested on animals.You need very little to get results. I use a drop or two per hand and that is plenty. A 4 oz bottle such as this will last a LONG time!As with any oil product, it feels oily when it is first applied. But, after a few minutes, the oil sheen dissipates and the oil is absorbed. I have not noticed any greasy residue after using it on my hands and fingertips.Excellent quality Argan oil at a good price. Highly recommend.[Sample provided for review]

Erika Paulina, OR

Not impressed…

I have purchased Argan oil in the past. And like another reviewer, I jumped on this because of the price; my first mistake. It was definitely not the quality I was expecting and definitely had a weird, funky smell. The other brand I bought, have a much greater quality. Not impressed at all….

Corrine New Lisbon, IN

I Love Insta Natural Argan Oil!

Insta Natural 100% Pure Argan Oil from Morocco is the perfect product for skin and hair. It absorbs into the skin so quickly and leaves it silky smooth, with no oily or sticky residue. My skin has the dryness, wrinkles, and brown spots that come with a very long life that has been well lived, and it is also super sensitive. Finding something that alleviates the dryness and doesn’t irritate has been a life-long quest. And the quest is over: I found argan oil.Insta Natural Argan Oil comes in a beautiful dark blue glass bottle (always buy argan oil in dark colored glass to prevent degradation) and with a dropper in the top. I find that half a dropper of oil is all I need to cover face and neck, and it’s an ideal moisturizer alone or under makeup. It’s also a marvel for hands and cuticles that have the “dishpan” look.Organic, cruelty free, preservative and fragrance free…and something must be said about its unique aroma. It’s an aroma that becomes more appealing with time. I have grown to absolutely love it. Insta Natural’s oil is a bargain at any price, and this 4 oz. bottle will last a long time, with each drop of treasured oil absorbed and appreciated.

Sara Dante, VA

An ideal skin moisturizer

I don’t wear makeup often, but I am and have always been, diligent in keeping my skin clean and moisturized. I already love the other products I’ve tried by InstaNatural, and the 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is one I love no less. I simply apply a few drops to my hands to warm up the oil and apply liberally all over my body. The result is fabulously soft skin, and since it’s purely organic and doubles as a protective mask against harmful UV rays, I also use it on my daughter’s skin. We both love the nutty aroma.I also use InstaNatural Organic Moroccan Argan Oil as a lip moisturizer and an overnight leave-in conditioner, and when I wake up and wash my hair, it’s softer and shinier. As with the other InstaNatural oils, a little goes a long way, so I won’t have to worry about buying it too often. I’m in a household of a tight budget, so this adds to the appeal of the organic Moroccan Argan Oil.

Brigitte Miller City, IL

Nice Argan Oil

What I love about this is how large the bottle is, you definitely get a lot of product. As with all 100% pure argan oils, the oil just felt way too heavy upon application. There are other products I prefer to all argan oil. As for this specific argan oil, there is no smell and it performs just like argan oil should. I would suggest to use this product to moisturize the nail cuticles.I was sent this product to review, regardless, the review is unbiased and my own opinion.

Rhonda Squaw Lake, MN


I have extremely
• dry
• hair and skin. Winter is nemesis, and summer isn’t really much better. To make matters worse, it also tends to be quite sensitive to many things I try to moisturize with, so I have to be careful.This Argan oil has been fantastic. It doesn’t take very much at all, and it moisturizes without any greasy feel. It doesn’t burn like many things do (especially on my face). I occasionally use it on my hair as well, to help smooth and control frizz. A little goes a VERY long way, so this bottle should last just about everyone quite a while.
• – I was provided this bottle of Argan oil in exchange for an honest review. "Honest" being the key word – if I didn’t like it, the above review would say so. It doesn’t – so I did 🙂

Jennifer Vienna, IL

Absolutely Love This!! Great for Healing Skin, Nourishing Nails and Hair

I love this stuff! Not only does it have tons of uses, but it’s non-greasy and leaves my skin feeling healed and soft.This oil has been especially effective on my dry heels – just rubbing in a few drops of oil makes a difference, but I’ve also been rubbing some on my feet and putting on socks before bed for extra healing and moisturization. And ever since I started using it as part of my manicure regimen, my fingernails have been strong and nourished with minimal breakage – usually they are always cracking and breaking off.This is a quality product, works well, and I highly recommend it.

Earline Running Springs, CA

Great quality with multiple usage

Unlike so-called "Argan" oil that I’ve used in the past, this oil is odorless. I combine this Argan oil with rosehip oil along with a few drops of lavender essential oil to create my own night time moisturizer, which works great on my skin. 4oz is quite enough for making a variety of skin/hair DIY products!

Lorena Elk Park, NC

Great for many uses !

This is a high quality organic Argan Oil. I really like it. I was having issues with my nails getting weak and splitting and now they are stronger and look much nicer. I love that there is no chemicals or preservatives in this. I love natural products. This also has made a nice carrier oil for massage with essential oils added to it. It is very good for many uses and if you are looking for a nice non greasy oil to use, this is a nice one for sure.Linda

Brittney Twist, AR

Great value

I recently ordered a bottle of this argan oil and I’ve been using it for almost a month now. I have dry, naturally curly hair. This winter has made my hair very brittle and frizzy, despite using 2 conditioners (Redken BodyFull and Aveda’s leave- in Damage Remedy). Since I started using this oil, just 4 drops mixed in with a pea sized amount of Damage Remedy and a pea sized amount of Aveda’s Be Curly, my hair has transformed. My curls are ringlets again. Very few frizzies…so silky and soft and manageable. It was truly like straw before I started using this on a routine basis. I love the dropper–it’s essential for portioning out the oil. The dropper is rather drippy, so I squirt all but a scant amount out so I don’t drip it all over the sink as I’m transferring it to my hand (I tried another brand of argan oil without any dosing mechanism and I always used way too much and looked like I had a Jheri Curl!). A little bit will go a long way and it’ll last forever. Totally recommend this.

Victoria Niagara Falls, NY

Not working

i’ve got this product as a gift from a friend of mine but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I didn’t notice any improvement in fact the situation with my skin, especially on my face skin got worse (I don’t know if the reason for that was this product but it started happening when I started using this oil).

Kasey Fort Leavenworth, KS

Excellent oil, bargain price

I’m really pleased with this oil. The bottle is MASSIVE (most of the other oils I have come in 1oz bottles) and it seems to be of good quality. It has a nice light golden color as I would expect argan oil to. Not much else to say really, it’s great on my dry skin and hair, and the big bottle is perfect if you’re sharing with someone else!

Marina South Harwich, MA

Now a staple in my regular beauty arsenal, but has poor packaging!

I love love LOVE InstaNatural’s Argan Oil. I run three drops of it through wet, combed hair after showering, and just leave it in like a leave-in conditioner. It definitely helps smooth out my often-unmanageable locks, but also makes it nice and soft, and shiny too! I have been using this after every shower, adding maybe another drop or two directly on the tips of my hair and rubbing it in. It’s great because I have lots of split ends and damaged tips, but this oil helps keep the frizziness that arises from that under control.Another plus is that it has no scent, unlike some other nasty-smelling Argan oils I have tried. I definitely recommend this all-natural formula! Love how it’s organic too!The only reason why I’m docking a star is because the oil comes in a glass dropper bottle. Since this Argan oil is very thin in consistency—liquidy and not as sludgy or oily like olive or canola oils—the dropper is very inconvenient to use. Two or three drops is really all you need of this stuff (any more would make your hair look greasy, as I know from experience!) but I virtually have no control of how much is dispensed with the dropper bottle because the oil just leaks out of the dropper. Now, this may be an issue with the design of the dropper tip, or the consistency of the oil, but I do not like how I get way more product than I need when using it. A pump bottle or a more precise dropper would be much more appropriate.FTC Disclosure: I received one complimentary sample bottle of InstaNatural’s Organic Argan Oil in order to write an honest and unbiased review. I was not paid or sponsored to write this review–positive or otherwise–and all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.

Virgie Linton, ND


I am so happy to have found Argan oil and especially the organic kind. I first heard about argan oil from my hair stylist who was trying to sell me a tiny bottle of Argan oil mixed in with a ton of other junk for an exorbitant price. Being weary of all the added ingredients, I looked around and realized you can buy the pure stuff!I have tried a few different brands that are pure and organic and honestly, so far, I’ve loved them. I recently started using the InstaNatural brand and it is everything you need.A few drops does wonders on your hands (my hands are the softest they’ve been in years), on your face (I usually break out with the smallest amount of any type of oil on my skin. Definitely no break out with this oil), and your hair.I have now stopped using any lotion on any part of my body. A few drops of organic argan oil all over and I’m good to go with smooth, silky hair and skin.Compared to other products on the market, the price on the InstaNatural is amazing.I highly recommend this product.I received a sample for review.

Tamara Tintah, MN

A girls best friend

I have been using different argan oils for about a year now. I am dark skinned, with brown hair that is fine and thin. In the winter it gets very dry where I live and lotions do not cut it for my skin and my hair is a frizzed out dry mess. I use this argan oil on my body after a shower, on my face at night and in my hair to control frizz. It works great, there is no smell and I don’t have dry itchy skin. Be careful when you use this on your hair, a very little goes a long way, and make sure to just get it on your ends and comb through.

Rosalia Black Mountain, NC


I put this on as soon as I got it. My face was ‘cleanish’ – but very dry, and I hadn’t exfoliated for a few days. It soaked in very quickly, had a slight smell – I’m undecided if it was good or bad, but it was just slight, so I’ll be ok. Well, it actually worked some gunk out of my pores from my massaging it in! I didn’t expect that – guess it worked a bit like the ‘oil cleanse method’. Felt very good on my face. As a super added bonus, I had some very fresh and painful blisters on my fingers – the oil moisturized them and took the swelling down. The pain relief was awesome! I rubbed some onto the back of my hands to see how it would feel/soak in, and it was lovely. And my dry, horrid cuticles and nails that got some by chance, looked and felt so much better! I’m now a big fan. If something should change during my usage, I will come back and update – I rely heavily on reviews, so I want to be as helpful as possible.**EDIT May18th, 2014Okey doke. I decided I loved the argan so much, other oils should be great too (in theory!). I’ve been using olive oil for ages to remove my waterproof eye gunks – love it, won’t be stopping any time soon. I’ve started using an exfoliator (home/natural) – fresh used coffee grounds mixed with a tad coconut oil and a tad olive oil. I also dissolve some niacin (inositol) powder and vitamin C powder with a smidge of rose water, then mix into the coffee/coconut/olive mix. Wet my face and neck with some tepid water (no makeup on – I usually do this on a Saturday morn, face is clean from the night before, my argan has absorbed overnight – this can leave you a wee bit red faced for a bit, so it’s when I catch up on my housework!), then take aprx a tablespoon worth and get crackin’.Stand over the sink because it’s messy. Also, run hot water down the drain when you’re done so you don’t get a clog. Use FINE GROUND coffee – espresso is WONDERFUL – and be gentle with your face – it’s the only one you have!When done, rinse off with warm water – and I make sure I don’t leave the oil on my face – because then I will put on my argan to soak into my newly exfoliated pores. It’s HEAVEN. I also use the argan for my lips – exfoliate then work on the argan. Fabulous.I was worried the argan would be too heavy once the snow stopped falling, so I did try some marula oil – but I honestly did NOT like it near as much as my argan. I can’t even smell it any more – I mix it with my eye cream, I mix it with my face moisturizer when I need a bit more ‘oomph’, and I LOVE it at night as the outer most layer of moisture before I go to bed. I have not once woken oily or greasy. I also don’t apply too much – start with small, add more as needed, eh? Just common sense.I have very short hair – I use styling products. When I clarify, I use a couple drops of argan as my conditioner – I don’t rinse it out. Feels like the hair I had when I was young and thought I could rule the world.I WILL be ordering more from THIS company when my bottle nears the bottom – but as much as I use, I’ve still got a good 3 or 4 months AT LEAST – to go – maybe longer since high summer will be here soon.I am slowly but surely switching my family’s products over to healthier alternatives – I’ve got a few more facial products to use up (waste not want not – and they are great – just want Simplified!) – at that time I will order the ‘rosehip seed oil’ from these guys too. I am SUPER excited to get my hands on it (google!)! Going to see what else they have – I want to get my wish list ready!

Twila Croton On Hudson, NY

Very nice oil ..

100% Pure Certified Organic Virgin Argan Oil is nice and worked great on skin and body. Per literature, Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree that is present in Morocco. It is used for nutritive and cosmetic properties. In cosmetics, argan oil is advocated as moisturizing oil, against juvenile acne and flaking of the skin as well as for nourishing the hair. This oil has also medicinal uses against rheumatism and the healing of burns … Externally, argan oil is used … for hair as brilliantine, to fortify and … in the treatment of wrinkled or scaly dry skin". This is per wiki.This brand worked well for me and had no skin rashes and worked per expectations.

Janelle Redford, NY

Acne Solution!

Let me first disclose that I used this oil for going on two months, and have been very pleased, thus far, with this oil. I chose to try this oil as the past decade and a have had perpetual acne on my chin, cheeks, and shoulders. I have tried oral antibiotics (doxycycline and erythromycin) which helped, but did not clear up my acne. At the urging of friends, I started looking into more natural approaches, and when offered to try this product by the manufacturer, I jumped at the opportunity!Overall my skin has nearly 2/3 less acne than before and my shoulders are all but cleared up as well. The oil, as you might guess goes on slightly greasy, but with circular motions, on cleansed skin, the oil absorbs rather quickly. To me, my face looks more youthful , more tones, even plumper than before; traits I look for in my skin care regimen to help prevent age lines while I am still 31 and not older! The turgor and texture are definitely better as well.I also have used this product on my nail beds and cuticles, as well as weekly as a hot oil wrap treatment for my hair. I have also liked the changes I have seen in those departments as well.Another great point to this product is that the smell was rather pleasant, and the bottle is nearly three times the size of what you will find in your local markets, at this price point! At this price for a product that will last at least 2 months if used properly, it is worth a try if you are suffering from acne.I highly recommend this oil.

Kayla Tiverton, RI

GREAT price!

Argan oil is so expensive but you can get 4 ounces of it right here so I jumped on the chance.I love putting in on my cuticles, my heels, my legs after I shave, and, of course, my hair. I have curly hair and the argan oil is the perfect weight for it. Keeps the frizz down, the hair moisturized, and it adds a shine without making it feel weighted down.Great product for a great price! I’ve even used it on my face, on a scratch my dog accidentally left on my arm, and I’ve tried it in that oil cleansing method to wash your face with. Leaves me feeling well moisturized.

Lorraine Orrstown, PA

Smooth and silky

I love this stuff. I dye my hair (shhh) so it has gotten a little rough over the years. Plus I have all grey hair now (also shhh) my goal to stay a blonde for the next 10 years will prove to put some damage on my hair. But at least it won’t LOOK like it. Because this stuff is awesome, It makes my hair feel and look amazing.

Lauren Quarryville, PA

I am really enjoying this multi-tasking beauty oil

The best part about this Organic Argan Oil product is that it is a total multi-tasker. I have been using it to moisturize and hydrate my very dry skin, face, hair and body. I use it right out of the shower to help lock in the moisture. The scent is light and very natural and it disappears pretty fast. I have been using it for the last week or so and I just love it. It feels very good on my skin. I have used it on my face as a moisturizer and all over my hands. I rub a few drops in my hands and cuticules and massage into my damp hair too. I find my hair and skin is looking more hydrated and fresher. I am impressed at the difference and will keep using this regularly. I also like that I can save space when I travel by eliminating other creams and lotions. I am just thinking ahead to my next business meeting and thinking I can stash this Pure Organic Argan Oil in my luggage and save space.

Hallie South Woodstock, VT

all the thumbs up

First of all, packaging on this "liquid gold" is perfection! The bottle is super durable (I may have dropped it by accident… whoops!) and the dropper delivers exact amounts every time. Mine came with a dropper in a blue bottle, so it looks like Insta Natural is trying a new look, but I’m sure the pump works just as well!My roommate used it to moisturize her legs, prompting me to use it before shaving! It not only made my legs extremely hydrated, it gave me the closest shave in the history of ever! The combination gave me silky smooth legs for at least a week!The only down side I’ve encountered is that Insta Natural’s Argan Oil doesn’t absorb very quickly. While this isn’t such a problem when you’re using it in the shower, another of my roommates did have an issue with using it as a cuticle/hand moisturizer before bed. She said her hands felt drenched and oily and worried that she’d get the product all over her sheets. The next day, her hands were exceedingly soft, though, so you win some you lose some?Basically, this product is wonderful AND versatile 🙂

Silvia Rockaway, NJ

I love it!

**Disclaimer: I received this product for FREE, however, it doesn’t impact my opinion one bit and I would never write something positive, unless I believed in it.I used this oil on my face, lips, and hair.The oil itself is quite thick. It has a slight scent and has a very light, almost clear, yellow color. The dropper only needs a slight squeeze for the oil to come out. It was easy to spread on my skin and I only needed about 5 drops to cover my face and neck. It absorbs quite quickly, but it does make your skin very shiny if you use too much. It moisturizes very well and my skin felt rather soft afterwards.As for my lips, I have very dry lips. I rubbed one drop in and waited. It was relatively tasteless and my lips became shiny, but not exactly soft. It ended up still being a bit chapped. So, I tried it a second time and lips became a bit softer and more moisturized, but not exactly at the level lip balm would reach.For my hair, I ran a few drops through my hair while it was still slightly wet. It detangled my hair a bit, and after my hair dried, my hair became a bit softer and a bit smoother. It also felt stronger and seemed shinier, but was still a bit tangled. It worked quite well, however, I wouldn’t use it on dry hair unless you are using it for just the tips of your hair. It’ll make your hair look greasy and overly shiny.Overall though, I really liked it.

Ernestine Canby, OR

A little goes a long way

If your balking at getting this let me tell you their are alot of drops in this bottle, and a little does so much!I used it on my legs after my shower instead of moisturizer, 4 drops and it beats my best lotion!I could not detect any odor.I also used it on my hair, it did not leave it oily, but replaced my conditioner and felt like a leave in conditioner does!I think the thing I like best is it’s one bottle that can do so many different things!

Jacklyn Cutler, OH

This is my new love!!

All I have to say is that I am in love with Argan oil!!! I love how one oil can help with my hair, nails, and skin. Argan oil has a very faint smell so you don’t have to worry about your nose being overwhelmed. It comes in a large bottle and it goes a long way! I only use a few drops to help my nails and skin every day so my bottle still looks full.I first tried Argan oil on my nails and cuticles because I have always had brittle nails. I have tried eating certain foods to help my nails, but nothing would work. I know part of my problem is that I do a lot of yard work and house work so my nails take a beating daily. From the first day of using this oil, I noticed that my cuticles were healthier and my nails were stronger! After a week of using the oil, my nails look amazing! I love having strong nails and healthy cuticles.Because I do a lot of yard work, my fingers get really dry can cracked. After the first day of applying the oil to the rough patches, my skin was a lot softer. After I kept using the oil, my cracked skin was no longer cracked! All I have to say is that this oil is amazing.I am now going to try using it on my hair to see how it will help my dry ends. I am already expecting great results because it hasworked great so far. I definitely recommend getting this oil because it can help make your nails, cuticles, and skin look beautiful.I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Mia Henrietta, MO

A little goes a long ways

I’m in the sun constantly and swim in the ocean several times a week, so my hair has been taking a beating. I thought maybe this oil would help bring back some of the softness and shine and I’m pleased to report that it has! I rub a couple of drops between my palms then rub it gently into my hair and scalp before I go to bed. When I wash my hair in the morning and it just shines. I was worried that it might make my hair heavy or oily looking, but putting it on at night and wash it out in the morning seems to work for me.BTW – I’m white and I have light brown, straight-ish, but fairly thick hair (I always hate it when people review beauty products and don’t share their hair/skin type for comparison purposes.

Shelia Whitten, IA